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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Dancing Karl


Its the summertime in Western New York, and boy do we love our beaches!
Maybe its because of the fact the weather is so crummy here we really only get about THREE months of beach-weather to enjoy...or it could be the fact its fun to just 'people watch' at the many outdoor festivals and beaches here in the area.
I made my way down to Mickey Rat's in Angola, NY over the weekend. Mickey Rats is a bar/restaurant/beach thats a hop, skip & a jump away from Sunset Beach (another popular place for Western New Yorkers to go in the summer).
Mickey Rats is fun because during the day people can enjoy the beach all while grabbing a cocktail or beer at the bar/club and later on when it gets dark...dance the night away.
Like THIS GUY...who goes by the name 'Dancing Karl'.
Im not sure if this is a nickname HE calls himself or just a nickname the partons & employees of Mickey Rats call him...but man is this guy entertaining.
From the moment i got there (around 10:30) til when i left (around 2:30) this guy was dancing on that floor almost the ENTIRE time. Same moves & all. And by himself.
Check out this guys sick moves...


A friend on mine (who you will notice come into the shot around the 1:30 mark) was curious as to how he would react if presented with the opportunity to dance with an actual female. He seemed awkward at first but then rose to the occasion later on.
I had been to Mickey Rats before but never seen this guy when ive gone. Apparantly he's there ALOT and almost all the regulars know him by name and who he is. He's a riot.
I didnt even realize what a big deal he was until i uploaded this video onto youtube only to find out someone ELSE did the same thing last summer. Except this shot was taken outdoors rather than inside on the dancefloor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziX9px_Liu8

So whether you plan on making the trip down there to Rats sometime this summer, arm yourselves with a camera as you may be able to capture some of the dopest dance moves known to man. Or some of the silliest.
Hats off to you 'Dancing Karl' and everything you do. Just for the fact we know you exist and youre around makes our summer alot more fun!

06/15/2010 6:14AM
Dancing Karl
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06/15/2010 11:30AM
Captain Kidd
He also has a business card that he hands out...advertising that he will strip FOR FREE, only for the ladies though. He's a staple at the place like so many of us are...
06/15/2010 5:14PM
thanks for the story; greatly appreciated;i remember first seeing you back at the old Funhouse when you subbed for chrissy cavata at times;ive been dancing at rats for almost 20 summers now;give a shout out to my friend dj sweetz when u see her;if by anychance you happen to see chrissy sometime tell her purple passion said hi; she gave me that nickname back at the Funhouse years ago;enjoy the summer. Karl
06/21/2010 12:36AM
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