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Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

No Arms No Legs No Worries


This weeks video is something of a completely different nature than those im used to sharing with you.
When i logged on to Youtube today to find a good video this one was displayed as one of the 'featured videos' near the top and was titled 'Look at yourself after watching this'.
Hmmm the title alone is interesting enuff for me to give this 4 minute video a try.
Upon completion of the video i decided that i MUST share this immediately with everyone i knew.
No introduction, no heads up as to what its about (i'll talk more about it after you have viewed the video).


Nick Vujicic was born that way.
This was not a cause of some freak accident or disease that took his limbs away later in life, where he at least had the ability at one point in time to learn what it feels like to have arms and legs...this is all he has known for all of his life. To live like this.
Google 'Tetra-amelia disorder' if you are more concerned with how he was born that way.
As you see from the video, Nick defyed tons of odds to be able to accomplish things that most handicapped people would have just given up on. This should be a motivational piece for EVERYBODY who is going thru some sort of doubt or lack of confidence in their life.
Its funny who our problems seem so insignificant when compared to those of someone like Nick. And yet Nick seems to be more positive about living his life than almost anyone i know.
I dont know if you expected to watch something like this today, you probably expected me to share some silly litte video with fart jokes or something.
But if this video affected you like it did me (and hundreds and thousands of others) than it has done what it was intent on doing.

For those interested in learning more about him you can visit his website: which tells more about him, showcases upcoming appearances and more!
God bless Nick and his future endeavors!

05/18/2010 6:35AM
No Arms No Legs No Worries
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