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Pope Benedict Attacked


First off i hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Not sure how many of you do the whole 'midnight mass' thing on Christmas Eve but can you imagine being at the Vatican at midnight, on christmas eve attending mass held by Pope Benedict XVI??
That has to be a surreal experience! One could probably compare that type of thing to being in Times Square on New Years Eve or the whole 'running with the bulls' thing in Pamplona, Spain.

A few days ago, at midnight mass on Xmas eve etc. a particular incident happened that had the thousands in attendance at St. Peters Square gasping!
A woman jumped over a guard rail and pulled Pope Benedict to the ground as he was walking.
Here is the footage:


Good news is: Pope Benedict, who is 82, was unharmed by the attack & fall and actually continued on with the mass as planned. He did lose his Mitre & Staff temporarily though.
French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray who is 87 however, broke his hip bone after apparently losing his balance and falling during the incident.

The assailant was Susanna Maiolo, 25, a Swiss-Italian national with a history of psychiatric problems.
The craziest part of the story though is the fact that this is the SAME WOMAN who tried to do this exact same thing last year at midnight mass in the Vatican only to be stopped before reaching the pope.
How do they keep letting this woman in???

Anyways, now that its a few days after the attack the most recent word is that Susanna will most likely NOT face any charges brought against her due to her known mental illnesses. One should only hope though that she gets the proper help so that i
hopefully wont have to share another similar video like this one NEXT year on Xmas eve.

01/14/2010 8:46AM
Pope Benedict Attacked
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