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Beastie Boys Tribute by kids.

Well its been a little over a week now since Adam Yauch (MCA) of the legendary trio the Beastie Boys has passed away. I personally was very upset to hear as growing up i had always been a fan of these guys. Not only were they fun to listen to but alot of the music they were doing at the time were so innovative i would put them in 2nd to maybe the Beatles as far musical groups who's styles changed the most throughout their career.

Since his passing, some fans have posted videos of themselves performing covers of select Beastie Boys songs, but of all the 'tributes' ive viewed. This one stands out amog the rest.

This video was conceived and created by Portland Filmaker, James Winters, who filmed his sons and his nephew in a recreation of probably the most famous Beatie Boys video (and song) of all-time: "Sabotage"
Here's how they did...


Now if you never saw the original 'Sabotage' video (filmed back in 1994) for this song, then to you this just looks like a bunch of kids playing dress up running around.

But for fans of the Beasties, or those who remember the actual video, will see an almost perfect comparison of the original, except all the actors are 30 years younger.
Here's the link for the original video if you want to compare:

Next up, id love to see them recreate 'Intergalactic'

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05/15/2012 4:40PM
Beastie Boys Tribute by kids.
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