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As the Kiss-terns

The interns at Kiss 98.5 are taking over!

Last Blog Post

Well here goes nothing. This will be my final post as a Kisstern.

*thunderous applause from the sobbing fans*

My original plan was to write about Eppic, another rapper on YouTube, but how about you just go listen to him yourself. I’m going to write about writing this blog.

I guess we have to start when I applied to be a Kisstern. I had sent out applications to a few different radio stations to intern at them. Kiss was one of my top choices, and I was really hoping to hear back from them. I found myself in a situation a few weeks later where I had not yet heard back from any of my top choices. Then out of the blue I got an email from Jud basically saying “Hey, come work for me” and I took that immediately. Before I knew it, Brandi, Mindy, and I had our own blog on the site. That was pretty cool.

Getting to write weekly about musicians I love is such a great thing, and I sincerely hope that some future Kisstern picks up the torch some day. It’s a lot of fun gushing over YouTubers

Now I shamelessly promote myself! Follow me on Twitter @TheRyLyfe and watch me vote for the exact same song every single day for the Hot 4 At 4 (they’ll play it eventually) and all of my other antics. Do it, you’ll only regret it a little bit, I promise!

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05/17/2013 12:20PM
Last Blog Post
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