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Diary of a Fan Girl
Diary Entry 3: The Feud.

Dear Diary,
The Boy Band feud. It’s every Fan Girl’s secret guilty pleasure. The moment a boy band experiences direct competition for your heart (and CD sales) and dukes it out against another group of 5 dudes.
So grab some popcorn and let us take time and reflect on the infamous boy band feuds that went down back in the day and some that are going down well… Right now!

1)Backstreet Boys vs. N’SYNC
Classic. People who weren’t even born in the 90’s know about this revolutionary war. Both boy bands won over the hearts of the teen population through their love ballads, harmonies and synchronized dance moves. And hey, it’s not like they were ugly. Throughout the decade girls would be forced to make a very big decision as to which band they were to dedicate their lives to. There was no Switzerland option in this debacle. I myself was a Backstreet Boys girl all the way and was destined to marry Nick Carter. However what some don’t know is that this feud was more than just a decision over which band was going to be your fave. The boys themselves were fighting. That is fighting for the attention of Max Martin (if you don’t know who he is, Google him) and his soon to be number one hits. But other than dramatic love triangle between the 2 boy bands and the genius songwriter - most of the drama came from us! The fans. This day in age, all is said and done and the 90’s boy band world is at peace. Which is good for us fangirls because we no longer have to segregate our iPods or feel guilty singing “Tearin’ Up My Heart” in the shower.
2)The Jonas Brothers vs. Chelsea Handler
Every Jo Bro fan knows about the infamous skit featured on Chelsea Handler’s late night show Chelsea Lately. In case you are unaware, the skit bashes the three brothers and their choice to wear purity rings and be "pure" until marriage. At the time the boys still wore their rings and were very public about their life choice. But they weren’t the only ones being public about the situation. Other Celebs like Chelsea Handler mocked the boys for their life decision and joked about how those rings wouldn’t stay on their fingers for very long. (Granted, they didn’t) Today the boys and Chelsea share the same TV network so I’m guessing they buried the hatchet. And as for the skit that at one point in my life I would cringe with rage when watching… Well, turns out it’s actually pretty hilarious.
3)One Direction vs. The Wanted
The British invasion of these bands onto American soil has sure brought a lot of drama with it. You can’t go a week without hearing about at least one of the members from each of these bands dishing it out over twitter. And I thought the Brits were supposed to have manners! The boys claim that it’s all fun in games, but some of their tweets can get pretty ugly for just kidding around. Of the boys from The Wanted, Max and Tom seem to be the main culprits in these social media based attacks on 1D. Their opponents? Zayn and Louis from One Direction. This feud is the most recent one going down right now, and in my opinion the ugliest because of the kinds of social media we have now that wasn’t around in 1998. If you search One Direction vs. The Wanted on twitter these fights won’t be hard to find. The boys mainly go back and forth slamming each other’s girlfriends, making fun of each other’s fans and lack of signing ability. During one online brawl (the one that has caused the most drama between fans) Tom of The Wanted accused Louis of One Direction of being gay by tweeting - @TomTheWanted: “@Louis_Tomlinson I’ll enjoy the press even more when you come clean #narnia #itgetsbetter” It’s easy to say that these lads have let their twitter based brawls get out of hand one to many times. Looks like they need to sit down for tea with the Queen for a lesson on how to be polite!
It’s safe to say that in the world of being a fangirl, life is pretty cut throat. And seeing our favorite men fight with one another brings out the worst in us fangirls because we need defend our boys! But I’m not going to bead around the bush here… it’s blissful entertainment to watch. However, let us keep in mind that our favorite men may be able to get away with trash talking one another in the public eye. But when it comes to us my dear Fangirls we must remember to stay kind, stay happy, and most importantly stay classy. So keep that in mind as you are finishing your popcorn. And continue to secretly enjoy watching future boy band drama unfold, but try your best to stay out of it.
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Entry 2
What is digital recording?

To start this off, here is a brief history. Audio and sound recording has been a developing technique since the mid/late 1800s. This started with early models of phonographs, which was made of a wax-like cylinder that would spin along a needle. This needle would move in the motion of the sound that is being produced. Technology advanced through the years and eventually the cylinder was remodeled to be flat (a vinyl record in today’s time), but still recorded with a moving needle. With the introduction of electricity, recording started to turn to wire recording (think telegraph) and then eventually to tape. This tape records an analog audio signal, as true to the original as possible.
Now the 1980s not only introduced significantly diverse genres of music, the decade also gave birth to the digital recording format. As a matter of fact, any popular new recording invention since 1982 is in a digital format.
Here is the difference between analog (cassette, record, phonograph, reel to reel, 8-track) and digital (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, MiniDisc):

Here is an audio sample. The blue line is an analog signal, an exact copy of the original. The red lines going up are samples of the analog audio. This is the big difference between the two formats.

I drew a line connecting the dots from the red line. The green represents the digital waves as opposed to the blue line. As you can see, the two lines are quite different. Take a look at the highest points and the lowest points. The blue goes farther than the green. This is because there is a rate that the digital path takes. This is the sampling rate. This is the amount of times the digital recorder reconstructs the analog sound per second. So if there is a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, this means that the recorder grabs 44,100 little chunks of audio per 1 second of sound.
Here are a few different sampling rates that may apply to what a person hears.
8,000 Hz  – Telephone
16,000 Hz – Internet microphone, think web chatting
32,000 Hz – Camcorders (remember those?), FM Radio is usually around this number as well
44,100 Hz – CD
48,000 Hz – Television, consumer based DVDs, films
96,000 Hz – DVD-Audio not to be confused with DVD, this is as if a DVD were made just for audio.
As you can see, there is a huge difference between a CD and a telephone. Generally, the higher the sampling rate, the more memory is required to store a file. So you can hear it for yourself, a telephone voice does not sound remotely like how someone does in person because the phone receiver is only picking up a fraction of what is actually being said. It’s like playing music over a phone, it just doesn’t sound right!
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Diary of a Fan Girl
Diary Entry 2: Being a Fan Girl in Today’s “Twitter-verse”

Dear Diary,
In today’s social media jungle it’s easy to stay updated and connected with your favorite boy bands and artists. And when being a fan girl, this is essential. However it wasn’t always this easy… Back in the day when I was in my prime Fan Girl stage, all I had was MySpace, YouTube, and the rare live chat. Now if you’re scratching your head reading this asking yourself “What’s a MySpace?” then congratulations! You have officially made me feel old. What I’m trying to say is; nowadays Fan Girls have access to knowledge that those in the past only fantasized about. For instance, in High School I would be sitting in lunch wondering if Nick Jonas was also eating a PB&J prepared by his mother… But now! I know! With twitter and Instagram I know what just about all of the Jonas Brothers meals look like.
Back in the Stone Age I would have to wait an entire week for a new YouTube video of the trio to surface on the web. But now the fan girls of today get updates daily on their favorite boys. Whether it be a tweet, a YouTube video, Instagram post, or a vine you can’t stop watching. It’s like they are with you all day long!
Another technical advantage Fan Girls of 2013 have is the ability to send messages directly to their future husbands! Fan Girls can use twitter to tweet them, and if they are blessed from the Fan Girl gods and get a follow from their musical crush – they can try to send a direct message! OMG. Totes would have taken advantage of this if I could! Of course there’s also the older ways to connect with your favorite band with Facebook and YouTube comments. As well as going real old school and actually writing them a letter and mailing it in!
However. I feel that all fan girls from all time periods can unite when I mention the overall frustration that is… the live chat. The live chat, your ability to see the band live! In action! And of course, the day of the live chat is always the day that your Wi-Fi decides to not work. The day when you can’t remember whether they said standard or western time. And when there are at least 500 other Laurens in the chat room with you and you don’t know which one Kevin, Joe and Nick just said “Hi” to…  A Fan Girl can’t help but have a love hate relationship with the live chat. You absolutely love watching your boys live and candid. But you hate when there’s a million girls commenting irrelevant things when you actually have a quality question! And you will never know whether or not Nick Jonas prefers Coffee over Tea because that question was lost in the sea of marriage proposals and “Come to (insert hometown here)!!!!!!!” But the worst might be when the boys are about to sing their new unreleased single and then all of a sudden, the screen goes black… They lost the connection. And that black screen in front of you describes the feeling in your heart. One would think that with all of today’s technological advances someone would find a way to prevent this from happening!
Ugh… The life of a Fan Girl is hard. But! Fan Girls all over must take a moment and say “Thank You”. Because I can say from experience that during the dark ages before these beautiful forms of social media, being a Fan Girl was traumatic. So Thank You to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and yes thank you to the dreadful live chat. Because without them, we would be lost and left only with our own curiosities about the whereabouts and appetites of our favorite men. So on behalf of all the Fan Girls out there in the 716 and beyond Thank You Social Networking! You’re doing a great job.
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