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Worst Texting While Driving Accident Ever

Unfortunately this weeks video is not your typical one of a funny or lighthearted nature, but something alot more serious.
I saw this video shared on my cousins facebook today and it disturbed me so much that i not only watched it again a couple more times but felt obligated to share it with everybody i know.

Problem was i couldnt find it on Youtube. Only this guys facebook. So i did my computer magic and downloaded the video and then uploaded it to MY youtube page so it would be easier for me to share with everyone.
This footage was taken by a state trooper dash cam. It is believed the person operating the vehicle was texting while driving. If any of the other videos you may have seen in the past scared you about texting while driving, this one blows all of those out of the water...


The facebook video is titled 'Apr 6, 2012 1:01pm' which was the date/time the facebook user (who said the state trooper was a friend of his) uploaded this video. Not much else is known about the accident or where/when it happened. The facebook user is from NYC which makes me think (specially with the snow) that this happened maybe somehwere in Upstate NY maybe a month or so earlier. As the video gets more popular (on facebook it already is at 20K shares) the story and the condition of the persons involved in the accident will be known but watching it as many times as i did id be very very surprised if the driver of the vehicle is still alive after that.

Theres so many things that can distract us while driving. Not just texting, but talking on the phone, grabbing something in the middle compartment/backseat, changing a radio station, this shows the dangers of those and how in a few seconds your life can change. or end. 

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04/10/2012 2:11PM
Scariest Texting While Driving Accident Ever
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04/23/2012 11:12AM
Accident Happened in Russia
This accident happened in Russia (see link). Theres an article about it too which someone translated, along with the original link. This didn't happen in Upstate NY let alone the US.
12/04/2012 7:22AM
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get facts before posting
A lot is known of this accident, it happened in Russia not the US and it is believed to be from weather conditions. Posts like this blaming the driver are most likely devastating to the family. Texting and driving is an important message, so is the truth.
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