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Diary of a Fan Girl

Diary Entry 2: Being a Fan Girl in Today’s “Twitter-verse”

Dear Diary,
In today’s social media jungle it’s easy to stay updated and connected with your favorite boy bands and artists. And when being a fan girl, this is essential. However it wasn’t always this easy… Back in the day when I was in my prime Fan Girl stage, all I had was MySpace, YouTube, and the rare live chat. Now if you’re scratching your head reading this asking yourself “What’s a MySpace?” then congratulations! You have officially made me feel old. What I’m trying to say is; nowadays Fan Girls have access to knowledge that those in the past only fantasized about. For instance, in High School I would be sitting in lunch wondering if Nick Jonas was also eating a PB&J prepared by his mother… But now! I know! With twitter and Instagram I know what just about all of the Jonas Brothers meals look like.
Back in the Stone Age I would have to wait an entire week for a new YouTube video of the trio to surface on the web. But now the fan girls of today get updates daily on their favorite boys. Whether it be a tweet, a YouTube video, Instagram post, or a vine you can’t stop watching. It’s like they are with you all day long!
Another technical advantage Fan Girls of 2013 have is the ability to send messages directly to their future husbands! Fan Girls can use twitter to tweet them, and if they are blessed from the Fan Girl gods and get a follow from their musical crush – they can try to send a direct message! OMG. Totes would have taken advantage of this if I could! Of course there’s also the older ways to connect with your favorite band with Facebook and YouTube comments. As well as going real old school and actually writing them a letter and mailing it in!
However. I feel that all fan girls from all time periods can unite when I mention the overall frustration that is… the live chat. The live chat, your ability to see the band live! In action! And of course, the day of the live chat is always the day that your Wi-Fi decides to not work. The day when you can’t remember whether they said standard or western time. And when there are at least 500 other Laurens in the chat room with you and you don’t know which one Kevin, Joe and Nick just said “Hi” to…  A Fan Girl can’t help but have a love hate relationship with the live chat. You absolutely love watching your boys live and candid. But you hate when there’s a million girls commenting irrelevant things when you actually have a quality question! And you will never know whether or not Nick Jonas prefers Coffee over Tea because that question was lost in the sea of marriage proposals and “Come to (insert hometown here)!!!!!!!” But the worst might be when the boys are about to sing their new unreleased single and then all of a sudden, the screen goes black… They lost the connection. And that black screen in front of you describes the feeling in your heart. One would think that with all of today’s technological advances someone would find a way to prevent this from happening!
Ugh… The life of a Fan Girl is hard. But! Fan Girls all over must take a moment and say “Thank You”. Because I can say from experience that during the dark ages before these beautiful forms of social media, being a Fan Girl was traumatic. So Thank You to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and yes thank you to the dreadful live chat. Because without them, we would be lost and left only with our own curiosities about the whereabouts and appetites of our favorite men. So on behalf of all the Fan Girls out there in the 716 and beyond Thank You Social Networking! You’re doing a great job.

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07/09/2013 11:33AM
Diary of a Fan Girl
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07/11/2013 7:09AM
This is great Lauren!! I laughed when I was reading this because it's all so true!! I don't want to admit how many times I tweet Nick Jonas on the daily lol!
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