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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off the stage


Remember Prince?
Yea i do too a little. Apparantly people still go to his shows though. He had a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden last week on the 7th and everyone actually showed up too!
One of the highlights of the night was a cameo from Cee-Lo Green who showed up and performed 'Crazy' (his song from his old group Gnarls Barkley) during Princes set.
Then again his amazing performance was overshadowed that night by ANOTHER celebrity who...well didnt perform at all. Matter of fact she didnt do ANYTHING at all.
Were talking of course about KIM KARDASHIAN (who if you think about it is kinda famous for not really doing anything anyways. Oh yea she "models". My bad.)
So during Princes show there comes a time where he invites ladies on stage to 'dance' with him. This was that moment.
If you watch you will notice the first girl he brings up on-stage. Who does pretty well, then followed by the next girl he brings up on stage: KIM. Who doesnt do anything at all. Not even Dance.
And what happens next? Well watch to find out...


Hopefully by the time you got to this page Youtube hasnt taken the video down. The original video that was posted a few days ago was taken down due to 'violation restrictions blah blah' etc.
And some of the duplicate videos have also been taken down. So this one may eventually no longer see the light of day and if thats the case ill try and find a NEW copy of this video to post.

I think this would have gone alot better had Kim gone with the flow and actually 'danced'. It coulda been a milestone for her to be honored to dance on stage with the legendary PRINCE.
But instead...because of her 'im too cool to do this' attitude, she is being laughed at for being kicked off the stage by him.
LOL 'Get Off The Stage' he says.
Yes i know thats the same line he used on the first girl...but his reply after that was 'she's too sexy'.
When he kicked Kim off the stage, there was no comment following similar to the girl before.
So next time Kim goes to a show and 'unexpectadly' gets thrown into the spotlight like that. Maybe she should take better advantage of it rather then blow it off and try and act cool. Cause then we wouldnt be laughing at her like we are now.
Just kidding...we'd still be laughing at her.

02/14/2011 11:12AM
Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off the stage
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06/10/2011 11:32PM
John D. Kent
Hmm... I don't usually like this kind of post, but this one somekind.. I don't know, I liked it. Bookmarked it Good Job!
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