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Nicki Minaj performs 'Roman Holiday' at the Grammys

So who watched the Grammys last night?
if you were like me and got bored through the first half then chances are you may have turned it off to watch something more exciting.
Too bad if that was the case cause the only thing about the Grammys that people are talking about are the performances that happend in the later hours.
Jennifer Hudson had the best performance of the night with a spot-on tribute to Whitney Houston.
Adele, in her 1st live performance since vocal cord surgery back in December not only got everybody on their feet but was the big winner walking away with 6 Grammys including Record of the Year and Song of the Year (the 2 big ones)
but aside from all that...whats got everyone talking the most...was the performance by Nicki Minaj.
Minaj (who sometimes goes by her alter-ego 'Roman' on a few tracks) gave viewers that side of her last night, which left alot of people confused & angry as to what they just saw.
Here's the performance...

So whats your analysis? I mean im a Nicki Minaj fan for sure but #1 i would have rather seen her perform a more familiar track. #2 i wish she would have not tried so hard to go the Lady Gaga route and overdo it and/or be controversial.
The majority of people who watched the Grammys felt she overdid it and didnt enjoy her performance.
She was trending on twitter well into the early hours of this morning, and maybe that was the angle she was going for, to get people talking. But regardless i still didnt care much for the performance. Shes talented enuff where she doesnt need all these bells & whistles and outrageous costumes and levitations.
Still it remains the highlight of the Grammys. So Mission accoplished?

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02/13/2012 4:23PM
Nicki Minaj performs 'Roman Holiday' at the Grammys
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02/13/2012 5:23PM
nicki minaj
I love nicki minaj but I was confused on that performence last night
02/13/2012 7:05PM
nicki minaj
That was not only tasteless, but it left me wondering WHO approved that mess for the Grammys?
02/14/2012 10:17PM
Nicki Minaj
That was a terrible performance and made me uncomfortable watching it!!
02/20/2012 6:19PM
Not offended, but not impressed
I don't think I really care for Nicki Manaj's music in the first place. I just thought the song kind of sucked, and the performance wasn't all that great. I wasn't offended, but the whole church & alter boys thing just seemed like it made no sense.
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