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Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Amazing duet from Father & Daughter


I have a strong feeling this video will turn out to be one of the most watched 'viral' videos of 2011 by years end.
I literally got goosebumps after watching it, and the last time i think i remember ANY video on Youtube or anywhere else give me the same feeling was back when the Susan Boyle video was floating around.
This is a video of Jorge Navarez, a single dad from San Diego, and his daughter Alexa doing a cover of "Home" by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.
On top of the fact Jorge has an absolutely amazing voice (as does his daughter), he also plays the guitar left-handed and he can sure whistle better than the average.
Aside from all the setup i just gave you, nothing more needs to be said at this time other the video...


This was apparantly the 10th time that specific night they tried making this here video. Story is...the 9 other times the microphones werent on or working properly and it was late at night and if you can tell, Alexa was very tired and is ready for bed. She even yawns in one part.
According to this Youtube page "I'm just a father of two working my way through college. However, I work very closely as a team with the mother of my children. We're not together, but she has worked equally as hard as i have, probably harder. She is an amazing, nurturing woman that contributes just like I do to the positive welfare of both our children.
Yet In this space of Youtube-ness, it's just me and my two daughters Alexa and Eliana. Good times, just plain good times."
Jorge is currently a student at UCSD where he majors in Ethnic Studies. Since the video came out a few days ago theyve been featured on FoxNews, & various radio stations across the country. There's even been rumours of record labels offering deals to both Jorge AND his daughter. To learn more about them, and to see more videos, they have a facebook page you can check out here:
I dont have kids, but after seeing this video it actually makes me wish i did. There is nothing more precious than a father and his daughter participating together in the beauty of song. I think the reason this video has already touched so many people is not just because of how pleasant it is to the ear but the cuteness of his daughter Alexa who even asks 'One Day im gonna whistle?' mid-song. It gets no cuter than that.

01/10/2011 7:47AM
Amazing duet from Father & Daughter
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