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Medina proud and always up for a laugh, I'll tell you about the best new music and artists to watch for.

What Up Homies!

check out the video of me sitting down with Katie Couric.....
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the video for "nothin on you" ft. B.o.B and Bruno Mars
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The Grammys have something special in store

This year the Grammys will put Michael Jackson in 3D.......
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New video

here is the new video for Jason Derulo's "In My Head"
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New coach, same old story

Chan Gailey is the new coach of the Buffalo Bills.....
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Jersey Shore kids annoy passengers

There was a "situation" on a flight from Cali to New Jersey.....
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What a waste............

how do you go through all that work,  and still are not attractive.....
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Anderson Cooper helps a child in Haiti.

the video shows the looting that is beginning in Haiti,  and Anderson Cooper of CNN saving a child.  Pretty graphic video.
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Ke$ha on top.

Finally someone knocks of Susan Boyle.
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Lupe Fiasco, and others conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro.
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Late Night Drama.

Here are video clips of all of televisions late night host going in on NBC.
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Drake on mtv news.

check out Drake talking about his new album with mtv.
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Top Viral Videos of the Year

In case you missed any of the videos,  just click on the link to watch the best viral videos of the year:
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Chris Brown is a Qwitter......

If you just so happen to be following Chris Brown on Twitter,  your not anymore.  Chris Brown walked into the Walmart in Wallingford, CT,  where they didn't have his new album 'Graffiti' on the shelves.  After venting his frustration on Twitter he has cancelled his @mechanicalDummy account.
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Bills fans get your trash talk ready, Tom Brady has a baby boy

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have welcomed their first son together.

According to PEOPLE, the supermodel has given birth, but no details were made available
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