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One Direction Contest Details

Want a chance to Win a pair of FRONT ROW tickets to see One Direction in Toronto!!?? Tweet us @Kiss985Buffalo and tell us why you want to see 1D, use the HashTag #1DKiss985. You can tweet us as much as you want !!! Listen Tuesday & Wednesday at 7:20am/ 9:20am /3:20pm /5:20pm/7:20pm / 9:20pm for your twitter handle to be called out ! If we call yours, call us back within 10 minutes at 644-9850 to qualify.

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07/29/2014 7:44AM
One Direction Contest Details
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07/30/2014 6:59AM
One Direction Contest
The boys who followed their dreams are a true inspiration to millions of girls all over the world. Funny enough, Liam was planning on becoming a firefighter so he could save lives, little does he know just by being himself he's saved millions and for this as well as countless other reasons. Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry will always be in my heart and I will continue to love them and support them until infinity and beyond. :') Explaining our dedication for the boys can be difficult because it feels like people looking in don't understand. To us they'll always be our boys and we'll be their girls no matter what. It's been a crazy, rollercoaster going strong for 4 years with many to come. No matter what happens in the end we'll always be there for each other. -@Y0ung_W1ld_Fr33
04/12/2015 8:20AM
this would mean everything to me
one direction literally are my life I have a disability called erbs palsy and it gets me down a lot but when I just listen to one direction its make me feel so much better,i could never afford front row tickets so this is my only chance,i am upset about zany leaving but I still love them so much I just wanna show them support I would cry if I won this it would mean the world to me,thanks for the chance, my email is
07/27/2015 1:55PM
please kiss 98.5 is my life
please im begging you to win tickets my email is im so in love with 1d and you guys are my life pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse
08/04/2015 6:49PM
Life Changing
Ever since they released "What Makes You Beautiful" up until "Drag Me Down," my cousin and I have been dedicated to One Direction. They continue to be the only thing that I seem to admire, seeing that I have been diagnosed with melancholic depression this past June. I love them and their music so much, but cant afford tickets. This would be the most amazing experience. There are so many other people that should have these tickets, i just hope you read this and understand how happy they make me feel. I cannot ever thank them enough for giving me a smile and a good mood. Thank you for this opportunity, best of luck to everyone in this contest. (Email-
08/05/2015 3:48PM
Please do this for me
I have been sitting around the radio and checking my phone all day and yesterday please I would cry and my life would be complete email
08/17/2015 11:21PM
I love one direction, so does my friend and I'd love to get us tickets!!
I love one direction, their songs have so much meaning, I love them so much you don't understand, please do this for me.
08/18/2015 10:46PM
One Direction.
One Direction has been an escape for me. Them being there for me like I actually known them. There music not only touched my heart but you could say make me a better person. Niall,Harry,Louis, Liam over the 5 years not only helped me with my darkest thoughts but per say coaxed me out of it. With the bottom of my heart the dedication to these boys are alot. But im glad that I spent five years with them.
08/22/2015 5:17PM
i heart oned
I love One Direction from your biggest fan Morgan Mary McGarvey
08/28/2015 5:28PM
This would change my life
My friend and I have been waiting five years go see the boys and I would do anything for these tickets. I would die for these tickets. Please help me and my best friends dream come true and let us come to the one direction concert in buffalo and be in the front row. Please help me it would absolutely mean the world to me and my friend. We've been waiting five years and been trying to call and win but no luck yet. Please help us and change our luck to front row seats. Please help us we will do anything. The boys have helped us so much and this is all we want. Thank you for everything. Hoping to hear good news:)
09/01/2015 10:30AM
my daughters bday
My daughter turned nine last Sunday the 23rd and this is the onlything she has wanted. II've been trying to get tickets but nothing I can afford right now. So I would love to win some to be able to take, I would feel horrible if I couldn't takeher thank you!
09/01/2015 6:55PM
I love one direction so much
I love one direction so much, I listen to their songs everyday and it makes me feel 100% better. I watch their YouTube videos every night for a laugh and I don't know what I would do if one direction never was created. They are amazing people an why they do for their fans is amazing. I've been waiting forever for them to come to buffalo and this is it
09/03/2015 6:34AM
I cant afford tickets but my daughter is dying to see them all her friends are going
Please let us win them!
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