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Heidi Montag says NO to Plastic!


So who watched THE HILLS finale last week?
Yea i fell asleep during it too.
So what are we gonna do now that there are no more THE HILLS episodes for us to watch?
No more wackyness from Kristin, Audrina, and everyones favorite 'Hot Mess' couple Spencer & Heidi??
I mean how are Speidi gonna survive without getting as much media attention as they used to because of the shows finale? Specially being the media whores that they are?
Well Heidi is already working on trying to keep her name in the news somehow by recently speaking out against the dangers of plastic!
Plastic Surgery you ask? maybe. Considering shes had the absolute weirdest procedures performed on her...i guess i would take something she would have to say about the 'dangers' or plastic pretty seriously (aka i would never take ANYTHING that chick says seriously but shhhh)

So anyways, the camera and mic are all yours...tell us whats on your mind and what you feel you need to say.
The world is watching.
and by 'the world' i really only mean the small handful of people that view my blog since NOBODY REALLY CARES about Heidi Montag anymore.


Ok so ill give here least shes not afraid to make fun of herself (aka the whole 'am i smiling?' part?)
Here's my take btw on the whole 'Spencer & Heidi have gone nuts' bit.
I think its all an act. Really i do.
Spencer (as weird as the dude may be) is not THAT crazy as he has been portrayed to be (with the whole stupid crystals and spirituality and whatnot)...its an act to try and make him more 'interesting'
And i mean everyone had been talking about Heidi in recent months because of her bizarre plastic surgeries shes been having.
So look at it this way...they both know that this past season of THE HILLS was gonna be the last season. And they need to find SOMETHING to keep them relevant once this tv show is done-zo.
So if you ask me...this is all a ploy to get MTV to give THEM their own show. I mean theyre both so out-of-their-mind crazy right now at least you know the show would be interesting. And you know there'd be JUST as much drama as THE HILLS gave you.
Yes i understand the two have recently split ways...but everything these two have ever done had always been for press. So im not buying it.
So we shall see if this does end up happening for them. Cause even though Spencer is a douche. I think that wasnt good enuff to make MTV revolve a show around him and Heidi. But...pretend he goes 'crazy' and is in to all these weird 'crystals' and stuff...NOW YOU GOT A TV SHOW!
I'll bet within months, as sad as it is, we will be tuning into 'Spencer & Heidi' in the same time slot that we used to watch 'The Hills' on.
Sad, but prolly true. Well wait and see.

07/19/2010 7:44AM
Heidi Montag says NO to Plastic!
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07/19/2010 9:54AM
Kiss 98.5 » Heidi Montag says NO to Plastic! | Heidi Montag
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07/25/2010 2:08PM
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