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UB Bulls Football Report With Lance Leipold

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An Amazing Story

Wyatt is a 12-year-old autistic boy who loves the Blue Man Group.

His right arm was amputated shortly after he was born.

His wish was to have a robotic Blue Man Group arm.

The folks at Limbitless Solutions made that happen with a low-cost arm produced on a 3D printer, and had the folks at Blue Man Group present the arm to Wyatt.

Watch this amazing video from a couple of weeks ago, and tell me you don't tear up...

When you take Blue Man Group, Limbitless Solutions and an amazing boy named Wyatt - magic happens. How do you Dare to Live in Full Color?

Posted by Blue Man Group on Friday, October 30, 2015
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The Lost Star Wars Audition Tapes

You can bet that when it was announced that JJ Abrams would be directing the upcoming Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, he was buried in audition requests and tapes.

On Saturday Night Live this weekend, he shared some of those tapes with the world.

You never know who's going to show up when a part in a potential blockbuster is on the line, right?

Very funny clips - with some very interesting cameos too.

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To Infinity & Beyond... Just Not on an Airplane

This is a very odd story.

TSA agents at the Orlando, Florida airport confiscated a Buzz Lightyear toy because it looked like a weapon.

It's a plastic grabber - you squeeze the handle, a gripper at the end of the toy closes. In the middle is a squared-off lime green space ray gun.

A young boy from Pennsylvania had purchased it at Disneyworld.

And because the family didn't have anything other than carry-on luggage, they had to leave it behind.

I'm all for tight security when it comes to air travel, but is this over the top? What do you think?
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Doesn't A Capella Mean No Music?

An interesting moment at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

Harrison Ford - you might remember him as Han Solo from Star Wars? - introduced a musical segment paying homage to the music of Star Wars.

Pentatonix, the truly amazing a capella group, backed by a symphony orchestra.

An a capella group, with an orchestra...

Am I the only one who finds that contradictory?

Rather than compliment each other, it seems they worked against each other...

What do you think?

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Tag, You're It

Here's a viral Vine for you.

Will Parks is a safety for the University of Arizona Wildcats.

When his team faced the Utes from the University of Utah a week ago, the game ended in a tie at the end of four quarters, going into overtime.

The four captains from each team met at mid-field for a coin toss.

As the referee stepped forward to announce who'd won, Will started to walk away.

The referee tapped Will on the shoulder pad, probably to keep him there until the announcement was made.

So Will turned around and gently tagged the ref on the shoulder.


And viral. At this writing, close to a quarter-million hits, with close to 13 million loops.

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Really? Is This Really a Record?

Dontari Poe is a nose tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In his team's face off with the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, he lined up behind the offensive line and went airborne to score a 1-yard rushing touchdown.

Consider that this guy is a defensive tackle. And he weighs 346 pounds.

Making him the heaviest person ever in the NFL to score an offensive touchdown.

Because apparently, that's a stat that everyone keeps track of...
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Buffalo Bills Report With Sammy Watrkins

photo courtesy of the Buffalo Bills
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"That's Her!"

Graham Norton and the gang at BBC pulled off an amazing and elaborate prank with the help of Adele.

They set up auditions for Adele impersonators, then changed Adele up a bit - fake nose, fake chin, fake identity - and made her one of the contestants.

None of the other auditioners knew that the real deal was among them.

Until the moment when "Jenny" got up there to audition.

One by one, they all realized they were at an amazing private concert.

And their reactions are hilarious!
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When Boy Bandz Grow Up

Did you ever wonder what happens to boy bands when they grow up?

They have a whole new set of problems, that's what happens.

So why not sing about them?

The Late Late Show featured the "reunion" of M3N NOT BOYZ the other night, and it was outstanding.

Okay, so it's not a real group.

It's James Corden - host of The Late Late Show - Bryan Cranston - Walter White from Breaking Bad - and Reggie Watts - band leader for The Late Late Show.

And it's hilarious. Check it out. And make sure you pay attention to the lyrics!

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