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The Hungover Games

Show of hands on who saw the Hunger Games over the weekend?
Considering the whopping $155 million it made at the box office over the weekend (making it the 3rd-biggest ever and the biggest ever for a non-sequel, discounting inflation) im guessing alot of you did.
However, if you are between the ages of 12-21 you probably loved the movie alot more than those of us who are over the age of 21. And rightfully so, because its easier for you to relate to the stories Main Character of Katniss Everdeen who is only 16-years old.

But what if i told you there was a movie coming out thats not only a direct parody of The Hunger Games but also with a storyline that caters more toward those who are older than 21?
Behold...The Hungover Games.



Now this looks like something more realistic (and maybe a close second to fighting to the death in a forest with medieval weopans). If only it was a real movie, we could find out not only who wins but if the girl who volunteers herself can make it thru the whole games without puking.
So many questions i need answered after seeing this trailer. And since it seems like its gonna be a long while til we get to see Catching Fire (the sequel to the Hunger Games) in theatres (11/22/2013), maybe a 'Hungover Games' franchise could be exactly what we need in the meantime.
So grab your favorite drink of choice, and drink wisely...and may odds be ever in your flavor.


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03/26/2012 11:35AM
The Hungover Games
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