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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Christmas Light Hero


So i have for you a video of the newest video game to hit shelves JUST in time for Xmas, and its NOT the new Call of Duty or DJ Hero game either.
Introducing: Christmas Light Hero!

Yes all the fun of Guiltar Hero...but with Xmas Lights!
And this isnt played on your standard Xbox or video game console....but a Garage Door!

Finally a game to cater to all the light afficiandos and Clark W. Griswalds of the world! 
For those who regularly visit this page...i already know what youre thinking...ANOTHER youtube video of someone with crazy xmas lights? Especially since i just shared with you an amazing xmas light display 2 weeks ago!
Well its like this...i saw this video over the weekend and i just HAD to share it with you and i love how they themed it around something as creative as Guitar Hero. And it wouldnt make sense either to wait til later and share this with you all AFTER the holidays right?
So here it is...the newest video game phenomemon!

The song played in actually Eric Johnsons 'Cliffs of Dover' which i think is normally an advanced song to play!
Lets hope this little kid can do it and not fail out within the first few measures.

Btw...before you think this is just a light display simply simulating a Guitar Hero game NO! THIS IS AN ACTUAL GAME HE IS PLAYING ON THE GARAGE WALL!! 
If you want to know how it all works...i will explain after the video.


Pretty Amazing huh?

This is the brainchild of Ric Turner from Southern California.
According to his LinkedIn Page..."he's a contractor for nearby Disney Imagineering, with expertise in "non-screen projection, complex distortion correction, moving eye point, spatial illusions and scenic projection," so he's apparently no stranger to putting on a show!

In a recent interview with MAKE magazine, Ric explains how the game actually works...
"Christmas Light Hero is using 7 light controllers from Light-O-Rama built from kits to control 21,268 lights and LEDs. Each controller has 16 outputs and 2-3 TTL level control inputs that are used by the game system to fire different programmed light sequences depending on what happens in the game. It relies on the fact that the game sequence is very consistent. If the game and the lighting sequences start together, they will stay in very good sync through the length of the song. The light program allows branching and overlays for fail, star power and "ready." I have some ideas to automate the initial show/game sync, but for now you have to push doorbell buttons at the right moments.

To program the show a video recording was made of a perfect round of Guitar Hero playing Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover. The timing of all the dots and the light show choreography follow that video.

When you play, you watch only the Christmas lights, but the audio you hear is from the Wii, so your flubs are broadcast for all to hear (people in cars can tune 99.1 and crank it up as loud as they want.) When we are not playing, a separate version of the program that has the audio from the recorded game plays with the lights as a loop. The YouTube video also has this audio, (because I forgot to record the direct audio when I was shooting the documentation, and the camcorder did not pick it up very well.)

A video screen is on the driveway showing the game video, but if you want to be on the high score list you have to make it through the whole game only watching the Christmas Lights. Even though the game is in "easy" mode, the lights don't provide the same timing detail as the game does, so it is much harder. Even expert Guitar Hero players have a hard time with the lights, and nobody has made it through without errors (yet)."

So how about that craziness huh? INTENSE!!!
His Youtube page shows other videos of other previous light displays he has put together over the years (including a neat Halloween display) but this one TAKES the cake by far!

So how do you get to play this awesome game? Well you cant wait in line to grab it at Best have to travel to Sunny California! Expedia is offering deals right now on trips to gonna book one now. you in?

01/14/2010 8:40AM
Christmas Light Hero
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