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Jane Austen's Fight Club


Ok let me start by saying that the movie 'Fight Club' is probably up there as one of my favorite films of all time. Thats not unusual, im a guy. its a very testosterone-driven movie filled with lots of action and witty quotes. There's many others out there who would also go on record and admit the same thing about that movie.
Even girls too i know, love the movie, but chances are its more likely for other reasons (Brad Pitt taking his shirt off, Edward Nortons hair etc.)
Whether youre a fan of the flick or not (or even if you have never seen it) its time for a new ERA of 'Fight Club' to come about...but this one being...for girls.
Thats right...take all the characteristics of the ORIGINAL 'Fight Club' movie but make all the main characters ladies rather than men. Oh yea and set it back into the 1800's as well. Can a heavy-driven story such as 'Fight Club' survive as a chick flick? and a period piece?
What IF Jane Austen (author of 'Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Pride & Predjudice) wrote 'Fight Club'? or did her own adaptation of it?
It would probably go something alot like this...


For fans of Jane Austen's work (not i) the main characters are all women from her novels/movies. The movies main character Lizzie Bennet (from 'Pride & Prejudice') takes on the Brad Pitt 'Tyler Durden' role. Along with other popular characters from her works Fanny (from 'Mansfield Park') takes on the 'Edward Norton' role along with cameos from other ladies like The Dashwood sisters (from 'Sense & Sensibility) and more.
So that woule be how it would go down had the 1800's writer penned the book and/or directed the movie. And strangely enuff, as much i cannot STAND movies like Jane Austen's...i would curiously go and see it.
Its a shame the trailer is fake. I could really look forward to another 'Fight Club' movie right about now.

07/26/2010 6:30AM
Jane Austen's Fight Club
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07/26/2010 9:33AM
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08/03/2010 4:26AM
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