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Evaporating Water in -30C


Well there's really only one word that could sum up this past weekend: COLD!!!
Yes even though we live in Western New York where we are used to weather and brisk cold like this, pretty much EVERYONE was annoyed at how uncomfortably cold it was the last couple days making it harder to do things and giving us less motivation to wanna leave the house.
But whenever things are bad theres always somewhere else that has it worse...
Take the city of Yellowknife for example, up in the Northwest Territories in Canada, where not too long ago the temperature dropped down to -30C (thats -22F). Yea thats REALLY cold! So cold that if you took boiling water and threw it into the brisk cold would EVAPORATE! Thats right it wouldnt even make it to the ground its that cold.
Here's an example of exactly that, the marvels of science...water evaporating into the cold air...


That kind of coldness is common in the Yellowknife region. Actually, the city was already the backdrop of the reality show 'Ice Road Truckers' which showcases the lives of several truckers who end up driving over the frozen lakes in Canada during the Winter Months to ship heavy cargo to Diamond Mines far north that has no other way of receiving these shipments during the other months of the year.
So yea, even though it was extremely cold here in Buffalo the past couple of days...its NOTHING compared to the coldness thats experienced further further north closer to the Arctic Circle.
So keep in matter how bad you think you have it, theres always somebody who has it worse.

01/24/2011 8:12AM
Evaporating Water in -30C
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