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Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga on ChatRoulette??


Ok i really like to do my best to mix it up when it comes to sharing unique Youtube videos each week.
For example, if i shared a video of a dog or cat or silly pet stuff this week, i would most likely mix it up the following week and share you a different type of video to keep things different.

Last week (and you can see it if you scroll down below) i shared a video or this guy Merton and his adventures of playing improvised songs on the piano while scrolling through the video-chatting website
It was the #1 most shared viral video last week and it could have very well inspired this next video im about to show you.
The premise is the same, its a video made w/ different users of ChatRoulette and...Lady Gaga.
If that ISNT Lady Gaga then idk cause it sure as hell looks JUST like her if you ask me.
I really wanted to share something else so it wasnt like i was sharing the same kind of video two weeks in a row...but honestly this was just too good to wait on!
How lucky for these video-chatters the day they decided to log on to ChatRoulette and get treated to an exclusive performance of Lady Gaga singing her hit 'Telephone'.
Just watch...

LADY GAGA ON CHATROULETTE that really wasnt Lady Gaga (shocker...i know)
The guy is actually somebody by the name of Steve Kardynal and he's no stranger to putting up eye-raising videos on Youtube.
This one, however, is most likely his best work just surpassing a million views on Youtube and also grabbing the attention of CNN, Perez Hilton, CollegeHumor and more who have all shared this video to the masses.
No word yet though, on what Miss Gaga thinks about this genious rendition of her song.

03/30/2010 7:30AM
Lady Gaga on ChatRoulette??
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04/24/2010 5:52AM
wie schminken
Personally I think lady gaga uses way to much make up. She would be great even without any make up. But everybody has his own style.
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