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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Awesome Christmas Light Display


Well the holiday season is now upon us.
Now that Thanksgiving has passed along with Black Friday its Xmas overload for the next 4 weeks.
That includes the decorations you see on some of the houses in the area.
Sure some do a good job with their festive decorations. And others none at all.
But there's always a FEW houses that do...a little too much.
Not that theres anything wrong with that, theyre always pleasing to the eye, but i cant watch some of these over-the-top xmas decorations on these houses without at least thinking 'this looks like this took WAY too much time to do'.
And im not one who likes to spend too much time doing something...maybe thats why i dont have any xmas decorations outside where i live lol.

All over the net are Youtube videos of people filming their xmas light setup. Most of them set to music (Techno music seems to be the most popular choice for these displays)
This is one of those videos that caught my eye. In my opinion out of all the videos out there, i think it is the BEST in terms of light display and the way it goes with the music.


The family who owns the house and set-up the awesome lights show is from Huntington, IN (about 30 mins from Ft.Wayne)
The whole lightshow/music/etc. is run thru a computer. Most of these light displays that go with the music is done this way.
And from reading the comments other people left on this video...setting this whole thing up and co-ordinating it is NOT EASY. Then again...if it WAS that easy we probably wouldnt find this video nearly as incredible as we do knowing it took a long long time to get right.

If you watched this and thought to yourself "I wanna do that with my house!" then check out
According to their website : "Light-O-Rama is a leading manufacturer of user programmable light controllers. Our powerful controllers and easy to use software put you completely in control of your lights." 
This is what the house above used in their display.
So how much did all this cost? Well i tried to find out on the website....a 64-channel 'starter' package costs $1,300!!! IM guessing this house has 2 or more of those. and this 'starter' package doesnt even include LIGHTS or the COMPUTER!!
So you can imagine...its really pricey.
Me personally, id rather go to Hawaii for a month instead of throwing my money away for something that only gets usage for a few weeks.
But hey at least its real cool to look at tho right?

01/14/2010 8:29AM
Awesome Christmas Light Display
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