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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Mini Daddy (Worlds Youngest Rapper)


Move over Justin Bieber...Adriansito (otherwise known as 'Mini Daddy') has now stepped upon the scene.
And he is younger than you!

I dunno how this video makes me feel. I understand alot of people out there find it 'cute' when little kids are dressed up and pretending to be grown-ups. Me personally, i just find it creepy.
Meet: Adrianisto. He's a kid fresh out of Monterrey and as of right now this here video im about to share with you is the MOST shared/watched video on Youtube this past week!
The Raggaeton song Adrianisto is rapping is called 'El Nino Mas Bontio'. Whenever i get the Spanish Translation of what this means i will be sure to come back and edit it in here.
Sure the kid looks like he's having alot of fun and this video would be no different than any other rap video out there today...if these kids in it werent like 7 years old. Thats where the 'creepy' part i mentioned up above comes into play.
If you dont get what i mean...well watch for yourself and see...



What are your thoughts? Did you like it? Think the song may be a hit?
The video was posted over a month ago and has already surpassed a Million Views on Youtube (almost 3/4 of that coming from just this past week)
It seems that whatever budget they gave this kid for the creation of the video went to his SEVEN different outfits that he wears throughout. Or how much he payed the 6 year old girls to dance provocatively in the video with him.

One thing i found out though is sure...he IS a kid. This is not another one of those 'Andy Milinokis' type kids where they look young but theyre really like 32. If that was the case...this video would actually probably make a little more sense as far as his lyrics and dancing is concerned.
Love it or hate it one thing is certain...people cant get enuff of Mini Daddy and something tells me you will be seeing or hearing ALOT more of him in the coming weeks (whether on the 'Ellen Show' or 'Best Week Ever')

Should Justin Bieber be worried about this guy stepping onto the scene and stealing some fans away?
You be the judge of that.

01/25/2010 8:15AM
Mini Daddy (Worlds Youngest Rapper)
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01/25/2010 8:12PM
Jaclyn Reinhart
i think it's funny. i can't see this being legit, at all. the creepiest part to me is the little girls dancing all sexily and whatnot in the background. not a fan.
01/25/2010 8:42PM
De Castro
i'm the cutest kid i'm the tiniest kid i'm the most tender kid and my name is adriansito, the cutest dance to it enjoy it thats pretty much what the kid is saying... FYI so u dont have to do the extra work translating it lol puerto ricans r good for more than reggaeton ya know ;)
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