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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Mercedes Invisible Car

So are we far enuff ahead in the future now where our cars can become invisible?

Well...sort of.

Mercedes launched its new F-Cell vehicle, a hyrdogen fuel cell electric vehicle, an instead of showing it off in front of the world under large lights with fanfare and a big red carpet viewing.
they decided to do the opposite...and make it invisible.

Watch to see...

Pretty damn neat huh?
Its only a matter of time now before this technology evolves to maybe human bodysuits and other cool things that would make us...in a sense...invisible.
Cause isnt that the superpower we all wish we had? You know when they ask that question in surveys and whatnot 'What Superpower to you wish you had if you were a superhero'. Id say Invisiblity is only 2nd to flying.

I want this car.

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03/05/2012 5:25PM
Mercedes Invisible Car
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