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4 Things You Take For Granted Before College

The Class of 2014 will be graduating high school within these next few weeks! Before you leave for college in the fall, take time to appreciate these every day luxuries.

#1: Home cooking
This goes without saying…the worst part about going away to school is eating the dining hall food.  While most college campuses provide a couple of different dining halls, there isn’t much variety among them.  If you want to purchase your own food to cook in the tiny kitchens, that’s not always a bad idea.  Grocery shopping can add up, so beware!

#2: Always having something to eat
Remember complaining to your parents that there isn’t anything to eat in the kitchen? We all know that were plenty of things for us to munch on.  Just wait until you leave the library at 3:30 am and everything is closed, and you actually have nothing to eat because you already ate all the snacks in your room. That being said, always stock up on your snacks (especially during finals week!).

#3: Laundry
Maybe you already do your own laundry, or maybe your mom still does it for you.  Regardless, doing laundry in college is one of the most inconvenient chores there is.  Some campuses provide in-dorm laundry rooms.  These are constantly busy and full, and it’s rare that every machine is actually in service.  Students get impatient sometimes and will stop a load early to put theirs in.  Personally, I hate the thought of someone else handling my clothes.  Many times I go to retrieve my clothing and I have things missing.  You’ll come to find that everyone loses things in the laundry room. Where do they go, you ask?  That is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

#4: Your family
They might drive you crazy, but at the end of the day your family is your biggest supporter.  It’s weird not seeing them on a daily basis anymore.  Sometimes, all you really want is a big hug from your parents to cheer you up.  Make an effort to call your family every week or so…they miss you and will want to know all of the great things you’re doing in college!


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06/04/2014 11:32AM
4 Things You Take For Granted Before College
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