Erie County Heath Commissioner Dr. Burstein

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Interview: Buffalo Bills Eric Wood

photo courtesy of the Buffalo Bills
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Yellow Card or Grandma - Grandma Every Time!

If you're going to get penalized for something in soccer, it might as well be for celebrating your first goal with your grandmother.

Over the weekend, Alessandro Florenzi of team Roma put a ball in the net, and immediately went into the stands to hug his nonna.

Look, when you're Italian, it's what you do, yellow card or not.

Later, he told reporters that it was a stipulation his grandmother put on coming to the match. She said she'd only come if he came over to say hi.

And if nonna happens to curse the referee with the Evil Eye, hey, that's the way it goes!

Check out the video - there's no sound with it, but it's fun to watch...

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First Things First

Remember when phones were actually used to talk to people?

Yeah, it's a vague memory to me too...

The gang from i.aM.mE, a hip-hop troupe out of Houston, put together a video that perfectly sums up the reason so many people have cell phones these days.

Check it out. It's pretty good, and pretty funny too.

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Pole Dancing While Pregnant?

Zoe Saldana's having a pretty good year. Her movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, is the big hit of the summer and is heading into a strong fall showing as well.

And she's pregnant - according to her old pal, Britney Spears, she's expecting twins.

Given that fact, the last thing you'd expect to see her doing is pole dancing.

Well, guess what? She's doing just that. Okay, she did just that over the weekend,on a shuttle at Dulles Airport, with her husband.

She posted the video on Instagram, explaining that she was bored, and admitting that "poledancing is difficult under these conditions."

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Catch and Release, Yankees Style

This is simply hilarious.

A family goes to Yankee Stadium to see one of the last games of the season, and one of Derek Jeter's last games ever.

Jeter fouls one off, and dad catches it. After taking all the necessary photos, he hands it to his daughter, who's begging to see it.

She throws it back into the playing field, to mom and dad's suprise - some might say, horror!

Pretty good arm too, since she throws it over the heads of everyone in the dozen or so rows in front of her.

All's well. The ball boy returned the ball to dad, who pretty quickly pocketed it.

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Someone Should Block Him, Right?

It's hard to believe, but a guy with a knife was able to climb the fence at the White House, sprint across the North Lanw and actually get inside the building before being stopped by the Secret Service.

The folks in charge of the President's security detail are reviewing policies and procedures to figure out exactly what happened.

First step: they will no longer hire White House security personnel directly from the defensive unit of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Check out the video of the event, captured by a bystander... Looks like the security guard was just a little late moving people back.

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How Will They Shatter?

Wondering what will happen if you drop your new iPhone?

Other than the people around you laughing uncontrollably while you sob?

The guys at Phone Buff figured they'd do the leg work for you to save you the hassle of finding out on your own.

(1) Dropping the phones flat on their backs is the best idea - if you're making plans to drop your new phone. It fares pretty well.
(2) Dropping them on their sides - not so much.
(3) Dropping them on their faces - probably the worst idea.

Here's the bottom line: if you're spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone, maybe you don't want to drop it.

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Buffalo Bills Report with CJ Spiller

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Gerard in a Bottle

Gerard Depardieu - arguably, France's best and best-known actor - admitted recently that he drinks a wee bit.

"I can absorb 12, 13, 14 bottles" of wine "per day," he said. "But I’m never totally drunk.”

On the other hand, he's never totally sober. Or coherent. Or intelligible.

This is a guy who's had quintuple bypass surgery too.

And he's had some interesting brushes with infamy. Here he is last year on The Graham Norton Show on BBC, talking about making an unauthorized pit stop on a commercial airliner. If nothing else, he found a use for his empties...

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