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Better Marriage Blanket


Im curious as to how many visitors to my blog page on any given week are actually married.
I, for one, am not.
But i would like to someday do the whole 'married' thing...that is...until i started learning about the 'problem in the marraige bed that nobody likes to talk about'.
Woah wait...what is this? Some secret problem that goes on within marraiges that you dont get to know about until AFTER youre married?
Yup, apparantly...the flatulence of your spouse is enuff to ruin a marriage according Francis Bibbo, inventor of the 'Better Marriage Blanket' who claims his product is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift (i cant begin to imagine just how romantic it would be for one to unwrap such a gift from their loved one)
I would also like to point out that before you watch this commercial...that im dumbfounded as to where they find these actors to appear in them?
Like ive seen Kindergarten plays with better acting than some of these infomercials. The woman in the beginning of this looks like shes about to crack up laughing at any minute (then again who wouldnt considering what it is she's 'acting out' in the ad).
CLEARLY these ad agencies could conduct a much better casting call the next time they need actors to appear in their cheesy commercials.

So with that said, are ya ready for it?
HERE is the product that could indeed 'SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE'...So um yea, you may wanna pay close attention...


Ok admit it, when you first saw this your initial thought was 'oh this is one of those gag commercials. Like those funny fake ones they do on Saturday Night Live'.
But NO my friends, the 'Better Marriage Blanket' is indeed a REAL product and available for purchase via their website here:
Apparantly the going rate for saving your marriage is $39.95 (for the twin size) and $49.95 (for the queen size)
As hard as it is to believe, the 'Better Marriage Blanket' is supposedly such a popular product that callers to the toll-free ordering number that they show on the screen get a recording saying that 'because of the high volume of calls, orders must be placed online.'
FYI- i believe people are calling to see if this product is actually REAL and NOT because they really want to buy it!

So there it longer will the 1st rule of marriage problems in the bedroom be that you 'dont talk about marriage problems in the bedroom'.
The divorce rate will plummet thanks to this genious invention and spot-on marketing!
The world has basically been changed (and saved) thanks to inventor Francis Bibbo!
Somewhere out there, Ben Franklin & Thomas Edison are turning in their grave (without flatulence of course)

05/04/2010 6:28AM
Better Marriage Blanket
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05/05/2010 5:35AM
farting in bed is what "spices" up a marriage. it's like the farting contests in the locker room. who doesn't want a woman who can a) throw back some beer, and b) let a good one go.
05/14/2010 6:51PM
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06/05/2010 7:08AM
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