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Radiothon 2012

Janet, Nick and Wease are live at Womens and Childrens Hospital of Buffalo till Saturday at 3. Call now 882-5477 or donate online HERE!

Natalies Story (Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow)

Christinas Story (Tonight I'm Gonna Cry)

Michaels Story (I Wont Give Up)

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02/03/2012 1:50PM
Radiothon 2012
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02/03/2012 6:30PM
Natalie's Grandma
I am Karen Bauer. I live in Cape Coral, FL. I am Natalie Berg's grandmother. It was such a devastating time when she was sick. Just the thought of losing her made my husband and I sick. She is such a beautiful child, we love her so much. The hardest thing for us was living so far away. We had no idea what was going to happen to her. The year of her treatments, I tried to spend as much time as possible up there in Buffalo, with my son and Krista. We tried to help in any way we could. The one thing I wanted was to see what happened to her during her weekly treatments. I needed to see and know what the Dr. actually did. The imagination can be terrible sometimes. I tried to be there for all of her surgeries, just for Rich and Krista. They have all been through so much. Much more than most families ever go through. They are so strong. Natalie is certainly our miracle!
02/03/2012 7:21PM
Sara's Mom
I have been volunteering for the radiothon for the last three years. The two years prior to this have just been because it was something that I wanted to do for the kids. This year it was something I had to do. In June 2011 I delivered my beautiful daughter Sara Rose, she was born 14 weeks early and according to the drs she was barely considered a viable pregnancy. She survived five days during which her lung collapsed, she needed several blood transfusions, and had to be sedated just so she wouldn't fight against the machines that were attached to her. Ultimately her lungs were too small to fight any longer and she passed on July 5th. Without the nurses in the delivery ward I would have lost my mind during labor, because i knew i shouldn't be there yet. Without the drs in the NICU, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to know my daughter in the outside world at all. The doctors at Children's did all they could for Sara and I am forever grateful, and I will continue to volunteer for this cause and I will continue to be a donator. I will see you all tomorrow with the Tops crew.
02/04/2012 10:44AM
Christina's sister
i am Christina's sister and I was in the hospital with her the first time she had my niece Addie in the hospital and when i seen the way she looked then i knew that it was not good but being strong for my sister i stood by her as long as i was able to. I am very thankful for the doctors at WCHOB. They all give the most they can to keep the family in the lupe on what is going on and try everything to give all they know to the paitents too. My three other nieces were all born premmies and they took very good care of them. Please show your support to this great cause,. It is worth it specially to be able to see little kids that go in being sick to come out being happy and healthy as much as they can be. Thank you to all the staff at WCHOB .
02/04/2012 11:43AM
Christina's friend
I remember that day vividly as ever when Addie was first admitted for RSV. I was able to visit her at WCHOB and the care and love the staff gave to her and Addie was amazing! Buffalo is very blessed to have the people, place, and technology to help kidswhen in need. I cant imagine what its like to feel and experience what her and Ben went through or any mother who had to take their child to WCHOB. Im just thankful they have such a wonderful place to go to!!
02/04/2012 11:45AM
Lillian's mom
`15 years ago i went into pre-mature labor with my first child when i was 17. Lilly was born at st.marys in lewiston and we thought everything was fine...until my aunt and incle went to peek in at her in the nursery and she was blue! The dr's immediately transferred her to children's hospital. I sent my husband and my father to be with her. Thats when we got the worse news...her little lungs had collapsed. The dr's said she would not make it and read her, her "last rights". A dr came in and asked my husband (who was also only 17 at the time) if they could try an experimental drug on her called SURFACTANT but then it had not been approved by the FDA. Grasping for any hope my husband said yes. well this experimental drug was working. THANK GOD. she survived, having to stay in the NICU for one month we got to bring her home on Thanksgiving and i could not be MORE GRATEFUL for Women and Childrens Hospital...they saved my little angel Lillian Ellen Kirkland who is now a healthy normal 15 year old.THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY DAUGHTER'S LIFE.
02/04/2012 8:47PM
Natalie's Aunt
My name is Michelle Zambito. Most of you heard my sister Krista tell the story of my niece Natalie’s incredible fight against Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. Natalie is my first niece, so when we received the devastating news about her cancer in 2008, it hit me really hard. I was in disbelief that my beautiful 21 month old little niece was now in the fight for her life. As my sister explained in her interview, our family has had very traumatic experiences with cancer, so it was hard to cope with this news. We put our faith into the oncologists, drs, nurses & the facilities of Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. We are so fortunate to live here, I believe Natalie success is all thanks to the care of the WCHOB & Roswell. Thankfully today, Natalie is a happy & healthy 5 year old girl and attending Kindergarten, something we had all hoped & prayed she would have a chance to be a part of someday. She had 42 weeks of chemo, 17 radiation treatments & 5 surgeries… a majority of which took place at WCHOB. I can’t even begin to express my deep gratitude towards Janet, Nick & Kiss 98.5 for all of their tremendous efforts for raising over $270,000 for Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo & the over $2 million dollars they have raised over the years of the launch of this radiothon. Buffalo is truly the City of good neighbors & I am so thankful to live here with my family.
02/04/2012 10:31PM
Natalie's Nana
I am Lucinda Zambito, Natalie Berg's (Other Grandma) ~~ I am so overwhelmed with all the support of the Volunteers, Kiss 98.5 (Kiss cares for Kids) radio-thon and ALL the amazing sponsors and last but not least our fellow neighbors in this" City of Good Neighboors" I'm proud to call our home Buffalo, NY !! Krista Berg is our daughter who blessed us with our first granddchild Natalie Lucy Berg 5 yrs ago ! Natalie was a healthy baby girl until the young age of 21 months old, when they discovered a lump which turned out to be this very rare cancer !! Never, Ever, in my life could I have ever imagined this monster would invade our baby girl ...Sadly enough, I was wrong ! As a Mom, watching my Daughter go through this hell with her daughter was a heartbreak like no other ! My heart will never be whole again....always, with fear of the unknown (scans every 4 months) ! We feel "Very Blessed" at this point of this horrible journey to be where Natalie is today ! Through the power of Prayer, Love & Support none of this would have been possible !! I also, want to add that Natalie's Grandma who lives in Cape Coral Florida (Karen Bauer) who also left a comment to her baby girl was amazing to my daughter and Karen we make a great team ....she would fly in whenever possible to be their to HELP !! Also, my younger daughter (Michelle Zambito & Jay) that always tried to be by her sister's and niece's side as much as possible !! But, the True Hero's in all of this, Krista & Rich who had the STRENGTH & HOPE for their baby.......they BOTH gave it their ALL !! What Kiss 98.5 (over all the years) has done for the children in this community is just so heartwarming !! That is what gives us families HOPE !! Natalie is for sure "OUR MIRACLE" and when she is older.....she will know and understand how many people really will reach above and beyond to HELP !! Thank You, Janet, Nick, Wease and all the behind the scence people who make this happen !! Buffalo LOVES Kiss 98.5
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