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How To Report The News


The Network News Industry is very competitive.
You got channels like CNN, Fox News, NBC etc. all trying to be the leaders and the best source for your news information, and more.
So you would think in such a market where differentiation & uniqueness will sometimes get you noticable ratings and viewers, why would all these network news outlets continue to do everything the same?
Not following me? Well Charlie Brooker is. Or should i say im following him because he apparantly watched one too many national news reports and came up with the summary that they are all pretty much the same in their delivery.

Who is Charlie Brooker?
Well he is a British Journalist, Comic Writer & Broadcaster from Berkshire in England.
He writes columns for the popular British newspaper 'The Guardian' along with writing and starring in a show titled 'You Have Been Watching' which is a popular show on BBC in the UK where he invites guests to come on and they discuss television but with a dash of satire (think 'inside edition' meets 'the soup')
This video is one of the many features that was on the 'You Have Been Watching' show that was on this past week and its hit the internet like wildfire.

Charlie basically breaks down the basic elements that go into play amongst all national news investigative reports. Its comical how with so many different news networks and reporters in the game today...all these reports that Charlie is poking fun at still seem to follow these same outlines. You'll see what i mean as you watch it.
**WARNING: There's a bad word or two in this video. If i knew how to edit it out i would but i dont wanna be like the sound guy at the grammys and over-do it so i figured id post this video in its original form. If you are under the age of 18 i reccomend you go watch something else instead.


So Charlie has it down to an exact science...and bravo to him for being able to show us this in a funny light.
If you ever watched the news and thought to yourself: "Thats gotta be so hard to do, i could never be able to do that".
Well if you put together an investigative report like the one Charlie mimics in this video i believe you will fit right in with the rest of them.
What i cant wait to see though, is what these major news channels will do once this video becomes so increasingly popular it will almost force them not to fall into these cliches now. Maybe this could revolutionize the way we will see news in the future?
Or probably not. But at least its good for a laugh or two for now.

Shy Guy Shawn...Kiss 98.5 News...Signing Off.

02/01/2010 7:52AM
How To Report The News
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