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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Dancing Flight Attendants


I hate flying. HATE it!
Nothing along the lines of air sickness, claustrophobia or even a fear of crashing etc.
I honestly just find airplane travel so extremely...BORING!
The whole 'sit in one spot for hours with very little distractions to keep you entertained' doesnt work for me. I usually just try and do my best to sleep the whole way so i can just wake up and 'were here'. But as most of you who have ever tried to sleep on a plane may know...its not the easiest or the most comfortable thing to do.
Another thing im not big on when it comes to flying are the corny 'safety measures' that flight attendants are required to demonstrate before takeoff. You know what im talking about...the ones where they actually SHOW YOU HOW TO PUT ON A SEATBELT just in case youre that ONE guy who has naver experienced wearing a seatbelt before in their life.
I understand the reasons why they must do this and im not mocking the whole reasoning behind it. I just find silliness in their pre-planned hand gestures and operations. And the Flight attendants always have this jaded 'ugh ive done this same routine over a thousand times and cant take it anymore' looks on their faces when doing so.
Well now Cebu Pacific airlines has taken the 'flight safety demonstration' aspect of the flight travel to a whole new level.
and i love it!


Now THIS is how it should be done! FINALLY!!
For those hoping to travel on this airline to witness this choreography in person you would need to be in the Phillipines (or surrounding areas) as they are a Phillipines based airline.
Almost makes me want to book a trip there now as we speak.
But this is how it should be done. Its 2010. Time to step the game up and be different when it comes to everyday routines on the job...like this for example.
Big ups to Cebu Pacific airlines for finding ways to entertain us passengers more, hopefully other airlines will take a page from this and start doing the same.
One can only hope...

10/04/2010 7:56AM
Dancing Flight Attendants
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