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Handsome Mens Club


Since my favorite Late Night Host Conan O'Brien is off the air. Ive found myself watching Jimmy Kimmel more and more.
What i like about Jimmy is the sketches he does every once in awhile which attracts major A-list celebrities.
Back when Jimmy was dating Sarah Silverman her produced a legendary sketch "I'm _______ Ben Affleck" which featured cameos from Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Robin Williams & more including...of course...Ben Affleck. You can watch that sketch here:

I think that sketch (which was about 2 years ago) really put Jimmy on the map. Since then he has gone on to feature many more funny skits & sketches on his Late Night show but none could compare to the star power he was able to bring in for the 'Ben Affleck' skit...Until now.

This new sketch, which was teased during the Oscars last week and premeired last week during his show...brings in just as many Hollywood A-Listers as the one i mentioned above. I'd love to tell you who they all are but i feel its more fun to just see for youself by watching it.
So here is the skit, titled 'Handsome Mens Club' which is pretty much a secret club meeting amongst some of the Handsomest Men in Hollywood.


Yea, it was a long sketch but very entertaining dont you think? With endless cameos from some of the biggest (and 'handsome') male celebs in Hollywood today.
Since it aired on the ABC late night show its been viewed and shared over 1.5 million times and counting.
The world must really want to know...what goes on behind closed doors of the 'Handsome Mens Club'

03/15/2010 7:17AM
Handsome Mens Club
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