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Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Lisa Gail - 3 Second Rule

If you thought Rebecca Blacks' 'Friday' was the worst song you ever heard, well then make way for Lisa Gail!

A few days ago our Promotions Director Lindsay discovered this little gem of a video on Youtube (it had just been uploaded like a day before) and since then none of us here can stop watching it. I personally have seen it at least 20 times in the past couple days cause its that bad.
Lisa Gail, from North Texas, is a 57 year old whos "dream has always been to sing on stage or with a band."
Step one: Learn how to sing.
If she wasnt tone-deaf the song wouldnt actually be as bad, but instead a little bit cheesy and awkward (like your mom singing karaoke). But because she could pretty much give William Hung a run for his money on the worst singer alive, it makes the video/song so much worse.
Aside from the singing, the video is filled with so much weirdness (along with the premise of the title '3 Second Rule' which is apparantly the alotted amount of time (3 seconds) her 'man' is allowed to look at a girl before he must 'look away')
More on Lisa and the aftermath once this video went viral later...but until then...prepare yourself from something you will never be able to come back from once you see it. Theres no erasing this song from your memory. So brace yourself...

i know. your ears are bleeding. i am sorry for that.
Unfortunately for Lisa, it seems all the negativity and criticism that came with this video was too unbearable. Within a matter of days she has since deleted the original video (thank god other people re-uploaded it so we are still able to view this beauty) and she has also deleted her facebook fan page too. The video you just watched has already 300,000 views since it was re-uploaded on Friday. Huffington Post, AOL, MTV has all done stories on the song and you can even listen to more horror songs from Lisa Gail on her Reverbnation page here: My other favorite is the song 'Blue' where she butchers the entire production especially that first note. Its worth a listen.

But in the end, i do kinda feel bad for her, im sure this wasnt the kind of attention she had hoped for. Then again, this is how it started for Rebecca Black and in the end she wins by starring in a video with Katy Perry. Maybe we can see Lisa pop up again in the future in a style similar to Rebeccas (country music video by Tim McGraw or something of the sort?). Then again maybe Lisa has already won...
As awful as the song is, there is a sort of 'catchiness' about it. Not gonna lie, this damn song was in my head all weekend. Same with a handful of others i know. So as much as we all love to hate the video/song, we still cant get it out of our heads. So maybe the advantage goes to Lisa after all.

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04/23/2012 10:56AM
Lisa Gail - 3 Second Rule
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