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Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Ryan Seacrest

So the Oscars were last night. Im sorry i tried to watch most of it but it was a major snoozefest if you ask me. Most of the movies that were nominated (and won) were ones hardly anybody saw.
Can any of you honestly say you saw more than 2 of the 10 nominees for Best Picture?
It was kind of drab.
And ok maybe its a guy thing...but the absolute least thing i care about is the whole red-carpet production. Which actress is wearing what designer etc etc.
Man id rather watch grass grow.
Cept its February so...thats not happening either.

Well a funny thing happened on the red carpet yesterday which turned out to be the most talked about (and shared video) from last nights Oscars.
Thats right...what people are talking about the most didnt even happen during the actual show. but BEFORE.
Ryan Seacrest interviewed Sacha Baron Cohen who was all dressed up in character to promote his role in his new film 'The Dictator' (which comes out May 11) and...well this happened...

Now dont lie...all of you probably thought that was the greatest thing to see him spill that all over Ryan Seacrest. I know when i first saw it i was like 'YES!'
And you can tell how pissed Ryan is about it as he doesnt do a good job shrugging it off. At least Guliana Rancic & Kelly Osborne come to his defense and try to make him feel better by saying 'This is going to be trending worldwide in about 1 minute' to make good ol Ryan feel better.

As much as i dont dig these pre award show red-carpet ceremonies. If more things like THIS happened...i just might change my way of thinking about them.
Kudos to you Mr. Cohen. Now to see if this stunt helped or hurted you box office numbers when the movie comes out.

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02/27/2012 3:04PM
Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Ryan Seacrest
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