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Posts from February 2013

College Student Problems
So, being a college student I feel like my money is always gone, ya know what I mean? Whether it’s buying food, coffee, text books (etc.)… it’s all gone.  Well I wanted to offer you guys some advice on how to save some money (that you can put to good use on say that new JT cd next month!)

Food- buying food on campus can get very pricy. Instead of getting food there, try making your own lunch. If you’re not a morning person, like me, you can even make it the night before and have it ready for the morning. The cost of all the ingredients for your homemade lunch will most likely be a fraction of the cost you would spend buying food.  If you would rather not do that I offer you option 2: Go somewhere off campus. It’s that easy.

Coffee/Beverages- So, you bought a venti-double-mocha- bean latte for $6, how do you feel about that? Don’t get me wrong I love my coffee and tea, but feel guilty spending this much on a drink. But if you have a travel mug, use it! You can pretty much put anything you want in it, and most places will fill it for a discounted price! How cool is that? And you’re helping the environment too. You rock.
Textbooks- They’re so overpriced, we all know that. But there are ways of working with that. Try searching online, there’s a good chance there is someone who wants to get rid of that math book as much as you need it. Or you could try renting them, the renting system is great, it’s like buying it (for half the price) but you return it at the end of the semester. With all the new technology most books are offered in electronic format too, how awesome is that. You won’t have to break your back with carrying heavy text books. And with the money you’d save it gives you an excuse to go buy that tablet you’ve been eyeing up.
Well, I hope this can help some of you, or you might think this chick is crazy who gave her a blog? It is what it is :]
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RyTunes - Megan and Liz
For my first post I figured it would be best to go back to one of the first music channels I ever watched. It’s a previously small channel that now has close to one million subscribers. Two sisters had an idea and a pair of angelic voices that they decided to share with the world. Now Megan and Liz are finally starting to get the attention they deserve. In fact, if you went to Kissmas Bash this year you got to see and hear them live (and I am very jealous of you).
I had watched countless videos with the girls sitting in front of a camera singing whatever song they liked, and many times they had given me chills, but then they released this video and I think I must have watched it ten times before clicking anywhere else on my computer.

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How to be the Best Intern!
Out of all the current interns I’ve been here the longest and thought I’d share some intern tips and knowledge that I’ve picked up along the way that no one should be without!  Every week I’ll post a tip that will be sure to put you ahead of the pack!

Tip Numero Uno: First day of your internship bring a notebook!  Yeah you may have thought you would being doing hands on work during your first day of your internship and that you’d be able to take everything in by just watching, however you’d be sorely mistaken.  What happens when you totally forget the list of things to-do that your new internship supervisor just gave you?  Well the best way to prevent this from ever happening is get you a nice notebook (one that makes you look incredibly smart and professional-or a Hello Kitty one will work just fine.) And this probably goes without saying but you’re going to need a pen with that notebook so that you can actually write something. (I’m sure you knew that)  This maybe the simplest tip, best advice I could give because it will save you so much time and you can always look back at your notes if you forget how to do something.  Plus you look super dedicated to your internship while you intently take notes!

Check out some of these awesome notebooks!

Kick it old school with a good old fashion composition notebook!

Size doesn't matter, opt for a small notebook-lots of notes in a compact size.  Perfect!

Or make a statement on your first day, show up with a furry notebook!  It will be sure to turn some heads!
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