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Posts from June 2013

1st Blog
As you can tell, I have a lot on my plate. With taking care of my son, school and work, I hardly have anytime to just sit down and relax. So I figured for my first week, I’ll give some relaxations ideas. Well the ones I use.
 Okay well here is a basic one that I know a lot of people use. At night after I put my son to bed, I’ll go in my room and turn out my lights. I have candles and incense that I light and I just go on my bed and turn on my music. I usually have my headphones in because I do have a younger brother who still loves to annoy me. Also with the headphones in, I just able to focus on the music more and I’m able to relax faster.
                Another thing that I do is, when I have no work or class in the afternoon, my son and I will walk to the park near my house. It’s great exercise, bonding time with him, and a good way to enjoy the fresh air and warm sun. My son is two, so he gets excited over everything, so our walks are usually pretty exciting as he gets amazed over the littlest things. This works for me because I love my son to death and every moment we spend together he makes me extremely happy to be his mother and I just forget about the things that are stressing me out.
                A third thing that I do is take a nice long hot shower. I prefer showers over baths. I have this speaker in my bathroom and I usually plug my phone into that and listen to music. I know when people take baths; they turn out the lights and turn on their candles. I have yet to try this in the shower because well, I’m not sure how I feel about showering in the dark, but it’s always worth a try!
                Lastly one thing that absolutely love doing is taking pictures. I just bought a Canon t3i, and I love it so much. Right before the sunsets, I’ll go in my backyard and take pictures of the sky. I love the lighting, clouds and everything. I will always take like one million pictures of son, he hates it, but he deals with it… For the most part haha.
                Well I hope you like some of my tips/ideas and I hope they work for you!!
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Diary of a Fan Girl
Diary Entry 1: Are you a Fan Girl? (The answer is probably yes.)

Dear Diary,
At some point in everyone’s life they go through a period of being a Fan Girl. Whether you want to admit it or not it happened. The money in your wallet was spent on new music or band memorabilia and you made sure to babysit every weekend so you could buy concert tickets to see the Jonas Brothers... ehhhh, I mean your favorite band. And as you can tell by that last typo – I was a Fan Girl. Oh who am I kidding? I still am. But it’s only natural! You see I come from a family of Fan Girls. My mother was a victim of Beatle Mania, she has a collection of vinyl records and CD’s from the band and hates the radio nowadays, except for Janet and Nick in the Morning. As a 90’s baby, I can proudly sing “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys in my sleep. Later in life my heart gave its full devotion to that family of 3 known as the Jonas Brothers. My younger sister… Let’s just say she’s already changed her last name to Styles. She has the One Direction infection. Complete with a Harry Styles’ doll and cardboard cutout. It’s safe to say that she talks to them (via Twitter) more than me.
Not sure if you were/are a Fan Girl?
Well if any of these things happened to you then the answer is: Yes. Yes, you’re a Fan Girl.
  • Think back to your friends in Middle School/High School. How did you become friends? Did a certain group of musically talented boys bring you together? If yes, you’re a Fan Girl. If not, keep reading.
  • When you go through all of your old t-shirts, are there some that you just can’t bring yourself to donate to Good Will (poppin’ tags!)? Are these t-shirts ones you bought/wore to concerts during your pre-teen years? Do they have a particular music group on them? Do you still wear them? If yes, you’re a Fan Girl. If not, keep reading.
  • Scroll through your iTunes Library. Is there a specific musical group in which you have all their albums? Now, look at the number of plays. Is that number embarrassing? If yes, you’re a Fan Girl. If no, keep reading.
  • If you are reading this, then you have answered “no” to all of the questions above. This means that you claim to not ever being a Fan Girl. If you answered yes to this, you’re in denial.
Every person experiences a period of their life as a Fan Girl. It could be 2 weeks or 2 years. I could have happened back when you were in High School, or you could be Fan Girl right now. In fact I’m sure that you reading this right now is or was a Fan Girl and really wants this girl to shut up so you can go listen your favorite song. Well, let me wrap this up so you can. Whether you considered yourself a Fan Girl back in the day or admit to being one in the present, awesome! Welcome to the club. And if you say you weren’t… You’re lying to yourself. Now my fellow fan girls! Go! Blast your favorite boy band jam and dance around your room singing into your hairbrush! And most importantly, have no shame when doing it.
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Entry 1
I am from Lockport, New York born and raised.  I have one year left of college at SUNY Fredonia. The last three years of my life have been focused doing radio related business as part of Fredonia Radio Systems. I was honored at the Intercollegiate Broadcast Systems National Conference, earning "Most Creative Show" for the Fredonia morning show with Jud Heussler.
Technology has always been an interest of mine. As a kid I used to break open speakers and radios to figure out how things work. As much as I messed things up—I also learned a lot about circuits and electricity (due to shocking myself a million times).  My blog is going to feature a different piece of technology every week to explain how it works.
This week I will explain how a simple speaker works:

A speaker has a form of a magnet inside it to convert an electrical message, (CDs, mp3, cassette, etc.) to sound. This magnet is part of the “driver” and is made up of wire that is spun into a coil. The wire is coiled similarly to guitar strings or springs, but is much thinner, with each rotation very close to the last. The coil pushes back and forth from an electrical charge given by the source like an iPod for example. 
On the diagram above, the magnet is the yellow lines. So an electrical current runs through the coil and moves back and forth along a small object called a “pole piece.”
The sound is focused and projected outward from a cone which is typically seen when looking at a speaker.  These cones can also be designed to send out specific frequencies. Small compact cones send out higher frequencies, where deeper wider cones send out lower frequencies.
Obviously headphones (ear buds and over ear) have small parts, especially small cones to generate sound. This does not mean that only high frequencies will be heard. In fact a human ear can hear most of the frequencies in a song with small headphones because the sound is traveling a very short distance compared to how stereo or computer speakers work.  With less space, the headphone needs less energy to work. Large speakers are really only needed to make things louder, like in bigger structures like a whole room, a car, or outside.
Try it yourself, turn your headphones up to half volume and try to pick out the highs, mids and low sounds in a song. Then move the headphones away from your ear and notice the lower sounds disappear, leaving just the higher ones.
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