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Justin's demand list for the Hotel he's staying at in Oslo

All food should be fresh, cooled and covered with plastic sheeting
Room temperature to be between 20 and 24 degrees
Unopened hand soap
Towels & Toilet paper
Facial Tissues
Two boxes of water
Two boxes Coca Cola and two cases of Coca Cola Light
One case ginger ale
Six folding chairs
A full-length mirror
Professional steamer
Two unopened bags of ice cubes
High Speed Internet Access
A twelve-pack of Vitamin Water
A fruit platter
Warm water and a large selection of tea
Glasses and dishes shall be of good quality
Two jars of honey
A bag of chips
A jar of mixed nuts
Two sliced whole grain bread
Two sliced white bread
Two packages white low socks in sizes L
A white tank top in size L
Four Lemons

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05/31/2012 8:42AM
Justin's demand list for the Hotel he's staying at in Oslo
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05/31/2012 6:55PM
A star wants what a star need :p - hannah
06/03/2012 10:47AM
i love you justin
06/03/2012 1:21PM
no. just no.
This is totally uncalled for, Justin is a 'star' and i support him 100%, but all of this is unnecessary. He must really not care about others, because this shows that he can't do things for himself. Yeah, he works hard, but this is completely just wrong.
03/05/2013 5:57PM
You're like 16, go sleep in your parents room...
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