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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Candy Crush The Movie: Trailer

Candy Crush Saga has officially swept the nation.

personally i dont get it. ive downloaded it and played it once or twice but i couldnt get into it so i deleted it. 
but im well aware that im in the minority on this one, as every day i get tons of game requests to either play or 'send a friend a life' (?) or other things with game jargon that i dont even understand.

Some games have turned into movies with a bit of success (Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil) so it was only a matter of time til someone got around to turning Candy Crush Saga (and other popular smartphone games) into a movie.

and here's the trailer...

ok so its not a REAL movie (but a damn good trailer which makes me wish it was one)
this work is actually done by YouTube sensation Ryan Higa (who started out lipsyncing to popular songs on YouTube to now making comedic videos that get over 5-6 million views)

This latest one is destined to be his best work yet. 
And rightfully so due to the incredible success of the game itself.
In the past couple of months Candy Crush has become the most popular game on Facebook and among the top apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. According to King, the maker of the game, it's being played more than half a billion times a day on mobile just alone.

So even though this here video is just a 'parody' of a trailer of what a 'Candy Crush Movie' would be like.
The chance of an actual real-life movie may not be too far off.

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Bird dances to 'Gangnam Style'

Its been almost a year since the song 'Gangnam Style' sweeped the world.
After hearing it everywhere at least a few thousand times i think its safe to say that most people are sick of the song.
People that is.
In the bird community, Gangnam Style is still a top hit.
Just ask this cockatoo...who probably dances better than you do

There was a study done once on these types of birds which showed they had some sort of musicality - they understand the relationship between the beats and movement so that dancing comes naturally to them.
After learning this i decided to search "dancing cockatoos' and then found a few dozen results of people who also videoed their birds dancing to popular songs. Some of them were just as entertaining.
There was also another video made to a different song by the same bird you can view here: http://youtu.be/vqqwb3Zcy1U

I have still yet to find the name of this bird (owned by YouTube user: Jason Chow) but whatever its name is, we can probably expect to see it on 'dancing with the aviation stars' soon.

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Gas Station Karaoke

First of all, after a brief hiatus im proud to announce my 'YouTube Video of the Week' blog has now returned! Every Monday i will provide you with the hottest content on the internet along with the story/stories behind it.

Starting with this particular video which has been making its rounds over the weekend. A popular segment Jay Leno has been doing on the Tonight Show for years is a bit called 'Pumpcast News'. In it, you see a faux news reporter talking about a fake news story in which he tried to get other people who are pumping gas to comment, unaware they can be seen by this guy until he calls them out.

Last Wednesday, the Tonight Show may have found their best guest ever. Meet: Will & Monifa Sims of Los Angeles. Will was about to pump his gas one morning when this happened:


Unlike some videos where most of the good stuff goes down the first few minutes of the video, this one just keeps building momentum to what i feel, was the best & funniest parts right there at the end. Will is a bartender & Monifa is a fitness instructor who have been married for 12 years. Knowing they had a potential huge viral video about to be on their hands, the producers of the Tonight Show invited Will & Monifa to come on the program and sing live immediately following their segment. You can watch that bit here: http://youtu.be/j8E1DeS_JzM On top of the fact they have some pretty damn good voices, its also the interaction between the two that made most people enjoy watching on youtube the past week after the segment aired. 2 fun people, who have been married for 12 years now, still having fun in a public impromptu setting. Whats not to like?
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Beastie Boys Tribute by kids.

Well its been a little over a week now since Adam Yauch (MCA) of the legendary trio the Beastie Boys has passed away. I personally was very upset to hear as growing up i had always been a fan of these guys. Not only were they fun to listen to but alot of the music they were doing at the time were so innovative i would put them in 2nd to maybe the Beatles as far musical groups who's styles changed the most throughout their career.

Since his passing, some fans have posted videos of themselves performing covers of select Beastie Boys songs, but of all the 'tributes' ive viewed. This one stands out amog the rest.

This video was conceived and created by Portland Filmaker, James Winters, who filmed his sons and his nephew in a recreation of probably the most famous Beatie Boys video (and song) of all-time: "Sabotage"
Here's how they did...


Now if you never saw the original 'Sabotage' video (filmed back in 1994) for this song, then to you this just looks like a bunch of kids playing dress up running around.

But for fans of the Beasties, or those who remember the actual video, will see an almost perfect comparison of the original, except all the actors are 30 years younger.
Here's the link for the original video if you want to compare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5rRZdiu1UE&ob=av2e

Next up, id love to see them recreate 'Intergalactic'

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Lisa Gail - 3 Second Rule

If you thought Rebecca Blacks' 'Friday' was the worst song you ever heard, well then make way for Lisa Gail!

A few days ago our Promotions Director Lindsay discovered this little gem of a video on Youtube (it had just been uploaded like a day before) and since then none of us here can stop watching it. I personally have seen it at least 20 times in the past couple days cause its that bad.
Lisa Gail, from North Texas, is a 57 year old whos "dream has always been to sing on stage or with a band."
Step one: Learn how to sing.
If she wasnt tone-deaf the song wouldnt actually be as bad, but instead a little bit cheesy and awkward (like your mom singing karaoke). But because she could pretty much give William Hung a run for his money on the worst singer alive, it makes the video/song so much worse.
Aside from the singing, the video is filled with so much weirdness (along with the premise of the title '3 Second Rule' which is apparantly the alotted amount of time (3 seconds) her 'man' is allowed to look at a girl before he must 'look away')
More on Lisa and the aftermath once this video went viral later...but until then...prepare yourself from something you will never be able to come back from once you see it. Theres no erasing this song from your memory. So brace yourself...

i know. your ears are bleeding. i am sorry for that.
Unfortunately for Lisa, it seems all the negativity and criticism that came with this video was too unbearable. Within a matter of days she has since deleted the original video (thank god other people re-uploaded it so we are still able to view this beauty) and she has also deleted her facebook fan page too. The video you just watched has already 300,000 views since it was re-uploaded on Friday. Huffington Post, AOL, MTV has all done stories on the song and you can even listen to more horror songs from Lisa Gail on her Reverbnation page here: http://www.reverbnation.com/lisagailallred. My other favorite is the song 'Blue' where she butchers the entire production especially that first note. Its worth a listen.

But in the end, i do kinda feel bad for her, im sure this wasnt the kind of attention she had hoped for. Then again, this is how it started for Rebecca Black and in the end she wins by starring in a video with Katy Perry. Maybe we can see Lisa pop up again in the future in a style similar to Rebeccas (country music video by Tim McGraw or something of the sort?). Then again maybe Lisa has already won...
As awful as the song is, there is a sort of 'catchiness' about it. Not gonna lie, this damn song was in my head all weekend. Same with a handful of others i know. So as much as we all love to hate the video/song, we still cant get it out of our heads. So maybe the advantage goes to Lisa after all.

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Tupac Performs Live At Coachella 2012

Tupac - Dead? or Alive?
Weird as it sounds...thats been the debate since he passed 15 years ago. Mostly due to the unusual circumstances involved in his passing along with the vast majority of 'new material' that was released for years after he has been gone.

Well last night (Sunday) at Coachella, the 3-day music festival in Southern California, Tupac was indeed very well alive. Via Hologram.
Yes we are now officially living in the future. Holograms that were prominent in early Star Trek episodes, even the Jetsons, have now found their way into our present-day lives.
Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, the headliners of last nights portion of the music festival treated the audience to a wide array of special guests during their set. But Tupac was the one that people cant stop talking about.

Check out his eerily lifelike performance and then afterwards i'll explain how it was done...

According to online magazine 'The Verge', the way the hologram works is as follows:
The performance reportedly used the same technology that enabled Mariah Carey to perform a concert in five cities simultaneously.  Executing the Carey illusion relied on both modern day techniques and an old magician's trick dating back to the 19th Century. First, a video was composed by New York SFX company MPC using a mixture of live footage, wire-framing, and CGI. This was then fed into Musions holographic technology which projects the image onto a special foil. The foil is based on principles set out in the old magician's illusion 'Peppers Ghost' which trick audiences into thinking they're viewing a person or object rather than a simple reflection. By using a lightweight foil which mimics the properties of semi-transparent glass, Musion is able to extend the concept's scale without limiting the efficacy of the illusion.

The result...was spectacular...and leaves us wondering if we will start to see more posthumous performances in the future. Grammys maybe? Now that the Tupac stunt went well time can only tell what the next big one will be.
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Worst Texting While Driving Accident Ever

Unfortunately this weeks video is not your typical one of a funny or lighthearted nature, but something alot more serious.
I saw this video shared on my cousins facebook today and it disturbed me so much that i not only watched it again a couple more times but felt obligated to share it with everybody i know.

Problem was i couldnt find it on Youtube. Only this guys facebook. So i did my computer magic and downloaded the video and then uploaded it to MY youtube page so it would be easier for me to share with everyone.
This footage was taken by a state trooper dash cam. It is believed the person operating the vehicle was texting while driving. If any of the other videos you may have seen in the past scared you about texting while driving, this one blows all of those out of the water...


The facebook video is titled 'Apr 6, 2012 1:01pm' which was the date/time the facebook user (who said the state trooper was a friend of his) uploaded this video. Not much else is known about the accident or where/when it happened. The facebook user is from NYC which makes me think (specially with the snow) that this happened maybe somehwere in Upstate NY maybe a month or so earlier. As the video gets more popular (on facebook it already is at 20K shares) the story and the condition of the persons involved in the accident will be known but watching it as many times as i did id be very very surprised if the driver of the vehicle is still alive after that.

Theres so many things that can distract us while driving. Not just texting, but talking on the phone, grabbing something in the middle compartment/backseat, changing a radio station, this shows the dangers of those and how in a few seconds your life can change. or end. 
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CTV Reporter Walks Into A Pole

Once in awhile a YouTube video comes out that needs to introduction, because its all right there in the title of it. Kinda like this one...

But part of my creativity in sharing these YouTube videos every week is to provide you with additional information relating to the story for those who want more...which i will begin doing so...
Kent is a reporter for CTV (in Canada if you couldnt tell by the accents) with over 25 years experience. This was his attempt at an 'ambush interview' of a Lawyer leaving a courtroom that day. 'Ambush Interviews' are usually when a reporter will surprise the subject or continue to follow them in hopes of getting some kind of reaction or soundbyte out of them.

in this particular case for Kent...it backfires on him and soon HE becomes the story...

Word on the street is that this interview was on Live TV meaning it definately aired. The later part of the video (with the different camera angle was obviously added to the video later when whoever it was uploaded it to YouTube.
kent has kept a good sense of humour throughout it all.

I've looked at the video about 50 times, and I still laugh and I don't know why," he said. "Even though it's me, it's funny to look at. Why is it that when people hurt themselves it's funny? I bust a gut looking at it."
Even Tosh.0 shared the video on his show last week as well giving even more widespread attention. When all is said and done, maybe next time Kent will also pay more attention to his surroundings rather than JUST the person he's interviewing

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The Hungover Games

Show of hands on who saw the Hunger Games over the weekend?
Considering the whopping $155 million it made at the box office over the weekend (making it the 3rd-biggest ever and the biggest ever for a non-sequel, discounting inflation) im guessing alot of you did.
However, if you are between the ages of 12-21 you probably loved the movie alot more than those of us who are over the age of 21. And rightfully so, because its easier for you to relate to the stories Main Character of Katniss Everdeen who is only 16-years old.

But what if i told you there was a movie coming out thats not only a direct parody of The Hunger Games but also with a storyline that caters more toward those who are older than 21?
Behold...The Hungover Games.



Now this looks like something more realistic (and maybe a close second to fighting to the death in a forest with medieval weopans). If only it was a real movie, we could find out not only who wins but if the girl who volunteers herself can make it thru the whole games without puking.
So many questions i need answered after seeing this trailer. And since it seems like its gonna be a long while til we get to see Catching Fire (the sequel to the Hunger Games) in theatres (11/22/2013), maybe a 'Hungover Games' franchise could be exactly what we need in the meantime.
So grab your favorite drink of choice, and drink wisely...and may odds be ever in your flavor.


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Kiss Me Maybe

If you havent heard 'Call Me Maybe' yet by Carly Rae Jespen on Kiss 98.5's airwaves yet, its a catchy new song from the former Canadian Idol singer who is currently signed to Schoolboy Records, which is run by Scooter Braun...the guy responsible for Justin Biebers career.
Aside from the song being extremely catchy...a viral video came out a few weeks ago with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Big Time Rush, Ashley Tisdale, Martin from Boys Like Girls & more lypsincing and dancing to the song. This video (which has more Youtube hits than the actual video) brought more attention to the song and also spawned a bunch of parodies...like this one...


And that is the Kiss 98.5 version of 'Call Me Maybe' amptly titled 'Kiss Me Maybe'. 
Besides myself, also featured in this video were: Janet Snyder, Nicholas Picholas, Wease, Shannon Steele, DJ Anthony, Jud & RanKan, Shanna Montana, Krystyna, Lindsay & Sam from the Promotions Dept & Julia our intern.

My fave moment was at 1:10 by the way. Even though id love for you to believe we got that shot on the first take...it took alot longer than that to make the basket. I had tons of fun doing it along with the rest of the staff and a big shot out to Jud for getting everyone to do this and putting all the pieces together. Hope you enjoyed it!
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