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Last Post!!!!!
People of the radio world! This is a bittersweet time, my last blog post.

I promise to keep it short and sweet (like me) I want to give a big thank you to Jud for this opportunity as well as my fellow Kissterns; Brandi and Ryan, you guys rock.

This whole experience has been so much fun, I learned much more about what it takes to work in the industry and techniques that you don’t learn in a classroom. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my blog, surviving college is rough, man. You are not alone, but you can do it!

I will also be shamelessly promoting myself, if you care to get a glimpse into my crazy beautiful life, or just want to be friends, follow me on twitter @Mindeeeee29.

Hope everyone has a most excellent summer!!!

See ya at the beach!
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Internship Tip #9
Internship Tip #9: Be Yourself!

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Last Blog Post
Well here goes nothing. This will be my final post as a Kisstern.

*thunderous applause from the sobbing fans*

My original plan was to write about Eppic, another rapper on YouTube, but how about you just go listen to him yourself. I’m going to write about writing this blog.

I guess we have to start when I applied to be a Kisstern. I had sent out applications to a few different radio stations to intern at them. Kiss was one of my top choices, and I was really hoping to hear back from them. I found myself in a situation a few weeks later where I had not yet heard back from any of my top choices. Then out of the blue I got an email from Jud basically saying “Hey, come work for me” and I took that immediately. Before I knew it, Brandi, Mindy, and I had our own blog on the site. That was pretty cool.

Getting to write weekly about musicians I love is such a great thing, and I sincerely hope that some future Kisstern picks up the torch some day. It’s a lot of fun gushing over YouTubers

Now I shamelessly promote myself! Follow me on Twitter @TheRyLyfe and watch me vote for the exact same song every single day for the Hot 4 At 4 (they’ll play it eventually) and all of my other antics. Do it, you’ll only regret it a little bit, I promise!
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RyTunes - Kurt Hugo Schneider
I’ve realized I’ve only written about vocalists on this blog so far; today I’m going to change that. Kurt Hugo Schneider is a YouTube-based music producer primarily. I say primarily because he can and does sing, but the vast majority of the videos he posts to his channel KurtHugoSchneider are videos in which he is seen playing instruments and otherwise providing everything but the vocals to the song.

Kurt got his start on YouTube as the producer for cover artist Sam Tsui, a title he retains. He and Sam have performed a great number of covers, acquiring a subscriber count of over 2,300,000 and the respect of just about every other YouTube artist. On top of that, he and Sam have worked together on an independent film titled College Musical.

Kurt Hugo Schneider is not your regular internet-based musician, as he does not limit himself to one or two types of music. He has produced everything from classical piano to modern dubstep. He is part of a nerdcore music parody group called Nerd Alert which consists of himself and famed eSports commentator HuskyStarcraft. The parodies, include Banelings (Baby by Justin Bieber) and Nerdy and I Know It (Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO) to name a couple.

Recently, Schneider released a music video of himself, Chester See, Tyler Ward, Dave Days, and Sam Tsui singing Kiss You by One Direction and teased that more music from “Not Another Boy Band” could be on the way.

Remember Chrissy Costanza from Against The Current? (You should, she’s awesome.) Here’s a video Kurt made with her and Sam singing Heart Attack. He’s the one on the tiny piano and guitar.

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I thought I'd add a bit of humor to finals week.

We all  know that person, or are that person, needless to say DON'T be that guy. You're only hurting yourself in the end.

Stay away from social media! It is the number one source of distraction. Facebok, Twitter, Pinterest, I love them all but going on for "5 minutes" can easily turn into hours.

Just do your best and you will get through this week. And just think it's almost summer... FREEDOM! Even The Avengers want you to succeed!

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