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Janet & Nick talk about training choir at St Pauls Cathedral

Janet & Nick talk about training choir at St Pauls Cathedral in Buffalo - find out more at www.stpaulscathedral.org

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02/01/2012 9:20PM
net & Nick talk about training choir at St Pauls Cathedral
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02/02/2012 7:54AM
This is very cool thanks for sharing on your show!
02/02/2012 11:03AM
St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo choirs
This phone interview explains very clearly the program that is present at St. Paul's Cathedral. Both of my children grew up in these choirs and I cannot say enough positive things about it. It is the best children's training organization that I know in WNY. My children are now adults who have benefited from the musical training, the social exposure, the travel experiences, and lifelong acquaintances. I am a retired music teacher and have been very closely involved with this program for 25 years and strongly urge parents to look into this for your children.
02/02/2012 5:50PM
This can be a great opportunity for your children
This is a very good program for children, open to any child of any (or no) religious affiliation. (There is no proselytizing.) Besides musical knowledge, this program also teaches team building, mentoring, and general overall responsibility.
02/05/2012 3:59PM
Making A Difference
St. Paul's musical training has transformed lives for decades. I know, I was one of those that was a part of it as a child. As an adult I have watched other kids grow up each year into mature, compassionate, disciplined adults. Notice I have said nothing about the musical training. That is a given, but the end results are far more.
02/06/2012 2:38PM
Helps with academic areas too
My daughter is in the choir and it has helped her not only expand her musical ability, but her language and mathematical ability too. The choirs sing in Latin, French, German and other languages, and they learn musical theory including time signatures, note values, key signatures and more complicated topics as well. I know she pays better attention in school since she started the choir three years ago, and she loves it.
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