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Why Keep Up?

The obsession of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ is a nation-wide phenomenon my brain hasn’t been able to wonder why.  I am wondering why now.  With everything on the Internet, is there a reason for reality T.V.  Sure, the behind-the-scenes are nice.  The audience gets to be inside their lives and follow them around.  But, it’s really not that interesting anymore; well, to me at least.  The Kardashian clan all started with Rob Kardashian marrying Kris Houghton.  We know Rob’s rise to fame came from O.J. Simpson’s murder trial back in 1995.  But before that, he was a successful businessman raising his three daughters and son, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr.  That’s enough of backstory.  After Rob’s untimely death, Kris re-married to Bruce Jenner; a former U.S. track and field athlete.  Then, Bruce and Kris Jenner had Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  When the show premiered back in high school, I didn’t know who these people were and why they were famous. 
Yes, it makes sense Robert Kardashian Sr. would earn his fame by defending O.J.  This shouldn’t mean his ex-wife (yes, they divorced before he passed) and four kids should have their own show years later.  Ok, I get it.  Kourtney is with this Scott Disick guy she has been with since the show begun.  They have two children together and seem to be happy (as long as Scott doesn’t party 24/7).  First off, if you Google “Scott Disick” he is best known for ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’  He isn’t even famous, really.  I believe the second biggest thing he featured in was one the new episodes of Punk’d in 2012.  He is also an American reality T.V. star…I wonder from what.  I wouldn’t think he is carrying on the oh-so popular Kardashian name. 
On the flip side, Kim is the one who gets the most attention.  I can’t speak for what happens in their own home when cameras are off.  However, Kim is the one who is most featured and talked about on the show.  She overshadows her older sister; and younger ones as well.  The only reasoning I have for this is her relationship with Kanye West.  I shouldn’t have to say who this character is.  Their story is more complicated.  Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose claims he and Kim were dating back in 2010 when Kim dated NFL star Reggie Bush.  Of course, this would be a scandalous claim in the world of celebrities.  Kim says she didn’t start officially dating Kanye until 2012.  But, she filed to divorce her husband of less than 3 months, Kris Humphries in October 2011.  Fast forward to today, they have a daughter North “Nori” and soon to be married.  People are more interested in Kim because she is more of a “fashionista,” because she dates famous celebrities, and now has a baby with one! 
I’m not going to talk about each of them…but Khloe is the outcast in the show, in the media, and in life.  When Lamar was arrested for a D.U.I., it was under more scrutiny than Scott’s partying.  Lamar Odom is a star NBA player while Scott is…
His infidelity led Khloe to file for divorce after having proof of him cheating with at least five other women.  Poor Khloe…watching the show, she is the one I can (and others who watch the show) can empathize with.  This season was most tumultuous for Khloe, celebratory for Kim, and pretty much the same for Kourtney.  It’s either Kim or Khloe in the spotlight.  Kim is viewed in a positive light by constantly being referred to as “the prettiest one.”  Khloe is typically viewed in a negative light as being “the uglier one.”  Is it because Kourtney isn’t the prettiest or ugliest she isn’t important to mention?  The show’s center revolves around drama and tragedy. 
I can turn over to the Jenner’s.  I’ve watched several episodes that have nothing to do with the Kardashians.  Bruce’s son from a previous marriage, Brandon, was distraught over not having a relationship with his dad growing up.  Bruce spent the majority of his time with Kris and the girls after his divorce.  Again, this information is too private and sad to watch on a television.  The producers’ goal is to make it look like they have fun together (sometimes) when most of the time, there is always a problem that is circling around each one of the family members.  This is getting too long but, Kendall and Kylie?  I don’t care about Kendall wanting to move out when she turned 18 and Kylie’s competing modeling/acting career against Kendall.  They aren’t even Kardashians!  Where’s Rob this whole time?  Kim just gets on him about his weight and depression.  Again, sad!  This show needs to balance what they should show and not show because instead of “keeping up,” everyone will eventually give up trying to keep up.


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02/05/2014 11:10AM
Why Keep Up?
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04/13/2014 9:18PM
Amen, you're right. Why? They are famous for what? They need to fade away with the Hiltons.
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