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Diary of a Fan Girl

Diary Entry 4: Your Inner Fan Girl Never Dies.

Dear Diary,
                After spending years of our adolescent lives dedicating our time to a certain group of boys, a time comes where we unconsciously move on. Our time usually spent in front of a computer screen watching you tube videos of our favorite boys is replaced by college and real grown up jobs. Not to mention we begin to interact with real tangible boys, becoming distracted by this phenomenon we forget about our favorite boy band and our inner Fan Girl begins to dim.
BUT. Never fear, because in about 3 or so years the Jonas Brothers will have a comeback tour and your inner Fan Girl that has been in hibernation for that time will once again blossom into the crazed high school girl you once were! Proof that even though your inner fan girl may not be in full force all of your life, it will never completely die. In fact, this summer has been a great one when it comes to women all over the 716 to embrace their suppressed inner fan girl.
Let us begin with the Beibs. Everyone knows about his vast fan base of teenage girls. But Mr. Bieber also has some cougars in the mix. Many older women are fans of Justin Bieber, and even love him enough to go out and spend money on (what could be a new pair of shoes) a concert ticket. How they got hooked? My guess it was the documentary. Seeing the journey of a pubescent Canadian boy go from youtube sensation to superstar is pretty inspiring. Totally tugs at the heart strings there. Not to mention, he had a few hits along the way- those songs would then be remixed and women older than the average Bieber fan would be getting down to them in the club. But when it gets down to the basics, older women feeling the love for Justin awakens the inner fan girl they have been suppressing ever since New Kids on the Block went on hiatus.
Moving on to the cruise I went on with the Jonas Brothers. If I were to tell my adolescent self that I would be spending the day with the Jo Bros (on a boat none the less) I would slap myself across the face in disbelief. Now let me remind you that there were 3 whole years between my cray Jonas Brothers fan girl days and this cruise. So I had time to grow up and not be obsessed with them every second of the day, but the minuet I saw them in the flesh all of those emotions came rushing back into my soul. Sure I had to keep my composure because I was well working… But that doesn’t mean they weren’t there! Proof that my inner fan girl and love for the Jo Bros never truly went away... It just went on a little break, just like they did.
More proof. Boy Band mania took place at the First Niagara Center when New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boys II Men took the stage. As for the crowd… Well it was composed of a more mature audience. Of fan girls that is. Yes, this was the days that all the 20 something fan girls of the 716 have been waiting for. The boy bands that got them through their high school days were all grown up just like them. And their high school crushes came rushing back into their hearts as soon as Donnie, Jordan, Joey, Danny and Jonathan took center stage in the middle of the FN center (but really though, the stage was in the middle of the arena assuring each and every fan in the crown an A+ seat. How thoughtful!) Even more proof that it is actually impossible for your inner fan girl to go away.
So in the end of it all, it seems that your inner fan girl never really moves on. She may be a little tamer as we grow older but she’s still there. And I’m ok with that. Because it’s not just the love for a boy band that you are stuck with. You’re stuck with the friends you made who love them just as much as you do, the memories of standing outside for hours hoping to get just a glimpse of your future hubby, and not to mention all of the t-shirts with their faces on them that you wear to the gym. So to me, it looks as though you are stuck with your inner fan girl forever… Not a problem.

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08/13/2013 11:43AM
Diary of a Fan Girl
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