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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

The Hangover 2 Trailer


OK this is more of an unusual choice for the type of video i select as my 'Youtube video of the week' since its a movie trailer.
However, there's no denying that this summers 'Hangover 2' sequel is probably one of the most anticipated sequels in a long long time. So much so that the studio has been skimpy on releasing any sort of information or trailers of those movie, until now.
Maybe my reasoning for making such a big deal about this trailer FINALLY being out is because im such a huge huge fan of the first one. Ive literally seen it now over 100 times and im such a dork that i quote lines from the movie almost all the time. I need to get a life i know, theres other movies out there. But it was such a timeless classic i cant help myself lol.
I have some info regarding what the premise of the 'The Hangover 2' is about along with rumours or some interesting cameos in the movie as well.
But until then...enjoy the FIRST official trailer released by Warner Bros.
The movie will be out Memorial Day weekend (5/26)


So even though they didnt really show or reveal/show much of anything in was still a good enuff teaser for me to get excited about the movie.
The storyline of the Hangover 2 is as follows 'The gang travel to exotic Thailand for Stu's wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don't always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can't even be imagined.'
After more investigating ive learned some more of the following 'secrets' regarding the Hangover sequel...
- Stu (who is the one getting married in this movie) is NOT marrying Melissa (his bitchy gf from the 1st movie) NOR is he marrying JADE (the stripper from Las Vegas). He is marrying newcomer Jamie Chung (Sucekrpunch, Sorority Row)
- Mike Tyson has been confirmed to return in the 2nd sequel, along with the infamous 'Mr. Chow' and what is regarded to be one of the greatest celebrity cameos in Movie History...former president Bill Clinton will be playing himself in a bit part
- Liam Neeson will co-star in this movie as the role of a 'tattoo artist'.
- While most of the plot is still in speculation at this point it appears from the trailer and a few movie stills i was able to discover that the gang again wakes up without Doug and travels throughout Thailand as an effort to find him/get him back/etc. Alan (who has a full head of hair in a shot of all 4 of them at the airport before embarking to Thailand) somehow has his head shaved, while Stu appears all bloody as if he had recently been in a fight.
Regardless the movie premieres less than 3 months from now and it will be just as revered as the first movie. Or at least i hope. I hate sequels that suck. But something tells me this one wont.
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Kobe Bryant stars in "The Black Mamba"


Im a big hoops fan, so naturally i watched the NBA All-Star Game last night.
Although im not a big Kobe fan, i do respect what he has done in his career and i do agree he probably is the most talented player in the league (Sorry Lebron, you just havent won any titles yet).
Last night marked the 4th time in his career that Kobe won the NBA All-Star Game MVP Award. He is now tied with Bob Petit (player from the 50's-60's) for winning the award the most times with 4.
So as of now everybody has Kobe fever. And the guy has accomplished ALOT in his career! He's a 5-Time NBA Champion, He's won the NBA MVP award, an Olympic Gold medal, and countless of other awards and accomplishments.
So whats next?
Well why not acting??
It seems as if he tested the waters in that dept he could do just as well as he does on the court. an effort to promote his new 'Black Mamba' sneakers from NIKE. Famed Director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Desperado, From Dusk Til Dawn) to 'direct' a new movie starring Kobe as his sneaker namesake 'The Black Mamba'. Its an action film filled with clever cameos. Enjoy!


Could this be something you would go see in the theatres if it was a full-length action film? Maybe. Maybe not.
But one things for sure. Kobe is on top of the world right now and it seems theres literally nothing left he hasnt already accomplished.
Well cept maybe a Nobel Peace Prize.
And when he finally does that, ill make sure to find the Youtube footage of him accepting the award and use it as my Youtube Video Of The Week.
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Prince kicks Kim Kardashian off the stage


Remember Prince?
Yea i do too a little. Apparantly people still go to his shows though. He had a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden last week on the 7th and everyone actually showed up too!
One of the highlights of the night was a cameo from Cee-Lo Green who showed up and performed 'Crazy' (his song from his old group Gnarls Barkley) during Princes set.
Then again his amazing performance was overshadowed that night by ANOTHER celebrity who...well didnt perform at all. Matter of fact she didnt do ANYTHING at all.
Were talking of course about KIM KARDASHIAN (who if you think about it is kinda famous for not really doing anything anyways. Oh yea she "models". My bad.)
So during Princes show there comes a time where he invites ladies on stage to 'dance' with him. This was that moment.
If you watch you will notice the first girl he brings up on-stage. Who does pretty well, then followed by the next girl he brings up on stage: KIM. Who doesnt do anything at all. Not even Dance.
And what happens next? Well watch to find out...


Hopefully by the time you got to this page Youtube hasnt taken the video down. The original video that was posted a few days ago was taken down due to 'violation restrictions blah blah' etc.
And some of the duplicate videos have also been taken down. So this one may eventually no longer see the light of day and if thats the case ill try and find a NEW copy of this video to post.

I think this would have gone alot better had Kim gone with the flow and actually 'danced'. It coulda been a milestone for her to be honored to dance on stage with the legendary PRINCE.
But instead...because of her 'im too cool to do this' attitude, she is being laughed at for being kicked off the stage by him.
LOL 'Get Off The Stage' he says.
Yes i know thats the same line he used on the first girl...but his reply after that was 'she's too sexy'.
When he kicked Kim off the stage, there was no comment following similar to the girl before.
So next time Kim goes to a show and 'unexpectadly' gets thrown into the spotlight like that. Maybe she should take better advantage of it rather then blow it off and try and act cool. Cause then we wouldnt be laughing at her like we are now.
Just kidding...we'd still be laughing at her.
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Sure for most of us we think it would be cool to someday be on a reality show. Whether were the actual person theyre filming of in the background there's no denying the cool rush you get from seeing yourself on TV.
With the hundreds of different reality shows out there that are currently filming where, if youre in the right place at the right time, you may have a shot of appearing on...theres others also filming that you may NOT want to be on.
Shows like: Cops, To Catch a Predator, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The First 48 and a few others are examples of those 'reality shows' where if anything, you hope to never 'accidently' find your way on.
Same goes for the show 'County Law'. For those unfamiliar with that show, picture the show 'Cops' but with rednecks (the show is only aired in the Southern States i believe)
So of course the premise is the same, but the urban environment is different as they tend to focus more on smaller rural towns (or counties) of the South.
Being on that show if you ask me (like any of the shows mentioned above) could carry a large embarrasment factor to it as well. You dont want to be known as THAT GUY who was on 'To Catch a Predator' or THAT GIRL who got busted on 'Cops'.
Or in this case...THAT GIRL who was all too excited about being on 'County Law'. So excited as a matter of fact, that she could barely contain herself.
The story goes like this, the 'County Law' cops got a tip about someone selling drugs at their trailer in the trailer park (like i said, the show is big in the south). And while she's being handcuffed the girls sister gets a little too overjoyed about being on reality tv.
Here check out the madness for yourself...


So there ya have it. Not quite sure what to make of all this. I mean i love how at first the girl asks 'whos that? pizza man?' as if some random pizza guy just shows up at the houses unannounced in the south.
At first i felt bad for the girl cause i thought maybe she was handicapped but the more i watch it ive come to the conclusion that she's not. Shes just weird.
Maybe i also dont get it cause this show doesnt air here in Buffalo. Maybe its all the rage down in Alabama or Mississippi or wherever the hell they show it. Maybe ones social status is based on how many 'county law' appearances they have racked up on TV.
But my guess is thats not the case, and thats why the video is fun to watch and viral. Cause its awkward.
Hope that girls sister ended up beating her drug rap and could watch this and laugh rather than hang her head in shame. Who knows.
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Evaporating Water in -30C


Well there's really only one word that could sum up this past weekend: COLD!!!
Yes even though we live in Western New York where we are used to weather and brisk cold like this, pretty much EVERYONE was annoyed at how uncomfortably cold it was the last couple days making it harder to do things and giving us less motivation to wanna leave the house.
But whenever things are bad theres always somewhere else that has it worse...
Take the city of Yellowknife for example, up in the Northwest Territories in Canada, where not too long ago the temperature dropped down to -30C (thats -22F). Yea thats REALLY cold! So cold that if you took boiling water and threw it into the brisk cold would EVAPORATE! Thats right it wouldnt even make it to the ground its that cold.
Here's an example of exactly that, the marvels of science...water evaporating into the cold air...


That kind of coldness is common in the Yellowknife region. Actually, the city was already the backdrop of the reality show 'Ice Road Truckers' which showcases the lives of several truckers who end up driving over the frozen lakes in Canada during the Winter Months to ship heavy cargo to Diamond Mines far north that has no other way of receiving these shipments during the other months of the year.
So yea, even though it was extremely cold here in Buffalo the past couple of days...its NOTHING compared to the coldness thats experienced further further north closer to the Arctic Circle.
So keep in matter how bad you think you have it, theres always somebody who has it worse.
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Girl falls into fountain while texting


Ok theres no denying by now that texting has almost completely taken over our lives.
Many of us have embarrasing things that has happened due to the lack of concentration on our surroundings while in the middle of typing. Some has bumped in to other people, others would forget for a moment where they even are, and then theres a handful who even end up in ridiculous situations (like this next girl in the video im about to show) that was brought on my not paying attention while texting.
This is video footage taken from the Berkshire Mall in Reading, PA.
You will also hear voices in the background as well while the footage is playing which i believe belong to the friends of possibly one of the security guards at the mall or someone there who has access to the video. Their reactions, along with what yours will probably be, are priceless...


Crazy right?
It makes you think what point have we just simply gone too far with how much control over our lives texting has. I mean no longer do we look around, see the scenery, people watch, etc.
It seems any free moment we have where we arent doing anything is spent staring at our phones. Im just as guilty as all of you too when it comes to it.
I think that commercial for the new Windows Phone had the best idea of how BAD things have gotten with texting, surfing the web, etc. on our celluars. You know, the one where theyre all bumping into each other and ignoring their surroundings cause theyre too busy texting. Here's the commercial:
Maybe in a weird way this here video could have been staged. As another ploy to get us to not pay as much attention to our phones when out but to the things around us. Otherwise embarrasing things could to this poor girl.
But until thats proven, we'll just continue to laugh at her expense cause DAMN that was funny!
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Amazing duet from Father & Daughter


I have a strong feeling this video will turn out to be one of the most watched 'viral' videos of 2011 by years end.
I literally got goosebumps after watching it, and the last time i think i remember ANY video on Youtube or anywhere else give me the same feeling was back when the Susan Boyle video was floating around.
This is a video of Jorge Navarez, a single dad from San Diego, and his daughter Alexa doing a cover of "Home" by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.
On top of the fact Jorge has an absolutely amazing voice (as does his daughter), he also plays the guitar left-handed and he can sure whistle better than the average.
Aside from all the setup i just gave you, nothing more needs to be said at this time other the video...


This was apparantly the 10th time that specific night they tried making this here video. Story is...the 9 other times the microphones werent on or working properly and it was late at night and if you can tell, Alexa was very tired and is ready for bed. She even yawns in one part.
According to this Youtube page "I'm just a father of two working my way through college. However, I work very closely as a team with the mother of my children. We're not together, but she has worked equally as hard as i have, probably harder. She is an amazing, nurturing woman that contributes just like I do to the positive welfare of both our children.
Yet In this space of Youtube-ness, it's just me and my two daughters Alexa and Eliana. Good times, just plain good times."
Jorge is currently a student at UCSD where he majors in Ethnic Studies. Since the video came out a few days ago theyve been featured on FoxNews, & various radio stations across the country. There's even been rumours of record labels offering deals to both Jorge AND his daughter. To learn more about them, and to see more videos, they have a facebook page you can check out here:
I dont have kids, but after seeing this video it actually makes me wish i did. There is nothing more precious than a father and his daughter participating together in the beauty of song. I think the reason this video has already touched so many people is not just because of how pleasant it is to the ear but the cuteness of his daughter Alexa who even asks 'One Day im gonna whistle?' mid-song. It gets no cuter than that.
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DJ Earworm - Dont Stop the Pop (Mashup of hits from 2010)


For the first video of the year i get to share with you guys i would like for it to be a recollection of what was the year 2010.
You know kind of like a 'best of' video.
Well leave it to DJ Earworm (he's the guy who did the awesome video mashup of all the top Billboard hits of 2009 around this time last year) to do it again...with his 'United States of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the pop)
While last years vid consisted of alot of similarities in lyrics from different songs from 2009 and similarities in the videos as well...this year Earworm took his work in a different direction where he pretty much 'creates' a brand new track/melodies from the pre-existing ones of the songs he used & sampled.
And its rather catchy...check it out...


Another killer job done by a very talented DJ.
As much as i enjoyed this mashup however i think the best and most creative of it all comes at around the 3:12 mark where he does what he does best and meshes the lyrics of all the other songs together (usually lyrics similar in style or what theyre saying)
Either way these songs defined the year 2010 and most of them bring back a memory or two of something that went on this year.
Hope you all have a wonderful new year and i wish you nothing but the best in 2011!
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Amazing Female Beat Boxer


Introducing a cute girl by the name of Julia Dales.
She's a 17 year old from Canada who may also be the best beat boxer you have ever heard?
Yea i know i know youve heard some pretty darn good beatboxers before im sure, But you havent heard Julia.
In this video (which is actually over a year old but i just discovered it now) Julia proclaims at the beginning that she hopes to win the 'BeatBox Battle WildCard' which refers to a specific match in the 'BeatBox Battle World Championship' that took place back in 2009.
And guess what...with the help of this submission...she won!
Now, on to see the skills this young girl has...


On top of winning said BeatBox competition, this video (along with her awesome skills) has also caught the attention of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher (who tweeted a link to this video) and Justin Timberlake (who is also good in the beat box category) who featured the video on his website.
She also cut a seperate video which was featured on the closing credits of an iCarly episode awhile back. You can view that video here:
Even though she won the round of competition she made the video for she is now trying to breakthrough again performing a different style of music. She also has an amazing voice and Guitar skills and is fusing that with her beatbox skills as well. On her YouTube Channel: theres a wide variety of different videos of her for you enjoy ranging from performances in talent shows to original music done in the style i just mentioned.
Something tells me in the coming years we will be seeing (or hearing) alot more of Julia.
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The Digital Story of the Nativity


Christmas is almost here and lately alot of videos have gone viral relating to the holidays.
Few weeks ago i shared with you that 'flash mob' video in the mall in Welland, Ontatio where the mall patrons all join in singing 'Messiah Hallelujah'. You can revisit that video here:

And...there's been a pretty clever Chanukah/Jewish related video thats been going around the last couple weeks where a bunch of students at Yeshiva University's vocal group 'The Maccabeats' did a clever remake of Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite':

But now my favorite one i have stumbled upon is the one i waited to share with you this week. The premise is simple. Its the story of the Nativity. The very REASON we celebrate Christmas. But what makes the video interesting is that the story is retold through the use of todays technology and gadgets. It brings a whole new perspective on a story over 2-thousand years old.


The video was done by a company called Excentric, based out of Portugal, where the president of the company told CNN last week that they created the video more or less to illustrate how todays social media tools can work.
The best part of the video i feel is the very end with the statement: 'Times change, the feeling remains the same'.
Isnt that the truth.
Merry Christmas to all of you (or whatever holiday you celebrate around this time of year). I hope its the greatest one yet!
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Yogi Bear Alternate Ending


So this Friday the long anticipated YOGI BEAR 3-D opens in theatres to what some have already proclaimed the 'feel good comedy this holiday season'.
And they might be right...even im interested to see a Yogi Bear movie. And in 3-D? um..sure why not.
Now all i have seen up until today was the trailer. And it looks like alot of fun. Then, just the other day it seems an 'alternate ending' to the movie has accidently leaked (then again none of us has seen the REAL ending yet) so this could be interesting.
Check it out...


Pretty Messed up huh?
Yea, as you could tell right off the bat it obviously wasnt real but a clever 'staged' parody made by Edmund Earle.
He's a New York based animator whose 3-D modeling and animation work can be seen on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and elsewhere.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly the other day Edmund explained “This started in September, when they released the trailer, and it seemed ripe for parody,” Earle says. “It’s a sad trend to revamp these old shows in pretty horrifying CG films, and my brand of humor is always to put something ridiculous and stupid into a dark and serious situation. I’m a big fan of [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford] … and it seemed like a good mix, the goofiness of Yogi Bear mixed with about the darkest thing you can get.”
I thought it was well clever and i hope theres more to come down the line.
I mean the Smurfs movie is coming out next summer. That gives him 6 months to do his next Youtube masterpiece!
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Flash Mob at Seaway Mall in Welland


'Flash Mobs' have been all the rage on Youtube the last couple of years.
If youre unfamiliar with the term 'Flash Mob'. It represents a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act for a brief time, then disperse.
Some of the best 'Flash Mob' videos can already be seen on YouTube. Before i get to the featured video of the week i have a few additional links of their previous (and their most notorious) work in other locations.
For example, in Grand Central Station in NYC where the entire 'mob' froze for 5 minutes freaking out passers-by:
Then theres the one where a one man dance party incites a large choreographed production on the beach:
Or theres my personal that involves ALL twins dressed exactly alike and riding in a subway car directly across for each other to give it a 'mirror effect':
And now after all that, the flash mob makes their way closer to home. About 30 mins away in Welland Ontario at the Seaway Mall.
This was done a few weeks ago and as you will watch, it starts with one person singing along to Handel's Messiah Hallelujah and soon shortly others join in until it becomes a full-on productions leaving those shopping and eating dazed.
Think about eating your lunch here at the food court until the song breaks out and what would be going thru your mind. Its purely a great work of art.


Since the video made its way onto Youtube a couple of weeks ago it has reached over 11 million views! Thats more than people that have probably even shopped at the Seaway Mall in the past decade!
Its only a matter of time hopefully before we may able to get a treat of our own 'flash mob' of sorts here in Buffalo. Maybe the Galleria Mall possibly?
Its happened numerous times not too far away in Toronto, where they staged a 'pillow fight' on one occasion and another more recently at the Yorkdale mall where they danced unexpectedly around a clueless shopper in preperation for this past years Juno Awards.
I think it would be cool to some day be a part of this sort of fun. So if anyone happens to stumble across this that does any work in any of the 'flash mobs' and may be thinking of doing one here in Buffalo...the count me in!!
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People Of Walmart Rap


By now im assuming most of you have seen the site If not go here and check it out:
Its probably one of the greatest websites to ever exist if you ask me filled with all sorts of different colorful characters that shop at our nations' various Walmart locations.
(side-note: my goal is to one day make it on this site. ive even gone to a few dressed as obnoxiously as i can in hopes ill some day make it on the site)
Well since the site has been out (its been a little over a year since ive first seen it) it was only a matter of time til someone made a song about it.

And that my friends is this weeks' featured video...i present to you...the 'People Of Walmart' rap! Its brilliant
**ATTN: This video contains some very coarse language and profanity so if you are under 18 i reccomend you DO NOT watch this video and instead maybe check out this video instead:


This cleverly written rap song was done by a guy who goes by the name of JDirty. Im told the song is available on itunes as well in case you like it THAT much. If you ask me tho its not as funny without being able to see the pictures that go along with it.
But i will say everytime i view this i think 'what the hell is wrong with us as americans? people actually go out in public like this? its rediculous!'
God bless Walmart and the people who shop in them, and, if all goes well in the next months or so for me then soon I will end up on that site and maybe if im even luckier ill be good enuff to make into the 'People of Walmart rap 2' if JDirty ever writes another one!
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Honest Four Loko Commercial


Well all anybody has been talking about lately is the recent banning for the highly-alcoholic energy drink FOUR LOKO in NY State.
If you never had a Four Loko let me describe it for you...its like drinking battery acid with a hint of watermelon (or orange if you get the 'orange' flavor etc.)
The drink has been popular amongst college students and under-agers as it is extrememly cheap ($3 a can) and pretty much only ONE can will get you drunk.
The dangers that lie withing Four Loko (and mostly the reason why its been banned in many states, now including NY State) is because of the high caffeine content mixed with its high alcohol content (12% alcohol by volume) which means...people who drink ONE can still dont realize how drunk they are just yet because of the energy given by the caffeine, taurine etc.
According to Wikipedia: The name "Four" is derived from the drink's four main ingredients: alcohol, caffeine, taurine, and guarana. It also contains carbonated water, sugar, and natural and artificial flavoring.
So people will end up drinking more, until its too late. And in some situations...end up in the hospital even. Or blackout. Yea...its apparantly THAT BAD for some.
But in the spirit of things, and since theyre in recent news, i stumbled upon a funny parody (but brutally honest) of a Four Loko commercial.
So for those still unfamiliar to the new (and now banned) energy drink...lets catch you up to speed.


So in a nutshell...that pretty much sums up the dangers of drinking Four Loko.
From personal experience i will say that after trying Four Loko several different times...the hangover from it the next day SUCKS. Worse than regular beer or alcohol. I dont know why, just something ive experienced.
But not for much longer...we have until Dec. 10th before all retailers are ordered to pull Four Loko from the shelves FOREVER.
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Kiss 98.5 Artist on the Rise: LIGHTS


For the second straight week my featured video is of footage i shot & edited except this type of video is completely different from last weeks.
On Saturday (11/13/10) Canadian Superstar LIGHTS performed a Sold-Out show here in Buffalo at Mohawk Place and I had the opportunity to catch up with her and talk about her music, her live performances, her background & plans for the future.
She's already very well known in Canada having won 'best new artist' at last years JUNO awards & on the verge of breaking out here in the U.S. & Overseas which is why i jumped at the chance to sit down and talk to her.
Here's how our chat went...


On top of being an extremely talented musician & songwriter (along with being strikingly beautiful) she was also one of the sweetest & most humble artists i have ever had the chance to interview.
Her new single 'My Boots' is currently available now on itunes and like i mentioned in the interview something tells me you will be hearing alot more from her in the next year or two.
Until then, stay tuned for the next 'Kiss 98.5 Artist on the Rise' coming soon!
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Worst Frisbee Player


This past friday night was our last 'Friday Night Lights' game of this season. Congratulations to Sweet Home, Alden, Fredonia & Clarence High Schools for winning this past weekend at the Section VI Finals at Ralph Wislon Stadium where we there to cheer them on!
If you had the opportunity to see us (along with our friends from Intense Milk) at one of the various High School Football Games we were at on Friday Nights all season then you may have participated in our fun game of 'Kan Jam' to win a prize.
Unlike the actual 'Kan Jam' game which consists of two players on a team, this one is more simple where you need to simply throw the frisbee and hit the Kan to win you prize, without the aid of another player.
Im usually that person on the other side of the Kan, waiting to retreive your frisbee after youve thrown it so i can throw it back to whatever employee from our promotions dept. that happens to be working with me that night. They then will hand off the frisbee to the next player and so get the idea.
Well i noticed something funny this past Friday Night when i got to work with Marybeth, one of the girls who works in our promotions dept and who has been here for a few years now. And that is...the girl DOES NOT know how to catch a frisbee!!!
After a few throws to her (perfect throws might i add lol) i was dumbfounded at her inablility to catch a simple frisbee!! Immediately i thought 'i gotta roll tape on this, this is great'.
Kind of ironic i know to share a video like THIS as my Video of the Week when just last week i shared with you a video of people doing the most extraordinary things....this is clearly the opposite!
So ladies & gentlemen i would like to introduce you all to Marybeth! She's a sweet girl who just turned 21 this past week. She's been with us for almost 3 years now and has worked alot of events! She also has NO CLUE how to catch a frisbee!!!! Enjoy!


Pretty bizarre stuff huh?
I know, some of those throws were right on the money huh?
I will say this, she was a great sport through the filming of all this (which i told her i was gonna do) and even though she cant catch a frisbee for the life of her...she is very sweet so lets all give her that!
Just dont ask her to be your Kan Jam partner anytime soon!
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People Are Awesome


There are things that we as humans can do that still amaze me in so many ways.
Every so often a youtube video will come along showing some sort of extra-ordinary feat or 'skill' that someone in particular can do.
Sometimes they are just camera-tricks and sometimes they are legitimate marvels of feat.
This next video is pretty much a compilations of all things awesome (hence the title 'people are awesome') that we, as humans, have been lucky enuff to capture on camera.
I found this video particularily im sure you will too...


Although the origins of most of the videos you see all come from different sources, this here compilation was put together by the band Hadouken! from England. Their song 'Mecha Love' is the song prominently heard throughout the video.
If you check out the link to the actual Youtube post by them w/ video they list EVERY video used in the compilation:
Some of the things we as humans are able to accomplish when we put our mind and body to it still amaze me.
Jumping from building to building with no injury, making consecutive full-court basketball shots, putting out a flame with a card, And here i still have a hard time still trying to close the trunk of my car with groceries in hand.
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Shy Guy Shawn goes thru Final Fear ALONE


Well this weeks 'YouTube video of the week' is kind of a continuation of sorts...from last weeks.
To get you up to speed, last week the folks at Final Fear 'mocked me' for going thru the haunted houses w/ friends but choosing to be in the back when i did (aka i only did that during ONE of the four haunted houses but whatev)
So they challenged me to go thru all four houses BY MYSELF. And because im always down for a good challenge...i accepted.
Well it all went down this weekend and here is the footage to show all the highlights of the event.


Big shout-out to the folks over at Final Fear for once again proving they not only have WNY's Scariest Haunted house/s but the most entertaining as well.
The attention to detail in some of these rooms is astounding as is the commitment to the character some of these workers have.
I already cant wait for next Halloween season to hopefully do it again!
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Kiss 98.5's Shy Guy Shawn challenges Final Fear


So i went to Final Fear over the weekend.
First off i will say that Final Fear IS the scariest of all the 'haunted houses' in Western New York but...its not scary enough for me to NOT go in them.
So i ran into alot of great people there, some groups who asked me to tag along with them as they ventured into 1 of the 4 haunted houses they had available.
There were some funny moments & scary moments but overall we all had fun. It was a great success.
Then the next day i sign on to facebook only to see a slew of comments from the people over at Final Fear claiming i was 'too scared to go through the haunted houses while i was there'.
Hello guys??? Um i went thru ALL FOUR OF THEM!!!
Then in response the Final Fear guys pointed out that since i apparantly went 'last' when i went in with different groups that makes me some sort of a coward.
Well folks...just to prove that i aint scurred...i will return to Final Fear before Halloween and go through all four haunted houses BY MYSELF!
That way im first, middle, last, etc.
And ill be sure to document it for you while i do it too!
Until then here is the 'challenge video' from this past weekend at Final Fear


So there you have it, call ME out and i'll call YOU out Final Fear!
To prove once & for all that i aint scared we will settle this over the next 2 weeks.
Keep listening to Kiss 98.5 and make sure you check out their facebook page at to find out WHEN exactly the challenge will take place!
Other than that, Happy Halloween everybody!!
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Woman Screams While Getting A Tattoo


Ok, for those who dont have any tattoos listen up...they HURT!
I have four of them and they all hurt like a mother. Some areas hurt more than others but thats the whole idea behind it. Not that we as people enjoy inflicting pain on ourselves but i think that if tattoos didnt 'hurt' or if it wasnt such a process you need to go thru in order to get one...then it wouldnt be as much of a big deal to get one.
People who are inked know what im saying, for those who dont have a tattoo and is thinking about getting one someday but may be too afraid that it will 'hurt'. well...then idk dont get one i guess? cause its gonna.
Well apparantly in this next video nobody told the woman getting tattooed that these things hurt! I mean its a NEEDLE DIGGING & TEARING INTO YOUR SKIN! Of course youre gonna feel discomfort! Its not the kind of temporary tattoo she was used to getting before at her state fair where they just airbrush it on. This is the real deal!
Ive seen people have a hard time with getting their as far as dealing with the pain. Some of the ones ive had done were even tough for me to bear. But nothing like this...
This lady takes the uncomfortableness to a whole new the point the tattoo artist, her friends and i think everyone watching the video wants to just tell her to 'SHUT UP ALREADY'.
You'll be catching yourself saying it too! Watch...


I mean shut the hell up already!!
Going to get a tattoo and not expecting it to hurt is like rubbing soap in your eyes and not expecting it to sting.
Not that i know what it feels like for a woman to be in labor (obv more painful than a tattoo on your back im sure)...but if this lady has any kids, i dont even wanna know how it went down in the delivery room. The doctors probably LOVED her!!
Not much else is known about this mystery screaming woman or whether she ended up getting that tattoo finished or not. Or even what the tattoo was. Judging by her age and look im guessing a Bon Jovi logo or something along the lines of 'Git-R-Done'.
What baffles me is how she was already assuming the pain before there was even contact. The moments he would turn the gun on she would start screaming before any contact is felt.
If you ask me part of this is a mix between someone with a very low threshold for pain who is also very overdramatic/cries for attention.
I hope the tattoo artist got a good tip at least.
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Dancing Flight Attendants


I hate flying. HATE it!
Nothing along the lines of air sickness, claustrophobia or even a fear of crashing etc.
I honestly just find airplane travel so extremely...BORING!
The whole 'sit in one spot for hours with very little distractions to keep you entertained' doesnt work for me. I usually just try and do my best to sleep the whole way so i can just wake up and 'were here'. But as most of you who have ever tried to sleep on a plane may know...its not the easiest or the most comfortable thing to do.
Another thing im not big on when it comes to flying are the corny 'safety measures' that flight attendants are required to demonstrate before takeoff. You know what im talking about...the ones where they actually SHOW YOU HOW TO PUT ON A SEATBELT just in case youre that ONE guy who has naver experienced wearing a seatbelt before in their life.
I understand the reasons why they must do this and im not mocking the whole reasoning behind it. I just find silliness in their pre-planned hand gestures and operations. And the Flight attendants always have this jaded 'ugh ive done this same routine over a thousand times and cant take it anymore' looks on their faces when doing so.
Well now Cebu Pacific airlines has taken the 'flight safety demonstration' aspect of the flight travel to a whole new level.
and i love it!


Now THIS is how it should be done! FINALLY!!
For those hoping to travel on this airline to witness this choreography in person you would need to be in the Phillipines (or surrounding areas) as they are a Phillipines based airline.
Almost makes me want to book a trip there now as we speak.
But this is how it should be done. Its 2010. Time to step the game up and be different when it comes to everyday routines on the this for example.
Big ups to Cebu Pacific airlines for finding ways to entertain us passengers more, hopefully other airlines will take a page from this and start doing the same.
One can only hope...
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World's Scariest Job


If you woulda asked me on the fly what i thought may be the 'world's scariest job' i probably woulda went with stuff like: window washers for high-rise buildings, or powerline installers, those people who dive with sharks and stuff (if theres a job in there somewhere) know...things like that.
After watching this video, i would do all of those i just mentioned FOR FREE before i even ATTEMPTED to do what i saw in this video for MONEY!
What you are about to see is a short documentary of what its like being a Transmission Tower Climber (aka Someone who has to climb to the TOP of radio/TV towers etc. to FIX them).
What makes this video uber-scary as you are about to see is the fact its shot in the POV of the climber himself. This might make you VERY queezy if you have acrophobia. Even i get those unpleasant butterflies watching certain parts of this video.
By the way this tower theyre climbing is 1768 feet! Thats TALLER than the Eiffel Tower (1063 ft.), The Empire State Building (1250 ft.) & The Sears Tower (1482 ft.)
Think you could do this job? Watch and decide for yourself...


What i find crazy about this video (other than just the whole climbing part) is how you need to bring EVERY tool you might possibly need with you while youre up there. I mean, theres no 'oh shucks i forgot a wrench' on a job like this' because to climb back down and then back up would not only waste almost half a day but probably all your energy on top of it.
I do get a kick out of the fact theyre wearing hard-hats though, THANK GOD, cause if they fell we wouldnt want them to get hurt now lol.
Again these are things we dont necessarily think about when we see them. Radio & TV towers, just like every other form of electronic equipment, need repair. And there has to be SOME WAY to repair them (you cant just grab a helicopter and disassemble the tower in mid-air and bring the parts to the ground and re-assemle them).
Knowing theres people out there that are required to do a job of this extremity makes me realize just how wimpy it is doing what i do for a living lol.
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Dad Goes Nuts Dancing to Justin Bieber


I am not a parent, i dont have kids, but i do know that there are many great ways parents can take an interest into what their kids are watching and listening to on a regular basis, their hobbies, their likes and so forth.
Music is the best way to do it as parents can sometimes take their kids to a concert of their favorite artist or even allow their kids to listen to their favorite radio station when in the car (::cough:: kiss 98.5 ::cough::)
Some parents (like the father you are about to see) can become even MORE hands on and actually participate in the hobbies and interests of his kids (in this case joining them in a mock music video of their favorite singer: Justin Bieber)
Where most parents would sit back and let their kids get in on most of the fun and attention, this particular dad and see.


So theres so much going on here that deserves bringing attention to.
1st being that the dad is totally overshadowing his own daughters by stealing their thunder with his wicked dance moves.
and by 'wicked dance moves' i mean WHEN where those moves he did EVER cool? Are those the moves he did in the club where he probably met their mother therefore spawning these 2 kids shortly after?
Also lets talk about his awkard attire. Pants hiked up past his belly button, shirt opened up halfway like a moron, collar flipped up etc. Id be embarrased if my dad dressed like that!!
On top of it, even if the dad wasnt present in the video, the girls didnt really help a whole lot either...they do the same 'back and forth' dance moves and they dont even know all the words to the song (watch them attempt to lipsync at the part when Ludacris raps)
Not much is known about who this mystery dad and his daughters except that theyre foreign (from Europe i think? I couldnt tell the language on their Youtube channel.
Apparantly Dad is quite the showoff with his dancing skills by riding thew wave of attention he has seemed to get from this here Justin Bieber video and ditching his kids to do his act solo in a bunch of new videos he has posted on his page of him dancing.
Here's some more SUCK in 3...2...1..
Curious as to know not only where he learned to dance so badly like that but why he continues to do it. Hopefully this video gets more national attention and we can see him on Ellen or Regis or one of those shows where he can embarrass himself in front of a studio audience rather than in his own home via video camera.
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Cute Girl Has a Catchy Dance


I dont know what to make of this video...its rather odd.
It begins as a cute little girl bouncing around on a matt at what appears to be a daycare or something of the sort.
A little way thru her 'dance' you start to see others appear in the background dancing along with the girl as if the whole thing was co-oreographed to begin with!
I mentioned that i found this video a little odd because i was confused by so many things going on in it. For instance, how did they shoot it? was the background dancers just green-screened in after the initial footage of the girl bouncing up and down was shot? Was the girl taught at least SOME of these moves as to make it appear she's doing some sort of 'routine'? What magazine do you think the lady sitting down is reading? Redbook? Guns & Ammo?
So many questions and yet no answers!
So instead we'll enjoy this video of this cute little girl dancing followed by many surprises


So as you can see it turns out this 'viral video' is really just an ad campaign for SAMSUNG. Inspiring you to 'Let yourself dance freely. Be your own style. You never know who's watching'.
Ok cute i get it, but knowing its being used as an advertisement for a product almost makes me not like it as much now (but its still cute dont get me wrong)
Regardless its a smarter way to advertise if you ask me. If more commercials were made like THIS id be more into the commercials than the actual shows that are on TV nowadays.
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Teenage Dream Parody


Justin Bieber step aside...there's a new kid in town ready to steal your shine.
Enter: Keenan Cahill...a 13 year old from Chicago who LOVES to lipsync popular songs on the radio and then upload them on Youtube.
Now for those who havent seen the OFFICIAL Katy Perry video for her most recent hit 'Teenage Dream' yet, its ok. Nothing to great or too flashy. Your standard music video.
But once in awhile a video pops up on Youtube that would have been better as the official video...even if the artist themselves arent even in it (like the UQAM students' 'I Gotta Feeling' video that came out last year)
This is one of those videos...ladies and gentlemen i present to you...Keenan Cahill and his mastery of the facial expressions (specially the one at the 2:50 mark)


Interesting i know.
This kid has done a few dozen other songs in the past year similar to the one you just saw. 'Teenage Dream' is by far his most popular & most viewed of them all.
Katy Perry herself even got wind of it and posted on her twitter ' my teenage dream (followed by the link to his video' and then also tweeted 'i heart you @KeenanCahill'.
All the more reason for everyone else to make their own versions of lipsyncing other popular get the attention of the actual artist right? I cant wait to see his rendition of 'Your Love' by Nicki Minaj.
Still up in the air about whether this 13-year old has that Gary Coleman/Andy Milonakis syndrome where he appears to look younger than his actual age or if he just really really looks young...but im sure as this video and the kid become more mainstream due to the success of this video we will find out in time.
Until then...keep on doing your thing Keenan!
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Dancing Merengue Dog


I dunno about you but my favorite types of Youtube videos are the ones involving animals. Especially Cats & Dogs.
Ive been an avid dog lover all my life and always had a sort of 'my dog is way more cooler than your dog' attitude when i was younger but thats because i never met THIS DOG.
Think your pet knows a few tricks or two? Well chances are this dog as yours beat.
Since the video JUST came out yesterday not too much is known yet about the dogs name and so on (im researching. im trying lol)
The little i do know is...the Dog & owner are from a town in Chili where they are street performers there. There was actually a semi-viral video of them that came out last year of the same dog dancing the Merengue on some local tv show w/ guests. Pretty Amazing.
And to think a DOG can actually dance better than i can!


The only things im not a fan of with this here video is that stupid little dress the owner put on the dog. Its dumb but i get it...its all part of the 'act' so i guess i can tolerate it i mean COME ON the dog just hopped on its hind legs multiple times!!!! As far as im concerned i guess it can wear whatever it wants after accomplishing that feat.
Something tells me as the days go on were gonna start seeing and hearing more and more about this dog (hint: Ellen please book them for your show)
Until then i need to go take some dancing classes ASAP cause ill be damned if some K-9 is gonna show me up on the dancefloor next time im out!
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Amazing trick shot by Roger Federer


Roger Federer is probably the best in the game right now.
Game of TENNIS btw for those of you who only watch the big 4 (football, hockey, baseball & basketball)
Ahh whatever...So Roger Federer was filming a Gilette commercial recently and im sure whatever the basis of that commercial was will look got on TV and all that junk. But its what went down behind the scenes thats got all the internet a buzz.
If you listen carefully to the conversation between Roger (the guy in the suit) and some other guy (a stage manager maybe?) he talks about some 'trick shot' that everyone seems to ask him (Roger) to do...and then proceeds to do it.
Without giving EVERYTHING away and leaving some of the element of surprise left...i'll just let you watch the video NOW until i continue with its analysis...


Yea...pretty badass right?
But...what i wanna know it real?
The first couple times i watched it i was like "WOW THATS CRAZY" then it started to dawn on me...this isnt the FIRST time a video went viral starring an athelete doing some sort of amazing feat for attention to a product (remember the whole 'Kobe Bryant jumping over a speeding Aston Martin' hoax?)
So the more i watch it the more i wonder if the whole INTENT was for it to be fake and appear 'behind the scenes'. I mean if THIS part of the video (the outtakes) has already leaked then wheres the actual ad or tv commercial? Did they ever shoot one to begin with or did they want us to THINK they did so we would all buy into this 'trick shot' as being real and not staged.
Youtube Conspiracy Theorist right here is me!
There's even another Youtube video that surfaced that shows the shot in 'slow motion' as 'proof that its real'. You can judge for yourself here:
Either way, curious to know your thoughts on this. I for one, would like to think that trick shot can be done with such ease by the likes of the greatest in the game: Roger Federer. Maybe this whole 'behind the scenes' fakeness took a bunch of different 'takes' to get the shot right?
Either way i dont wanna think its special effects or anything of the sort.
So until we hear the good word. Im crossing my fingers that its real.
What side are YOU on?
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Indian Pole Gymnastics


OK right away i know what youre thinking...this is probably one of those 'pole dancing' videos that usually involve girls in scantily clad clothing (or sometimes none at all) doing what they do best on the pole.
Well youre only half right. I mean there is a POLE involved. But no half-naked women.
(side-note: those 'pole-dancing mishap videos, the ones where the girls FALL off the pole and such. Theyre kinda funny. Just saying)
Anyways where was I? Oh yea....what i have here is far more talented than a girl being able to wrap her legs around a pole and simply slide down. What you are about to see is something that has taken these guys YEARS to craft and perfect.
Its a fusion between 'pole dancing' and 'gymnastics' and it involves....guys.
I mean you seen ONE guy working the pole youve seen them all right?

The following is a video of an elite crew of male Mallakhamb gymnasts who do things on the poll that would put even the most nimble stripper to shame.


The proper term for this type of gymnastics is 'mallakhamb'.
According to one website "Mallkhamb has been a competitive sport that a study has determined is the best short exercise program, one that provides outstanding cardio-pulmonary benefits, works the entire body, builds strength more than bulk and is spectacular to watch. It's these aspects of pole dancing that are driving its explosive popularity, so much so that a campaign is underway to have pole dancing an Olympic test sport in London in 2012."
There still is a weirdness factor if you ask me to watching guys dance on poles. But some of the acrobatic feats they accomplish in this video cant go unnoticed which is why i chose to share this with you all this week.
So now the next time your kid asks if he/she can take pole dancing lessons. Maybe its because they got the idea from this video, rather than somewhere else.
Or not. lol.
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Lady Gaga crowd surfs at Lollapalooza


Over the weekend was the 3-day Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago.
This years lineups featured acts like Lady Gaga, Green Day, Soundgarden, B.O.B., Cypress Hill and at least 50 other acts.
The one band who had the most people talking after the 1st day was a band called Semi Precious Weopans.
They were the opening band on Lady Gaga's 'Monster Ball' Tour and even have a cameo in here 'Telephone' video w/ Beyonce.
Well this past Friday they took one of the many stages at Lollapalooza (supposedly the SAME stage Lady Gaga performed at 3 years ago at the same festival to kick off her career)
It wasnt the rocking-out performance of the band though that had everybody talking at the end. It was the surprise cameo by Miss Gaga herself.
During the bands last song 'Magnetic Baby' (to which she even got on stage and played the drums/sang backup to) Lady Gaga took it upon herself to literally jump into the crowd and crowd surf (along with singer Justin Tranter).
On top of all that it was more less what she was wearing (or what she WASNT wearing) that made the whole exibition more eyebrow raising!
From a distance she looks like she might be naked but shes wearing a one-piece straight-up fishnet outfit with pasties over her breasts.
If you notice she even straddles one fan who then goes ahead and LICKS her stomach. Weird.
Since Semi Precious Weopans were not an act slated to be on the trendy mainstage but yet a smaller stage far from it. Imagine going to see this band perform and being up close to the front and getting to experience this...


Semi Precious Weopans singer Justin told MTV later about the experience: "She stood on the side of the stage, and then during the song Magnetic Baby, she started playing drums with Dan. Then she started singing backup vocals, then her and I made out, and then she stagedove and then I joined her while she stage-dove. And then we made out while stagediving. And then she left. It was pretty amazing."

Although this video pretty much captures just the stagediving element of all this. One fan has already uploaded a video of her crowdsurfing from a crowd POV (instead of the stage POV you got to see in the above video. That video can be seen here:
Something tells me in the coming weeks this little-known band will start getting more attention just based on Miss Gaga's antics over the weekend. And good for them, when youre friends with Miss SHOULD have its benefits!
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Dancing Swedish Policeman


Maybe they just do things different overseas i dunno.
Over here there's sort of an intimidating factor officers of the law posses which i believe enables them to do their job/s better than...well the guy who you are about to watch in this video.
This was shot overseas in the town of Malmö, Sweden. Where ABBA still rules and the natives sure love to dance...including their officers of the law.
Not quite sure what exactly this particular officer was patrolling on this cobblestone street that doesnt seem quite busy with automobiles at all but what baffles me even more is where the hell the music is coming from? I cant figure out if its coming from the Police van? or from another location? (weirder if it was coming from the actual police van) is Sweedens finest...doing what they do best...dancing.


Now i dont know about you, but talented as he is, i wouldnt be scared of this guy. I mean if i was walking the streets of Sweden and did something that commanded his attention (idk littering, jaywalking, something minor since im such a good citizen haha). Part of me would just wanna laugh at this guy and say 'yea okay buddy go back to dancing silly'. I dunno maybe thats me or maybe thats why you dont see to many dancing cops around nowadays.
And sure he can clearly get down to a funky beat and has become a hit across the internet over the past couple of days. But after investigating further ive learned he isnt the FIRST 'dancing policeman' to have a video go Providence, RI Officer Tony Lepore adds a little step to his street patrol (and reportedly has been doing it for years - since 1984) which not only helps keep the streets less cluttered with traffic but attracts onlookers to view his unusual methods. Here's a killer video of him here:!
The guy even has his OWN WEBSITE where it lists all the events he is working (so people can come down and watch him at his craft). Now THATS crazy.
So it may take some time before our unknown Swedish Dancing Cop surpasses Officer Lepore in the 'best all-time dancing cop' category. But he's off to a good start with already surpassing 600,000 views in only a few short days since the videos been up.
Keep on dancing my man.
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Jane Austen's Fight Club


Ok let me start by saying that the movie 'Fight Club' is probably up there as one of my favorite films of all time. Thats not unusual, im a guy. its a very testosterone-driven movie filled with lots of action and witty quotes. There's many others out there who would also go on record and admit the same thing about that movie.
Even girls too i know, love the movie, but chances are its more likely for other reasons (Brad Pitt taking his shirt off, Edward Nortons hair etc.)
Whether youre a fan of the flick or not (or even if you have never seen it) its time for a new ERA of 'Fight Club' to come about...but this one being...for girls.
Thats right...take all the characteristics of the ORIGINAL 'Fight Club' movie but make all the main characters ladies rather than men. Oh yea and set it back into the 1800's as well. Can a heavy-driven story such as 'Fight Club' survive as a chick flick? and a period piece?
What IF Jane Austen (author of 'Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Pride & Predjudice) wrote 'Fight Club'? or did her own adaptation of it?
It would probably go something alot like this...


For fans of Jane Austen's work (not i) the main characters are all women from her novels/movies. The movies main character Lizzie Bennet (from 'Pride & Prejudice') takes on the Brad Pitt 'Tyler Durden' role. Along with other popular characters from her works Fanny (from 'Mansfield Park') takes on the 'Edward Norton' role along with cameos from other ladies like The Dashwood sisters (from 'Sense & Sensibility) and more.
So that woule be how it would go down had the 1800's writer penned the book and/or directed the movie. And strangely enuff, as much i cannot STAND movies like Jane Austen's...i would curiously go and see it.
Its a shame the trailer is fake. I could really look forward to another 'Fight Club' movie right about now.
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Heidi Montag says NO to Plastic!


So who watched THE HILLS finale last week?
Yea i fell asleep during it too.
So what are we gonna do now that there are no more THE HILLS episodes for us to watch?
No more wackyness from Kristin, Audrina, and everyones favorite 'Hot Mess' couple Spencer & Heidi??
I mean how are Speidi gonna survive without getting as much media attention as they used to because of the shows finale? Specially being the media whores that they are?
Well Heidi is already working on trying to keep her name in the news somehow by recently speaking out against the dangers of plastic!
Plastic Surgery you ask? maybe. Considering shes had the absolute weirdest procedures performed on her...i guess i would take something she would have to say about the 'dangers' or plastic pretty seriously (aka i would never take ANYTHING that chick says seriously but shhhh)

So anyways, the camera and mic are all yours...tell us whats on your mind and what you feel you need to say.
The world is watching.
and by 'the world' i really only mean the small handful of people that view my blog since NOBODY REALLY CARES about Heidi Montag anymore.


Ok so ill give here least shes not afraid to make fun of herself (aka the whole 'am i smiling?' part?)
Here's my take btw on the whole 'Spencer & Heidi have gone nuts' bit.
I think its all an act. Really i do.
Spencer (as weird as the dude may be) is not THAT crazy as he has been portrayed to be (with the whole stupid crystals and spirituality and whatnot)...its an act to try and make him more 'interesting'
And i mean everyone had been talking about Heidi in recent months because of her bizarre plastic surgeries shes been having.
So look at it this way...they both know that this past season of THE HILLS was gonna be the last season. And they need to find SOMETHING to keep them relevant once this tv show is done-zo.
So if you ask me...this is all a ploy to get MTV to give THEM their own show. I mean theyre both so out-of-their-mind crazy right now at least you know the show would be interesting. And you know there'd be JUST as much drama as THE HILLS gave you.
Yes i understand the two have recently split ways...but everything these two have ever done had always been for press. So im not buying it.
So we shall see if this does end up happening for them. Cause even though Spencer is a douche. I think that wasnt good enuff to make MTV revolve a show around him and Heidi. But...pretend he goes 'crazy' and is in to all these weird 'crystals' and stuff...NOW YOU GOT A TV SHOW!
I'll bet within months, as sad as it is, we will be tuning into 'Spencer & Heidi' in the same time slot that we used to watch 'The Hills' on.
Sad, but prolly true. Well wait and see.
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Hippie freaks out over a Rainbow


Well theres lots of things in life that make us happy and/or fascinate us almost to the point of tears.
For some it could be the birth of a baby, winning the lottery, watching your kid graduate college...or....seeing a rainbow.
Yup...a rainbow. Weve all seen them. Some prettier and more define than others but still, theyre out there.
Last time i saw a prominent rainbow here in WNY was about maybe 3 weeks ago. It was pretty define and i remember alot of people posted pics of it on their facebooks but then that was it and the next day we all forgot about it and went on with our lives.
Well for Paul Vasquez of Yosemite, California...his reaction to seeing a 'Double-Rainbow' is curiously ecstatic and uncomfortably emotional.
I'll be honest, ive never even heard the term 'Double-Rainbow' until this video. I didnt really know it was that big of a deal (it really isnt).
If you wanna see what one looks like though, then continue on and watch this footage, i'll bet a hundred dollars your reaction will not top the reaction of Pauls' who filmed this video.
Things really start getting weird at the 1:45 mark when he starts sobbing uncontrollably...yes at the simple sight of a...rainbow.


The video has been posted for at least 6 months now but for some reason got a slew of hits over the last couple days out of nowhere.
Since its sudden rise in popularity Paul has gone on to appear on Good Morning America, CBS news and more. The viral video has even already sparked a parody song (which alone has received 1.5 million hits in the past couple days) here:
Believe it or not, Paul was NOT on drugs or alcohol or any mind-altering substance during the filming of this video...he claims he was just all gased up on 'Rainbow Power'.
I mean i can imagine that the sight in person is probably alot more marvelous than his camera was able to capture...but dude...its a friggin rainbow! or double-rainbow or whatever you wanna call it!!
Then again when i see a rainbow i just dont care as much and maybe thats why Paul is getting interviewed by all these major news outlets and not me. Time to up my Rainbow game i guess lol.
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Where The Hell is Shy Guy Shawn


This next video i am about to share with you is probably going to end up my favorite video of all time!
Mostly being because its starring ME...and its been a project that i have been working on for the past TWO YEARS!
A few years ago i was turned on to the uber-famous 'Where The Hell is Matt' video by Matt Harding. If you havent seen it its a clever video where this guy Matt travels to all these different and beautiful places in the world and does this corny little 'dance' in each spot. All put together to music! You can watch the original video here:

So after watching this i came up with the wonderful idea of 'Hey how about i re-create this video but do it in every city and town of Western New York?'
Figured this would be a simple and cute little project where i can just take the weekend off and travel to all these different towns and places i know of and have the video done by Monday.
Well i learned it wasnt as easy to get to all these places i wanted to go to in such little time. So the weeks went on, and every little free time i would get i would jet off to a few destinations w/ my GF at the time and we would get as many shots in as we could. This went on for awhile and when i started to piece all the shots together i realized most of my videos were done in the Summer & Fall...NO winter shots were accomplished at all (as Winter hadnt arrived yet) and if i REALLY want to caputre the beauty that IS Western New York, im gonna HAVE to get some shots in the damn snow! I mean after all thats what were known for!!
So the months went on...and more and more videos were done slowly but surely. At this time i became alot more serious about the way this project was going to look. What began as just a silly little idea that would be funny to look at with friends turned into something i really wanted to showcase as the ultimate homage to this area. With fitting as many towns/cities/etc. in this video as i can.
There were many times i would go to these places...get the shot...only to change my mind weeks or months later that i didnt like the way it looked and would have to go back to that same spot AGAIN and re-do it. As much as i loved doing it, the pressure i put on myself to make this video as 'perfect' in my eyes as i would like was very stressful. Traveling the great distances for just a 4 to 5 second shot also put alot of miles on my car, strain on my relationship, and convinced me to eventually by a damn GPS!

So here it homage to Western New York. Set to the SAME music as the original 'Where The Hell is Matt' video.
For 90% of the people who found their way to this page im sure your city or town is in here. I did learn, however, that there are ALOT more areas of Western New York out there that i just couldnt fit in. I think currently the running total of different towns/cities you will see in here is 63.
I also did only ONE shot in each town etc. Even though theres certain towns that are bigger than others that have alot more than just ONE thing to shoot on video that wouldve worked...i still sticked with ONE shot each town. That way i could represent every one as an individual the best i could. The only exception was the city of Buffalo which i divided into 5 sections (West Side, East Side, North Buffalo, South Buffalo & Downtown)
I really hope you enjoy this as i had the time of my life making this...i am so proud to be born & raised here and this is my gift back to the city that has been so good to me my whole life.


So thats that. It feels good to be able to close the book on 2 years work. It was shot from Summer of 2008 to Summer of 2010.
I hope i did an O.K. job in representing as many and each towns to the best of my ability. I really wanted each area to stand out on its own (if you notice in every video im even wearing something different).
Hopefully this video will eventually find its way to Matt Harding, the originator of this idea (and that silly dance). Would be curious as to what his thoughts are on it as ive pretty much has to study his video numerous amounts of times for inspiration and ideas.
If you are from the area or if you like what you just love it if you shared this video with as many people as you can. Whether you have friends or family who have since moved away, this could be a nice video to remind them where theyre from. Or if you know of someone who plans on moving to the area and doesnt know a whole lot about Buffalo and what we have to offer, maybe this video could be a guide. Whatever the situation is, i hope when you watch this video you feel that love for one of the greatest places on earth: BUFFALO!
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The Jersey Shore Saga: Friggin' Twilight


Yup, for a second week in a row im sharing with you ANOTHER YouTube video featuring Twilight / New Moon / Eclipse / Whatever.
This time around, its got a nice little twist to it.
We fuse together everyones TWO favorite Guilty Pleasures...'Twilight' & "Jersey Shore'.
YES!!! What would it be like if Snooki, J-Woww, Situation, Pauly D & the rest of the JS Cast starrred in the movie Twilight rather than the British kid with the messy hair and the 16 year old with p90x abs?
Well it would probably go down something like this...


This first aired last week on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (in case you didnt notice him playing Bella's Dad in the clip)
Since then its reached close to a million views and with the popularity of both the Jersey Shore & Twilight together, something tells me its gonna keep getting more hits as the week & month goes on
'Eclipse' the latest installment in the Twilight Series hits theatres this Wednesday June 30th (in case you didnt catch me mentioning that LAST WEEK) and the new season of the 'Jersey Shore: On The Road to Miami' premeires July 29th on MTV. For those interested in seeing the 10-minute trailer for THAT, you can do so here:

So there ya have it, Twilight & Jersey Shore together at last. We can all continue on with our lives happy now that these two phenomenons have come together lol.
On to the next...
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Fans reaction to 'Eclipse' movie trailer


Oh Twilight, Eclipse, etc. i cannot wait till your Hollywood reign is over.
1 more year right? Then we can all continue on with our normal lives and the next time we will ever have to think back at you could be when vh1 does their 'i love 2010' episodes. And that at that point we will all say 'oh yea i remember Twilight, aw how silly that was huh?'
LOL i probably just lost a few friends from those remarks. Sorry about that. But...i know there's some of you out there that might agree with me...this 'Twilight' stuff is starting to get annoying.
I passed a car on the thruway the other day that had a bumper sticker that said 'i drive like a Cullen'. What does that even mean? I get it, 'Cullen' is the name of the vampire family but to 'drive' like a Cullen? Idk.
Well anyways, lets talk about how Eclipse (the 3rd installment of the Twilight movies) is slated to come out this next Wednesday (June 30th). For those who are fans or 'superfans' of the Books/Movies this is not news to you. You knew this info months ago. But for the rest of us, im suggesting maybe to avoid Movie Theatres next week as to not have to fight past screaming Twilight fans JUST to get to the ticket booth so you can go see 'Toy Story 3' or 'Get Him To The Greek'.
But as onbnoxious as some of these Twilight fans we may have encountered over the past year...there's one who still takes the cake.
And with this weeks Youtube Video pick: we welcome back to my blog Emma, the Twilight Superfan who most people first caught wind of when she started posting 'reaction' videos for 'New Moon' trailers back last summer. This is the one that most people saw and know her from:
Well she's back, with more shreiking and 'hand over mouth' reactions to the latest (what is this the 39th different or newest?) 'Eclipse' trailer that leaked online apparantly. I wish i got as excited about ANYTHING in life as she gets about 'Twilight'.


So after watching this you have to wonder...does this girl go see the movie by herself or with friends? I mean i cant imagine anybody being able to bear sitting next to her when the movie is going on if she's gonna act like she does.
We may not know the answer to that but we do know that Emma Clark (the girl you just viewed) has already had millions of others view her reactions to various Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse trailers (which i guess kinda makes it like were right next to her watching it anyways)
I will say this though about Emma, after reading some of the comments on her Youtube page (most of them very abusive and cruel observations about her physical appearance and weight). She still, after it all, isnt afraid to 'put herself out there' like she has in the above video and previous ones. So even though her videos may drive me up a wall, i commend her spirit and dedication to doing what shes doing even when everyone else is rooting against her.
SO here's to you Emma...may June 30th go down in history for you as one of the best days of your life!!!
Or until 'Breaking Dawn' comes out (the 4th and final installment of the Twilight series) on Nov 11 2011!
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Dancing Karl


Its the summertime in Western New York, and boy do we love our beaches!
Maybe its because of the fact the weather is so crummy here we really only get about THREE months of beach-weather to enjoy...or it could be the fact its fun to just 'people watch' at the many outdoor festivals and beaches here in the area.
I made my way down to Mickey Rat's in Angola, NY over the weekend. Mickey Rats is a bar/restaurant/beach thats a hop, skip & a jump away from Sunset Beach (another popular place for Western New Yorkers to go in the summer).
Mickey Rats is fun because during the day people can enjoy the beach all while grabbing a cocktail or beer at the bar/club and later on when it gets the night away.
Like THIS GUY...who goes by the name 'Dancing Karl'.
Im not sure if this is a nickname HE calls himself or just a nickname the partons & employees of Mickey Rats call him...but man is this guy entertaining.
From the moment i got there (around 10:30) til when i left (around 2:30) this guy was dancing on that floor almost the ENTIRE time. Same moves & all. And by himself.
Check out this guys sick moves...


A friend on mine (who you will notice come into the shot around the 1:30 mark) was curious as to how he would react if presented with the opportunity to dance with an actual female. He seemed awkward at first but then rose to the occasion later on.
I had been to Mickey Rats before but never seen this guy when ive gone. Apparantly he's there ALOT and almost all the regulars know him by name and who he is. He's a riot.
I didnt even realize what a big deal he was until i uploaded this video onto youtube only to find out someone ELSE did the same thing last summer. Except this shot was taken outdoors rather than inside on the dancefloor:

So whether you plan on making the trip down there to Rats sometime this summer, arm yourselves with a camera as you may be able to capture some of the dopest dance moves known to man. Or some of the silliest.
Hats off to you 'Dancing Karl' and everything you do. Just for the fact we know you exist and youre around makes our summer alot more fun!
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This drummer is at the wrong gig


Anybody planning on getting married this summer?
Are you gonna go with the traditional Wedding DJ or a band?
Well if youre looking into getting a band, maybe these guys will spark your interest.

Rich K & The Allnighters are 4 guys out of Morgantown, W.Virginia who are alot more interesting than the boringness of their band name.
Well at least one guy is more interesting, but we'll get to that shortly.
Like most bands you would see at weddings or casino bars, these guys base their careers on performing cover songs of popular 70's & 80's rock songs.
Wedding bands always had a sort of, oh i dont know, 'Cheesy' factor to them. Rick K & the Allnighters fit right in with their matching glittery mustard colored suits and 'backstreet boys style' headset-microphones. But its not until about a minute into the video where you learn that Rick K (normally the bands main singer and the one providing the monologue in the beginning) isnt actually the star of the band like its name entails.
Its the guy on the drums...he is PHENOMENAL!


Who is this guy?? And what the hell is he doing wasting his craft with these guys?
He could take his own show to the road and make tons of cash! Instead its being wasted on lame ZZ top renditions in what looks to be a church (it was actually at a place called Knoebels Grove in Elysburg, PA).
You can find out more about these guys (and maybe even book them for your wedding or bah mitzvah) via theyre official website:
These guys are no joke as somehow theyve been booked for almost 200 gigs this year so far (and this was before that video went viral last week)

The drummer, however, goes by the name Steve Moore (the mad drummer). The San Antonio Current recently seeked this guy out and caught up with him and he said this even though his style of drumming is flashy and in some peoples opinions 'upstaging' the boringness of the other guys in band...he claims the band respects what he does and his uniqueness in drum playing and he wouldnt be with the band if he didnt enjoy what they did as well.
Something tells me were gonna see alot more of this guy in the coming months. I can see it now, guest drumming gigs w/ National rock bands on Leno, Ellen, and awards shows maybe.
The name Steve Moore (or Rick K and the Allnighters) might mean diddly-squat to you now. But in a years time...most everyone will know OF them. Or at least of that awesome drummer they have!
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Indonesian Baby on 40 cigarettes a day


This is one of the more bizarre stories i have seen lately.
Unlike the talent and promise of Greyson Chance (the sixth grader who's video i shared last week has gotten him a record deal and a promising career)
This is the story of another kid...a MUCH YOUNGER kid...2 years old.
His name is Ardi Rizal and he's from a town called Musi Banyuasin in Indonesia.
People are flocking all over to visit this kid NOT because of his awesome musical skills or singing capability...but because of the fact that he SMOKES CIGARETTES!?!

Yea thats right, at the ripe old age of TWO years old. Ardi is already 'hooked' on nicotene. To the point he smokes 2 packs a day!
If thats not disturbing enough, take this into this same village almost more than 25% of kids have already tried smoking and 3.2% are active smokers.
Here is the story about Ardi, which is not only shocking, but quite disturbing.


So how do the parents of this kid allow something like this to happen? or even continue?
It apparantly started when Ardi's father gave him his first cigarette at 18 months old! He has also made these statements regarding Ardi's smoking addiction “It looks very healthy for me. I do not see the problem."
As for why they havent tried to stop him from smoking, his mom claims “He is totally addicted. If Ardi does not have cigarettes, he gets mad, screams and bangs his head against the wall. He says he feels dizzy and sick"
The government of Indonesia has even tried to intervene by offering to buy his parents a car if they can get Ardi to quit smoking but the parents say that Ardi gets furious when they try to take away his cigarettes.
Yea...i remember when i was four and i got furious because my parents wouldnt buy me a certain Transformer toy that i wanted. I even threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the department store hoping in turn that i would get it but still no luck.
Why? Because they didnt let ME, a mere child, walk all over them by simply putting on the water works and screaming at the top of my lungs. Its good parenting skills.
Someone needs to show Ardi's parents a DVD or something on how to control your child because if theyre letting a 2 year olds actions control them, imagine what he will want or do when he's 5? Alcohol? Drugs? Who knows?
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Greyson Chance singing Paparazzi


Ladies and gentlemen i think i have found the next Justin Bieber!
Ok well i didnt 'find' anything, matter of fact this here video has actually been going around like crazy for the last week or so.

Introducing: Greyson Chance.
He's a sixth grader from a small town in Oklahoma.
Just like Justin Bieber before him (kid from a small town who got noticed putting up youtube videos) Greyson Chance is on his way to becoming the next teen superstar in the making!
It all started at a 6th grade festival at his school where Greyson (who claims he has never taken a voice lesson but has indeed taken piano lessons for 3 years) performed Lady Gaga's popular song 'Paparazzi'.
On top of his incredible vocal range for a 12-year old not to mention his beautiful piano playing, its more his unique rendition of the song that really showcases the talent this young kid has.
Watch it for yourself and see...


Days after this went up on the internet it got the attention of Perez Hilton (who's Lady Gaga's #1 fan) who quickly posted it on his twitter page. Shortly after that Ellen Degeneres caught wind of it, playing it on her talk show and also inviting Greyson on the show the following day to perform live where he also got to speak to Lady Gaga herself on the phone who admitted she loved his version of her song.
It was Greyson (and this here video) that prompted Ellen (the only judge on American Idol with no real musical background) to start up her own record label and sign Greyson as his first artist.
He also secured one of the most high-profile management teams in the music business in Guy Oseary, Madonna's manager, and Troy Carter, Gaga's handler, who have agreed to co-manage the sixth grader.

Since this whirlwind of a week has started people are already beginning to think that Greyson could indeed be the next Justin Bieber?
Will that happen? Only time will tell. But something tells me it wont take alot of TIME til we hear more from Greyson soon!
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No Arms No Legs No Worries


This weeks video is something of a completely different nature than those im used to sharing with you.
When i logged on to Youtube today to find a good video this one was displayed as one of the 'featured videos' near the top and was titled 'Look at yourself after watching this'.
Hmmm the title alone is interesting enuff for me to give this 4 minute video a try.
Upon completion of the video i decided that i MUST share this immediately with everyone i knew.
No introduction, no heads up as to what its about (i'll talk more about it after you have viewed the video).


Nick Vujicic was born that way.
This was not a cause of some freak accident or disease that took his limbs away later in life, where he at least had the ability at one point in time to learn what it feels like to have arms and legs...this is all he has known for all of his life. To live like this.
Google 'Tetra-amelia disorder' if you are more concerned with how he was born that way.
As you see from the video, Nick defyed tons of odds to be able to accomplish things that most handicapped people would have just given up on. This should be a motivational piece for EVERYBODY who is going thru some sort of doubt or lack of confidence in their life.
Its funny who our problems seem so insignificant when compared to those of someone like Nick. And yet Nick seems to be more positive about living his life than almost anyone i know.
I dont know if you expected to watch something like this today, you probably expected me to share some silly litte video with fart jokes or something.
But if this video affected you like it did me (and hundreds and thousands of others) than it has done what it was intent on doing.

For those interested in learning more about him you can visit his website: which tells more about him, showcases upcoming appearances and more!
God bless Nick and his future endeavors!
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Mother's Day Photo


Happy belated Mothers Day to all the Moms out there (and all you MILFS! rawr!)
Anyways, for those who celebrated it yesterday i hope it was wonderful for you. Mothers Day is great cause it gives your kids (or grandkids) a chance to think of clever or creative ways to 'give back' to the woman responsible for bringing us into this world...good ol' mom!
Some do the usual (go out for breakfast, brunch, etc.). Most of us also get gifts & greeting cards, flowers etc.
For Barats and Bereta (the 2 you are about to see in this video)...they decided it would be nice idea to take a picture for Mom for a custom-made Mothers Day card.
It didnt go as pleasant as planned...


Well i guess its the thought that counts right?

The 2 you see are actually not brothers in real life (shocker! i know!) but the comedy duo of Luke Pierre Barats & Joseph Daniel Bareta (hence: Barats & Bareta).
These two are known for some of the earlier Viral Videos that made its way around cubicle and emails back around 5 or so years ago (right around when people first started using Youtube). They have a bunch of hilariously funny videos (including the one you just saw which is actually 4 years old). My favorite by them is one they did called MANtage, which is an homage to everything that defines a 'MAN'. You can watch THAT video too if you wish here:
The guys actually got to shoot a pilot for NBC for a possible sketch comedy series back in 2006 but it never got off the ground and instead the 2 went back to doing what they do best...making funny Youtube videos. And giving praise to Mom.
Happy Mothers Day!
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Better Marriage Blanket


Im curious as to how many visitors to my blog page on any given week are actually married.
I, for one, am not.
But i would like to someday do the whole 'married' thing...that is...until i started learning about the 'problem in the marraige bed that nobody likes to talk about'.
Woah wait...what is this? Some secret problem that goes on within marraiges that you dont get to know about until AFTER youre married?
Yup, apparantly...the flatulence of your spouse is enuff to ruin a marriage according Francis Bibbo, inventor of the 'Better Marriage Blanket' who claims his product is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift (i cant begin to imagine just how romantic it would be for one to unwrap such a gift from their loved one)
I would also like to point out that before you watch this commercial...that im dumbfounded as to where they find these actors to appear in them?
Like ive seen Kindergarten plays with better acting than some of these infomercials. The woman in the beginning of this looks like shes about to crack up laughing at any minute (then again who wouldnt considering what it is she's 'acting out' in the ad).
CLEARLY these ad agencies could conduct a much better casting call the next time they need actors to appear in their cheesy commercials.

So with that said, are ya ready for it?
HERE is the product that could indeed 'SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE'...So um yea, you may wanna pay close attention...


Ok admit it, when you first saw this your initial thought was 'oh this is one of those gag commercials. Like those funny fake ones they do on Saturday Night Live'.
But NO my friends, the 'Better Marriage Blanket' is indeed a REAL product and available for purchase via their website here:
Apparantly the going rate for saving your marriage is $39.95 (for the twin size) and $49.95 (for the queen size)
As hard as it is to believe, the 'Better Marriage Blanket' is supposedly such a popular product that callers to the toll-free ordering number that they show on the screen get a recording saying that 'because of the high volume of calls, orders must be placed online.'
FYI- i believe people are calling to see if this product is actually REAL and NOT because they really want to buy it!

So there it longer will the 1st rule of marriage problems in the bedroom be that you 'dont talk about marriage problems in the bedroom'.
The divorce rate will plummet thanks to this genious invention and spot-on marketing!
The world has basically been changed (and saved) thanks to inventor Francis Bibbo!
Somewhere out there, Ben Franklin & Thomas Edison are turning in their grave (without flatulence of course)
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Drunk Guy at Coachella


So the Coachella Music Festival was a little over a week ago.
For those unfamiliar, Coachella is a 3-day music festival (similar to Woodstock) that takes place every year in Southern California.
This years lineup boasted over 100 artists including the likes of Jay-Z, Muse, The Gorillaz and more.
As you can imagine there are two types of people who come to festivals like this. Those that come for the music and the experience and those that come to party. Cause in essence it is a 3-day party!
The video you are about to see is that of a guy who i think fits the second category a little bit more than the first category.
Its a nice little struggle between a man and his attempt to get on his flip-flops. Enjoy


So this video has gotten so much attention over the past week its even posted on the front page of the Coachella official website here:

So there's alot goin on in that video that i just love.
1. kudos to the nice guy who was walking by and in an instant lightly kicked the flip-flop closer to the drunk guy so that he could put it on easier.
2. how he still, in all of his drunkeness, tried to pick up girls towards the middle of the video. God only knows how that conversation sounded. Judging by the looks on the girls faces im sure he was pretty hilarious.
3. how when all was said and done, and he got BOTH his flip-flops on (for like the 2nd or 3rd time). he walks away like normal (well not really normal but LESS drunk-looking than he did in the whole video)

There's so much going on i can see what over 2.5 million people have now viewed this in the past week.
Also i apologize for the video not being embedded on this site like all the other ones. Once in awhile someone posts a video on Youtube where they 'disable' the embedding option (for whatever stupid reason) so i have to find an alternative way of posting it on my blog and sharing it with you.
So what do you think? Make you wanna go to Coachella next year?
Im judging by Feb or March of next year they will have tickets available along with next years lineup. And who knows? maybe by then we will learn the indentity of the Drunken Flip-Flop guy and you can contact him for a place to stay when down there. At least you know it will be entertaining by the looks of the video!
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Dan the Man


There has been so many different and innovative video games over the years. With technology and gaming at an all-time high, the video games that are being released are getting better and better with not only its graphics but its gameplay as well.
Sure you got so many games to choose from at your local GameStop (or wherever you go to buy video-games) that are SO realistic in the way they look you almost cant help but wonder how much MORE realistic can they get?
Well i will say...while the graphics have gotten a look thats so much more authentic than video-games in the past...the storyline however, still lacks. Its still to much of a 'fantasy world' when it comes to those video games that feature some kind of plot or objective.
So what if a videogame came out today that REALLY mirrored what life is actually like (all the while having the same beat-the-badguy-up elements to it so as to make it fun to play)
Well...i have a feeling THAT type of game would go something like this...


Ok so the graphics were very '80's' but the storyline is something all to real in todays world (and in the times of the 80's)
Im guessing not too many of you enjoyed watching that (since most of our listeners are female). But alas, could this be how life is for the creator of this videogame?
This 'fake' game was created by a company called StudioJOHO who describe themselves as a "Brisbane based animation production company with a commitment to creating high quality, innovative and catchy work."
Well this game/video is indeed catchy so theyre off to the right track (by tomorrow this video should surpass 1 million views in less than a weeks time since its been uploaded)
I wonder, however, how things would go if the groom played this game the eve before he's about to get married?
Im wouldnt go over that well at all.
Not at all.
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Standing Cat


Did you know some of the most viewed videos on Youtube are videos about animals?
its true...people cant seem to get enuff of other peoples' pets doing silly or cute things on camera. Some recent internet videos gone viral that involved pets were 'surprise kitty', 'stalking cat' & more. (BTW feel free to type those keywords into Youtube if you never got to see any of these as they are great!
Some of the earliest viral videos were ones of animals as a matter of fact (sneezing panda, dog on skateboard to name a few)
And now its time to add another one to the list...

Enter: Rocky. He's a 2-year old feline from France. His owners Daisy & Yann shot the video you are about to see where apparantly, standing on his hind legs is something Rocky tends to do quite a bit.
Check it out.


So the story on why he stands on his hind legs like this (and what exactly is it that he's staring at to make him want to do this?)
Rocky likes to stare at the birds out of the seems unless he stands on his hind legs, Rocky isnt able to see out of the window. So he does so to better view them.
Even though its rather interesting to watch a cat stand on his hind legs like a human (and if you ask me i would keep the apt. just the way it is so to be able to watch this more and more on a regular basis) doesnt happen so much anymore to Rocky as Daisy & Yann (his owners) have claimed they moved some stuff around so now he doesnt do that anymore.
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Bieber after Dentist


Justin Bieber fans...your boy is taking over the viral video world by storm!
On April Fools day Justin Bieber created a funny video where he claimed to have bought the 'Funny Or Die' website and is therefore changing its name to "Bieber or Die'.
OK so that video wasnt THAT funny (but you Justin Bieber fans loved the hell out of it)
Well now the kid is at it again...paroding some of the interners most famous videos...including the 'David After Dentist' one.
If you never saw the above video i just mentioned it was of a 7 year old boy who was all looped up on drugs after getting a tooth extracted. Its a fun video!
Here is Justin Biebers rendition of the same thing...


Along with this video you can also view Justin's parodies of 'Bieber Takes a Tumble' (an homage to the famous 'Scarlet Takes a Tumble' video) & 'Dramatic Bieber' (a parody of that annoying 'Dramatic Chipmunk' video). Im sure there's also going to more on the way other than the select videos posted on (Cant wait to see his rendition of 'Chocolate Rain')
Either way fan of Bieber probably LOVE these and while were at it...big shout out to EdwardTown Middle School who, next week, will get to see the kid himself and all his silliness perform a private exclusive concert for the school! Congrats!
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Lady Gaga on ChatRoulette??


Ok i really like to do my best to mix it up when it comes to sharing unique Youtube videos each week.
For example, if i shared a video of a dog or cat or silly pet stuff this week, i would most likely mix it up the following week and share you a different type of video to keep things different.

Last week (and you can see it if you scroll down below) i shared a video or this guy Merton and his adventures of playing improvised songs on the piano while scrolling through the video-chatting website
It was the #1 most shared viral video last week and it could have very well inspired this next video im about to show you.
The premise is the same, its a video made w/ different users of ChatRoulette and...Lady Gaga.
If that ISNT Lady Gaga then idk cause it sure as hell looks JUST like her if you ask me.
I really wanted to share something else so it wasnt like i was sharing the same kind of video two weeks in a row...but honestly this was just too good to wait on!
How lucky for these video-chatters the day they decided to log on to ChatRoulette and get treated to an exclusive performance of Lady Gaga singing her hit 'Telephone'.
Just watch...

LADY GAGA ON CHATROULETTE that really wasnt Lady Gaga (shocker...i know)
The guy is actually somebody by the name of Steve Kardynal and he's no stranger to putting up eye-raising videos on Youtube.
This one, however, is most likely his best work just surpassing a million views on Youtube and also grabbing the attention of CNN, Perez Hilton, CollegeHumor and more who have all shared this video to the masses.
No word yet though, on what Miss Gaga thinks about this genious rendition of her song.
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ChatRoulette Piano Improv


Ahhh ChatRoulette...the newest site for creepers everywhere.

Chat Roulette is one of the latest trends on the internets. It’s an app that allows users to chat to random people by clicking and choosing. If you’re just trying to chat with some random folks, it’s a good time. It’s kind of like an updated version of the “party chat” that was popular in the 80’s.
There are some that think this site is the bees knees while others (like myself) think its just a little TOO creepy for me.
However i would be willing to give it a try if i knew i had a good chance of connecting with Merton!

So who exactly is Merton? He's a self-taught musician who decided to take the silliness of ChatRoulette and make into something much more entertaining by creating improvised songs for each new person he connects to via ChatRoulette. The result is not only clever but hilarious! See for yourself...


Since this video was uploaded 2 weeks ago some viewers speculated as to whether this was really a guy named 'Merton' or popular pianist & musician Ben Folds in disguise (who is known for his improvisational songs). Since then Merton has edited his profile to state the following "Not Ben Folds. Seriously. Ben is a much better pianist, and listen to the voice on the "Man in the Dark" part - totally not his voice at all. Besides, wouldn't Ben cover more of his face to disguise his identity?"
Funny part about all this is...this viral video (and Mertons similarities to Ben Folds) caught the attention of THE Ben Folds who, as a tribute to Mertons great idea, decided to do the same thing during a live show in Charlotte. Even with the hood over his head and glasses and all.


Goes to show you that sometimes a great idea can be embraced by so many.
As creepy as ChatRoulette is...maybe ill start testing the waters on it just for the slim slim chance that i someday get connected to Merton (or Ben Folds) and that way i can have a song written about me!
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Handsome Mens Club


Since my favorite Late Night Host Conan O'Brien is off the air. Ive found myself watching Jimmy Kimmel more and more.
What i like about Jimmy is the sketches he does every once in awhile which attracts major A-list celebrities.
Back when Jimmy was dating Sarah Silverman her produced a legendary sketch "I'm _______ Ben Affleck" which featured cameos from Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Robin Williams & more including...of course...Ben Affleck. You can watch that sketch here:

I think that sketch (which was about 2 years ago) really put Jimmy on the map. Since then he has gone on to feature many more funny skits & sketches on his Late Night show but none could compare to the star power he was able to bring in for the 'Ben Affleck' skit...Until now.

This new sketch, which was teased during the Oscars last week and premeired last week during his show...brings in just as many Hollywood A-Listers as the one i mentioned above. I'd love to tell you who they all are but i feel its more fun to just see for youself by watching it.
So here is the skit, titled 'Handsome Mens Club' which is pretty much a secret club meeting amongst some of the Handsomest Men in Hollywood.


Yea, it was a long sketch but very entertaining dont you think? With endless cameos from some of the biggest (and 'handsome') male celebs in Hollywood today.
Since it aired on the ABC late night show its been viewed and shared over 1.5 million times and counting.
The world must really want to know...what goes on behind closed doors of the 'Handsome Mens Club'
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Brad Paisley falls on stage


Over the weekend Country superstar Brad Paisley hosted a concert in Charleston, SC.
While finishing up a performance of his song "Alcohol" he took a nasty spill on the stage...then continued to get back up...thank the audience...and exited.
Ironically for him, this happened in the closing seconds of what was his encore finale. This also happened to be his last show of the American Saturday Night Tour as well (the show also took place on a Saturday Night).
So i guess if youre gonna take a nasty tumble and possibly injure yourself...better to do it at the end of the show & tour so you dont have to cut the concert (or tour) short to recover from any injuries.


After the fall Brad was taken to the local hospital where he received a CT Scan and eventually discharged with no injuries.
Brad also kept fans updated on his status via twitter, even asking for anyone who had footage of his fall to post it to youtube via the following tweet: "Allright, whoever posts the YouTube footage of it gets a meet and greet. I have got to see it. I hit hard. And I mean freaking hard."
If you remember earlier this summer, rapper Drake also took a nasty spill on stage with a more seious outcome (tore his ACL and had to cancel his remaining dates on the Lil Wayne tour). Thankfully for Brad there was no better or more convienent time for this to happen to him the way it did (even if he would have injured himself). Luck was indeed on his side!
Brad will be kicking off his next tour June 12 in Burgettstown, Pa. Thats a good 3 months to recover from only bruises from this fall.
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Brilliant Woman Solves California's Problems


California, like most States, sure has its fair share of problems.
Governor Schwarzenegger has called for 1/4 of the state’s budget to be cut in order to deal with a $26 million deficit. Unemployment is at 11.2 percent, nearly two-percent higher than the national average. With the global economic crisis continuing to leave international markets shaken and unreliable, and world leaders scrambling to find a solution to this catastrophic and systemic disaster, it’s unclear when or how the Golden State will be able to pull itself out from this mess.

So during one of the City Council meetings in Santa Cruz, California. One of the brilliant residents took time out of her day to stand in front of the council and pitch her near-perfect plan on how to solve the county (and states) tough economic crisis all while pitching ideas on how to make California a better place.


So just when you thought that Miss Teen South Carolina took the prize as the dumbest person in the universe (remember her?)
THIS smart young lady comes along and just snatches that title away from her.

I'll admit, this video has actually been around for awhile and has gone viral towards the later part of this past summer...but it was one of those videos that i always somehow come back to watching in amazement & since i never shared this particular one with you before...i figured why not?
Also not sure just how long this video actully went on for (as you can tell only certain parts are shown) but it looks as if that one guy who is sitting a few rows back is amazed at her stupidity. I can read expressions on people very well.

So there you have it...the brilliant answer to all of our economic problems. Now the next thing for her to do should be to run for office with her smart wit and groundbreaking ideas to spark a new industrial revolution.
Maybe if she can be someons running-mate for the presidency in 2012.
Or never-mind...we already had somebody JUST LIKE THAT try that.
Her name was Sarah Palin.
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Farmville Commercial


OK no disrespect if you are one of the thousands who play Farmville but...i just dont get it.
Granted i tried it ONCE. Just to see what all the commotion was about and i got bored in about 3 minutes and then played a REAL video game instead.
One of the things i dont even like about REAL farming is all the hard work. So the last thing i want to do is simulate all that hard work when i cant actually do the real work.
College kids are playing this on their Laptops in class, People are playing this on their computers at work, Others will play this on their phones while attempting to spend quality time with their family, friends, BF or GF, etc.
And for what? What benefit do you get out of it?
Its not like youre winning REAL money.
Its just...Farmville?

So what if there was a TV Commercial out there promoting Farmville? I wonder what it would be like?
Think of those exciting, high-octane commercials for all those fast-paced video games...and then think of Farmville.
And this could be what its like...


As you may have noticed the tail-end of this commercial has a few things like outtakes and some 'subscribe to my Youtube page' propaganda.
This is the work of a guy named Tobascus (aka Toby) who apparantly has a thing for making Ad Parodies like the Farmville one you just saw (which is by far his most popular one)
He also did one for another very-popular game Mafia Wars here too:

Whether you have played these gigantic wastes-of-time or even if you just heard about them (thru annoying postings on peoples' Facebook pages) im sure you still found this video as entertaining as i did.
And to think...the time it took for this guy to shoot, edit and post this video he could have had 30 acres of beets grow in his little Farmville video game. Oh Well!
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We Are The World 25


I remember being a kid when 'We Are The World' came out and was amazed at how many musical superstars were able to come together and perform on one song.
Back then you never heard of a songs like that where there were 40 or so more artists.

Now its 25 years later and we have been treated to a new version of 'We Are The World' updated by relevant artists of today.
The charity this time around isnt quite Africa (like the first 'We Are The World' was for) but rather...Haiti. ALL the proceeds from this song & video go to the relief efforts down in Haiti.
The video debuted on Friday right before the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Take a look and i will give you commentary of what i think PLUS a full list of all the artists that were involved in this project.


Now it was a very moving and touching rendition i agree but i do still think the artists picked for this version of the project pale in comparison to the one 25 years ago. Not to sound old fashioned or anything but if you watch the original song/video almost everyone you see in there are Hall of Famers. Legends.

On top of that...there were some people i saw in here where i almost asked myself 'what were THEY doing in this song?'
-Like who invited Enrique Igleseas? I didnt even know the guy was still singing since its been over 10 years since the guy was relevant.
-And why are Vince Vaughn and Jeff Bridges singing in this? When has ANYBODY ever heard Vince Vaughn sing to the point he should be asked 'hey you wanna be on this 'We Are The World' project?'. Maybe they were filming a movie next door and it was lunchtime so they decided to stop by and see whats going on?
-Again, unlike the original where you pretty much could recognize almost EVERY musical act that participated back then...looking at this years list here are some more names where i simply thought 'what??' when i saw they were part of this version: Bizzy Bone (from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), Faith Evans, Farnsworth Bentley, Mya, etc.

Either way its still a great song for a great cause. I wouldnt be me though if i didnt at least give my commentary about it in some way, shape or form.
Now, as promised, the FULL list of performers for 'We Are The World 25' :
Patti Austin
Phillip Bailey
Tony Bennett
Farnsworth Bentley
Justin Bieber
Mary J Blige
Ethan Bortnick
Toni Braxton
Jeff Bridges
Snoop Dogg
Zac Brown
Kristian Bush
Erica Campbell
Tina Campbell
Lil Wayne
Natalie Cole
Harry Connick, Jr.
Nikka Coasta
Miley Cyrus
Celine Dion
Faith Evans
Melonie Fiona
Jamie Foxx
Sean Garrett
Tyrese Gibson
Josh Groban
Anthony Hamilton
Keith Harris
Keri Hilson
Julianne Hough
Jennifer Hudson
II Trio
Enrique Iglesias
Janet Jackson
Michael Jackson
Randy Jackson
Taj Jackson
Taryll Jackson
TJ Jackson
Al Jardine
Wyclef Jean
Jimmy Jean-Louis
Ralph Johnson
Joe Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Nick Jonas
Quincy Jones
Rashida Jones
Musiq Soulchild
Gladys Knight
Adam Levine
Benji Madden
Joel Madden
Katherine McPhee
Kid Cudi
Rickey Minor
Jason Mraz
Jennifer Nettles
Freda Payne
Plain Pat
AR Rahman
Buta Rhymes
LL Cool J
Lionel Richie
Nicole Richie
Raphael Saadiq
Carlos Santana
Nicole Scherzinger
Isaac Slade
Trey Songz
Jordan Sparks (Jordin Sparks)
Barbara Streisand (Barbra Streisand)
Robin Thicke
Rob Thomas
Vince Vaughn
Kanye West
Verdize White
Ann Wilson
Brian Wilson
Nancy Wilson
Bebe Winans

There you have it. Over 5 million people so far have already downloaded the song/video therefore automatically donating to Haiti.
I am also one of those 5 million people.
So how bout you?
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Wheel of Fortune Failure


First off i would like to give a big shoutout to all of our men in uniform who do an outstanding job to fight for our country. I have lots of friends and relatives who are currently in the Military and i cannot beging to tell you how much respect i have for they do. Keep up the great work boys!

However, when your round-the-clock job is fighting for our country, it makes it rather hard to find time to watch daytime television.
Such as the case for these 3 contestants who appeared on Wheel Of Fortune a few weeks ago during 'Military Week'.
What seemed to be a simple 'oooh i know this one' type answer turned into the biggest pronunciation nightmare for good ol Pat Sajak and the crew.
I especially feel bad for the Military contests who, judging by the look on their faces, have absolutely NO CLUE what it is theyre doing wrong when attempting to solve the puzzle.
See for yourselves...


I dunno if you counted but that was FIVE times they attempted to solve the puzzle and got the names jumbled!
Even AFTER all the letters were revealed!
I dont know about you but im quite sure ive never seen that before, where someone STILL gets the answer wrong even after all the letters have been shown.
Oh Well.
One things for sure, when these good-ol-boys return to wherever they were stationed you can probably be sure they make time to watch some Regis & Kelly in the next coming weeks!
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How To Report The News


The Network News Industry is very competitive.
You got channels like CNN, Fox News, NBC etc. all trying to be the leaders and the best source for your news information, and more.
So you would think in such a market where differentiation & uniqueness will sometimes get you noticable ratings and viewers, why would all these network news outlets continue to do everything the same?
Not following me? Well Charlie Brooker is. Or should i say im following him because he apparantly watched one too many national news reports and came up with the summary that they are all pretty much the same in their delivery.

Who is Charlie Brooker?
Well he is a British Journalist, Comic Writer & Broadcaster from Berkshire in England.
He writes columns for the popular British newspaper 'The Guardian' along with writing and starring in a show titled 'You Have Been Watching' which is a popular show on BBC in the UK where he invites guests to come on and they discuss television but with a dash of satire (think 'inside edition' meets 'the soup')
This video is one of the many features that was on the 'You Have Been Watching' show that was on this past week and its hit the internet like wildfire.

Charlie basically breaks down the basic elements that go into play amongst all national news investigative reports. Its comical how with so many different news networks and reporters in the game today...all these reports that Charlie is poking fun at still seem to follow these same outlines. You'll see what i mean as you watch it.
**WARNING: There's a bad word or two in this video. If i knew how to edit it out i would but i dont wanna be like the sound guy at the grammys and over-do it so i figured id post this video in its original form. If you are under the age of 18 i reccomend you go watch something else instead.


So Charlie has it down to an exact science...and bravo to him for being able to show us this in a funny light.
If you ever watched the news and thought to yourself: "Thats gotta be so hard to do, i could never be able to do that".
Well if you put together an investigative report like the one Charlie mimics in this video i believe you will fit right in with the rest of them.
What i cant wait to see though, is what these major news channels will do once this video becomes so increasingly popular it will almost force them not to fall into these cliches now. Maybe this could revolutionize the way we will see news in the future?
Or probably not. But at least its good for a laugh or two for now.

Shy Guy Shawn...Kiss 98.5 News...Signing Off.
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Mini Daddy (Worlds Youngest Rapper)


Move over Justin Bieber...Adriansito (otherwise known as 'Mini Daddy') has now stepped upon the scene.
And he is younger than you!

I dunno how this video makes me feel. I understand alot of people out there find it 'cute' when little kids are dressed up and pretending to be grown-ups. Me personally, i just find it creepy.
Meet: Adrianisto. He's a kid fresh out of Monterrey and as of right now this here video im about to share with you is the MOST shared/watched video on Youtube this past week!
The Raggaeton song Adrianisto is rapping is called 'El Nino Mas Bontio'. Whenever i get the Spanish Translation of what this means i will be sure to come back and edit it in here.
Sure the kid looks like he's having alot of fun and this video would be no different than any other rap video out there today...if these kids in it werent like 7 years old. Thats where the 'creepy' part i mentioned up above comes into play.
If you dont get what i mean...well watch for yourself and see...



What are your thoughts? Did you like it? Think the song may be a hit?
The video was posted over a month ago and has already surpassed a Million Views on Youtube (almost 3/4 of that coming from just this past week)
It seems that whatever budget they gave this kid for the creation of the video went to his SEVEN different outfits that he wears throughout. Or how much he payed the 6 year old girls to dance provocatively in the video with him.

One thing i found out though is sure...he IS a kid. This is not another one of those 'Andy Milinokis' type kids where they look young but theyre really like 32. If that was the case...this video would actually probably make a little more sense as far as his lyrics and dancing is concerned.
Love it or hate it one thing is certain...people cant get enuff of Mini Daddy and something tells me you will be seeing or hearing ALOT more of him in the coming weeks (whether on the 'Ellen Show' or 'Best Week Ever')

Should Justin Bieber be worried about this guy stepping onto the scene and stealing some fans away?
You be the judge of that.
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MTV's 'Jersey Shore' is fake?


Ahhh the 'Jersey Shore' on MTV.
My ultimate guilty-pleasure of a show that most of us cannot seem to get enuff of. And for so many reasons.

For those not familiar with the show...its exactly like the 'Real World' but set in Seaside Heights, New Jersey where all the castmates look and act like theyre fresh out of that infamous 'My New Haircut' YouTube video.
The concept behind this is...supposedly the Jersey Shore for years has been a hotspot for "guidos", whether vacationing or native...its where they go.
Ashton Kutcher himself is a self-proclaimed fan of the show and said 'Jersey Shore is just like the show Cops but before the Cops show up'
Like any show thats on MTV or VH1 or wherever, when you put 8 people who are all between the ages of 20-25 on a show you can be sure there will be lots and lots of drama (otherwise how fun would the show be to watch if there wasnt any of it?)
And its a mixture of the drama, the people on the show and the situations these castmates are in that make the show a success.
Speaking of 'situations'. One of the more popular characters of the show goes by the nickname 'The Situation'. Apparantly it has something to do with his abs or something self-absorbed like that. But again, like the show, he is also equally as entertaining to watch.

But what if its all just an act? Like a scripted reality show where all these characters you see are indeed just that...characters. Not their real selves but just 'playing a role' for the camera in hopes to boost ratings.
Well this video may make you think exactly that...


OK so maybe its not 'fake' or 'scripted' like i said it was...but boy was that entertaining to watch! And i gotta give those kids credit, theyre actually not THAT bad at acting either.
Love them or hate them you gotta give it up to them. 'Jersey Shore' has been a huge hit for MTV and these castmates have even gone on to appear on The Tonight Show w/ Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, ESPN, Spike Awards and so much more all in parts to the popularity the show has brought them.

Even though this video may not have solved the 'is Jersey Shore really scripted' least it provided more unseen footage that fans of the show cant seem to get enuff of (since lately all MTV has been playing are Jersey Shore reruns)
The Season Finale is in 2 weeks...After that, im not quite sure how most of us will be able to get on with our lives now that we dont have the show to watch anymore.
Or maybe we'll all be just fine.
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Blame It On The Pop (Mashup of 2009's Biggest Hits)


It makes perfect sense that i share with you this video as my first of the new year.
This is a brilliant mashup mix of 25 of the Top Hits of 2009 according to Billboard Magazine.
Billboard Magazine btw is THE magazine which charts singles, albums, etc. When you hear about a song being #1. Its Billboard Magazine that determines that and recognizes it as such. In case you didnt know lol

This awesome megamix was created and remixed by DJ Earworm.
For the past 2 years, DJ Earworm has been taking songs and 'Mashing them up'. What that means is...take a song and put it together with another song, or 2 or 3 more songs on top of that. And you get one big 'Mashup'
So this is his 'Mashup' of about 25 songs...all big hits from this past year.
And its incredible! Check it out!


In case you were trying to spot all 25 songs i have a list of all of them here:

  • The Black Eyed Peas - BOOM BOOM POW

  • Lady Gaga - POKER FACE

  • Lady Gaga Featuring Colby O’Donis - JUST DANCE

  • The Black Eyed Peas - I GOTTA FEELING

  • Taylor Swift - LOVE STORY

  • Flo Rida - RIGHT ROUND

  • Jason Mraz - I’M YOURS


  • Kanye West - HEARTLESS

  • The All-American Rejects - GIVES YOU HELL

  • Taylor Swift - YOU BELONG WITH ME

  • T.I. Featuring Justin Timberlake - DEAD AND GONE

  • The Fray - YOU FOUND ME

  • Kings Of Leon - USE SOMEBODY

  • Keri Hilson Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo - KNOCK YOU DOWN

  • Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain - BLAME IT


  • T.I. Featuring Rihanna - LIVE YOUR LIFE

  • Soulja Boy Tell ‘em Featuring Sammie - KISS ME THRU THE PHONE

  • Jay Sean Featuring Lil Wayne - DOWN

  • Miley Cyrus - THE CLIMB

  • Drake - BEST I EVER HAD


  • Beyonce - HALO

  • Katy Perry - HOT N COLD

Apparantly this is his THIRD year doing an 'end of the year mashup'. And clearly it is his best!
As of right now it is currently the most watched and shared viral video since the beginning of the year.
For those of us (including me) who have never heard of DJ Earworm until now, something tells me we WILL be hearing about him alot more now that he has made his mark.

Happy New Year Everybody!
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Pope Benedict Attacked


First off i hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Not sure how many of you do the whole 'midnight mass' thing on Christmas Eve but can you imagine being at the Vatican at midnight, on christmas eve attending mass held by Pope Benedict XVI??
That has to be a surreal experience! One could probably compare that type of thing to being in Times Square on New Years Eve or the whole 'running with the bulls' thing in Pamplona, Spain.

A few days ago, at midnight mass on Xmas eve etc. a particular incident happened that had the thousands in attendance at St. Peters Square gasping!
A woman jumped over a guard rail and pulled Pope Benedict to the ground as he was walking.
Here is the footage:


Good news is: Pope Benedict, who is 82, was unharmed by the attack & fall and actually continued on with the mass as planned. He did lose his Mitre & Staff temporarily though.
French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray who is 87 however, broke his hip bone after apparently losing his balance and falling during the incident.

The assailant was Susanna Maiolo, 25, a Swiss-Italian national with a history of psychiatric problems.
The craziest part of the story though is the fact that this is the SAME WOMAN who tried to do this exact same thing last year at midnight mass in the Vatican only to be stopped before reaching the pope.
How do they keep letting this woman in???

Anyways, now that its a few days after the attack the most recent word is that Susanna will most likely NOT face any charges brought against her due to her known mental illnesses. One should only hope though that she gets the proper help so that i
hopefully wont have to share another similar video like this one NEXT year on Xmas eve.
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Drunk Girl Falls Through Glass Table


Well for some of us...weve been there before.
So inebriated that we resort to doing stupid stupid things. Some of which we dont even remember the next day
(btw i totally had to google 'inebriated' in order to get its proper spelling lol)
Well for this girl this should be one of those nights...but its hard to forget what you did the night before when you wake up with shards of glass in your arm!

Not much is known about the star of this video (drunk girl) or where she and her friends are from the night this video was being filmed. But who cares anyways, cause its fun to watch drunk people look like morons! We dont need a backstory.

All that IS known about this however is that said drunk girl, in what appears to be someones basement, is trying to show her friends a dance to a song called 'The Percolator' by Cajmere (yea i never heard the song before either)
The Drunk Girl apparantly feels that the dance would be more appropriate if done on-top of a glass table...and as you already know from the title of this video...the funny part is what happens next.

**Warning: There is some coarse language in this video. I wish i knew how to edit some of it out on here but i dont so if you are under the age of 18 i would reccomend NOT watching this video OR learning the dumb 'percolator' dance. Instead watch this tribute to Kevin Jonas and Danielle SomethingOrOther who got married over the weekend:

Now for the rest of is....Its time for the Percolator!


I know i know...i wish it didnt just cut right off at the end like that!
I honestly searched all over the internet for at least an hour hoping to find an extended version of the video, cause sometimes the aftermath is just as funny...i mean i wanna know the end of the 'The Glass went into my....' sentence.
I guess we'll never know the answer to that but if i could make my own educated guess i would say arm, and almost every other body part!

And as far as where this video takes place where this mysterious 'percolator' dance is so big it actually causes drunk girls to 'out percolate' each other is beyond me. But i would like to know still, so that way i dont ever make the mistake of going there...and not knowing the percolator. Cause that could be embarrasing.
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Christmas Light Hero


So i have for you a video of the newest video game to hit shelves JUST in time for Xmas, and its NOT the new Call of Duty or DJ Hero game either.
Introducing: Christmas Light Hero!

Yes all the fun of Guiltar Hero...but with Xmas Lights!
And this isnt played on your standard Xbox or video game console....but a Garage Door!

Finally a game to cater to all the light afficiandos and Clark W. Griswalds of the world! 
For those who regularly visit this page...i already know what youre thinking...ANOTHER youtube video of someone with crazy xmas lights? Especially since i just shared with you an amazing xmas light display 2 weeks ago!
Well its like this...i saw this video over the weekend and i just HAD to share it with you and i love how they themed it around something as creative as Guitar Hero. And it wouldnt make sense either to wait til later and share this with you all AFTER the holidays right?
So here it is...the newest video game phenomemon!

The song played in actually Eric Johnsons 'Cliffs of Dover' which i think is normally an advanced song to play!
Lets hope this little kid can do it and not fail out within the first few measures.

Btw...before you think this is just a light display simply simulating a Guitar Hero game NO! THIS IS AN ACTUAL GAME HE IS PLAYING ON THE GARAGE WALL!! 
If you want to know how it all works...i will explain after the video.


Pretty Amazing huh?

This is the brainchild of Ric Turner from Southern California.
According to his LinkedIn Page..."he's a contractor for nearby Disney Imagineering, with expertise in "non-screen projection, complex distortion correction, moving eye point, spatial illusions and scenic projection," so he's apparently no stranger to putting on a show!

In a recent interview with MAKE magazine, Ric explains how the game actually works...
"Christmas Light Hero is using 7 light controllers from Light-O-Rama built from kits to control 21,268 lights and LEDs. Each controller has 16 outputs and 2-3 TTL level control inputs that are used by the game system to fire different programmed light sequences depending on what happens in the game. It relies on the fact that the game sequence is very consistent. If the game and the lighting sequences start together, they will stay in very good sync through the length of the song. The light program allows branching and overlays for fail, star power and "ready." I have some ideas to automate the initial show/game sync, but for now you have to push doorbell buttons at the right moments.

To program the show a video recording was made of a perfect round of Guitar Hero playing Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover. The timing of all the dots and the light show choreography follow that video.

When you play, you watch only the Christmas lights, but the audio you hear is from the Wii, so your flubs are broadcast for all to hear (people in cars can tune 99.1 and crank it up as loud as they want.) When we are not playing, a separate version of the program that has the audio from the recorded game plays with the lights as a loop. The YouTube video also has this audio, (because I forgot to record the direct audio when I was shooting the documentation, and the camcorder did not pick it up very well.)

A video screen is on the driveway showing the game video, but if you want to be on the high score list you have to make it through the whole game only watching the Christmas Lights. Even though the game is in "easy" mode, the lights don't provide the same timing detail as the game does, so it is much harder. Even expert Guitar Hero players have a hard time with the lights, and nobody has made it through without errors (yet)."

So how about that craziness huh? INTENSE!!!
His Youtube page shows other videos of other previous light displays he has put together over the years (including a neat Halloween display) but this one TAKES the cake by far!

So how do you get to play this awesome game? Well you cant wait in line to grab it at Best have to travel to Sunny California! Expedia is offering deals right now on trips to gonna book one now. you in?
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Kissmas Bash 2009 - Behind The Scenes


Kissmas Bash 09 was OFF THE CHAIN last night!!
If you went then i know you will probably agree with me, if you didnt get to attend...thats ok also. Cause i took care of covering the whole event from all angles.
Armed with only a Flip Cam i will take you on-stage, backstage and all over the arena so you can all witness what goes on behind-the-scenes at one of the biggest concerts of the year!

I also will get you up-close & personal with the stars of Kissmas Bash (Keri Hilson, Cobra Starship, Sean Kingston, Kris Allen, Jason Derulo, Hey Monday & Shontelle)

Did you ever want to know what ritual Cobra Starhip does before EVERY show?
How about what Reality TV show American Idols' Kris Allen WISHES he was on?
Or how about what Keri Hilsons' favorite song to sing at Karaoke is?
Watch the video to find out the answers to all of those questions + so much more!


Hope you got to enjoy my little video here of our awesome show! Im hoping to do this more on a regular basis when we put on these shows so i definately would love your feedback!
And for those who purchased tickets and went to last nights show - THANK YOU! 

Also...if you want to check out MORE videos (like the whole conversation that went down between Shontelle & Jason Derulo) PLUS more interview questions to ALL the bands...go to our homepage and check them all out on "Kiss Tube" which is prominently displayed in the right-hand corner!
** EDIT: Big-shout out btw to SHONTELLE who was kind enuff to retweet the link to the video on her twitter after i posted this! Here's the permalink to her tweet here:
Hope you enjoyed watching this as much as i enjoyed making it!
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Awesome Christmas Light Display


Well the holiday season is now upon us.
Now that Thanksgiving has passed along with Black Friday its Xmas overload for the next 4 weeks.
That includes the decorations you see on some of the houses in the area.
Sure some do a good job with their festive decorations. And others none at all.
But there's always a FEW houses that do...a little too much.
Not that theres anything wrong with that, theyre always pleasing to the eye, but i cant watch some of these over-the-top xmas decorations on these houses without at least thinking 'this looks like this took WAY too much time to do'.
And im not one who likes to spend too much time doing something...maybe thats why i dont have any xmas decorations outside where i live lol.

All over the net are Youtube videos of people filming their xmas light setup. Most of them set to music (Techno music seems to be the most popular choice for these displays)
This is one of those videos that caught my eye. In my opinion out of all the videos out there, i think it is the BEST in terms of light display and the way it goes with the music.


The family who owns the house and set-up the awesome lights show is from Huntington, IN (about 30 mins from Ft.Wayne)
The whole lightshow/music/etc. is run thru a computer. Most of these light displays that go with the music is done this way.
And from reading the comments other people left on this video...setting this whole thing up and co-ordinating it is NOT EASY. Then again...if it WAS that easy we probably wouldnt find this video nearly as incredible as we do knowing it took a long long time to get right.

If you watched this and thought to yourself "I wanna do that with my house!" then check out
According to their website : "Light-O-Rama is a leading manufacturer of user programmable light controllers. Our powerful controllers and easy to use software put you completely in control of your lights." 
This is what the house above used in their display.
So how much did all this cost? Well i tried to find out on the website....a 64-channel 'starter' package costs $1,300!!! IM guessing this house has 2 or more of those. and this 'starter' package doesnt even include LIGHTS or the COMPUTER!!
So you can imagine...its really pricey.
Me personally, id rather go to Hawaii for a month instead of throwing my money away for something that only gets usage for a few weeks.
But hey at least its real cool to look at tho right?
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The 'Original' Matrix movie filmed in 1918


Well...who knew?
I remember way back when 'The Matrix' first came out in theatres. It was groundbreaking in everyway from its dazzling visual effects to its futuristic and unique storyline. There's a reason its a popular all-time favorite amongst geeks everywhere with its Sci-fi undertones.
For the millions of us who have seen the movie (and its crappy sequels) and loved it, little did we know that this was actually a REMAKE of a silent movie created way back in 1918.
Yea i dont know how we all missed that one, considering almost all movies that come out nowadays are just remakes of old ones. This is the first movie i know of thats a remake though of a movie THAT old.

Back in the silent films era btw (1910's-1920's) there was NO sound. All of the dialogue that took place in the movie was done thru title cards. The music you would hear was performed live in the theatre by a pianist or such. Some of the silent movies that had 'sound effects' (for example: Galloping Horses or Rolling Thunder) were re-created live as well.
And to think you probably didnt expect to learn anything new today...

So with that said, i present to you "Matrix'. A Silent-Film Gem of the 20's which sparked a Sci-Fi Revolution 8 decades later.
It stars a popular film actor named Charlie Chaplan (he was like the Brad Pitt of the silent films era).
Watching this, who do you think plays the role of 'Neo' better? Charlie Chaplan or Keanu Reeves?


Good film-making done way back then huh?
Ok so you got me, its not REALLY a legit film from the sci-fi era (but a darn good recreation of one right?)

This piece of work is actually done by a Russian Actors' Group that call themselves "Big Difference".
They specialize mostly on Russian TV show parodies but with the internet success of this 'Matrix' remake they may be on to something here (can you imagine MORE fake silent-movies taken from modern day blockbusters like 'Transformers' or 'Twilight' etc?) I hope theres more on the way in the coming months.

So for those Matrix Die-Hards who probably had a mini panic attack when you first heard your beloved movie may not be as original as you previously can rest easy knowing this is all just a funny joke / recreation.
Good thing they didnt do 'Star Trek' or some of you REALLY woulda lost it!
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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Buffalo


This past week was legendary for the city of Buffalo.
As you surely have heard by now, "Extreme Makeover : Home Edition" were in town the past week and the response they got was incredible!
All in all the amount of total volunteers that assisted in the destroying, rebuilding and decorating of the Powell home on Massachussetts Ave in the West Side of Buffalo rounds out to about 5,000! Quite possibly the most people to have ever volunteered and to have taken part in an 'Extreme Makeover' project in the shows history!

If you were one of these volunteers then im guessing you had one of the experiences of a lifetime.
What started out as a Makeover for the Powell familys home turned into a Makeover for the whole neighborhood. I was told 50 or so houses had some work done this past week thanks in part to the large amount of volunteers!

The 'Big Reveal' went down on Saturday afternoon in front of a crowd of thousands.
On top of Ty, Paige, and the rest of the usual cast from 'Home Makeover' on hand, we also got to see special celebrity guest Ashanti stop by, along with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, former Buffalo Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gibson, the Buffalo Jills & more!
When all was said and done, it was a week that truly changed Buffalo forever. And here is the footage:


The awesome footage you just saw was not shot by cameramen or producers of the ABC show, but was the work of local filmmaker Jim Grimaldi who, along with Americorps, was on-hand to watch and film everything that you just got to see.

The whole ABC produced episode will air shortly after the new year (January 2010) but until then, this is just a small bit of what we can expect until the show comes out.

I'll be honest, because this footage wasnt shot by ABC, im not quite sure how long this will actully be available on the internet. Hopefully its up long enuff for you to have seen it. If it gets pulled for whatever reason in the next couple of days then i will dilligently search for other show you how remarkable this great city is and the people in it.
Until then though,
Congratulations to Delored Powell and her family, who not only got a new home out of this, but a new car, college scholarships to Canisius for her and her kids....and most importantly...was the inspiration behind reshaping an ENTIRE neighborhood.
Cant wait for the show to air!
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Worst Rappers Ever


Rap & Hip-Hop Music is so much more commonplace in this generation than it was 10 even 20 years ago.
Nothing wrong with that at all, i LOVE rap music.
But nowadays its popping up everywhere from childrens cartoons to car dealership commercials to instructional training videos.
Everybody wants to capitalize on this 'Rap thing' with whatever it is theyre doing or selling that in some examples (like the ones im going to share with you here) turns into one giant-train wreck.

There's 2 kinds of 'bad rappers' out there...there's the ones who KNOW they suck but yet they still rap anyways (the novelty being 'hey look me at me rapping, im horrible but its funny!')
Some examples of that would be Mini-Mall Montgomery and his corny "Its just like a Mini-Mall' commercial he did a few years back that got big. If you dont remember this, here is the link:
Then there's the ones who THINK theyre good when theyre really not. Think: Kevin Federline, those types etc.

Well these next 2 rappers/rap videos im about to show you is gonna make Kevin Federline look like he's Jay-Z.
Yes...theyre THAT bad!

Let's start with video #1 which is by a kid who goes by the name of Boostalk.
Boostalk is this white kid coming straight outta the crime-ridden streets of Haliburton, Canada.
The video was shot on a $50 budget (wow no kidding??) and when i first saw it i honestly thought it was like a Saturday Night Live skit or MadTV Sketch or something that somebody posted.
When i didnt hear the audience laughs i realized that this kid is actually for real, and he's being serious about this.
Thats probably what makes the video so great.

WARNING: There is some questionable language in certain parts of this video (that is, if you can even understand what the hell this kid is saying) So please be advised. If you are under 18 i STRONGLY RECCOMEND you do not watch this video and instead...maybe check out this video:


I dont know about you but when i first watched this, i felt bad for the kid.
I thought it was either a handicapped kid or someone with a really bad speech impetiment trying to do the things he is unable to do to the best of his ability.
Then when i saw another video of him floating online, i found out that there is nothing wrong with him at all!!
He just sounds in coherent when he raps! When he talks...fine. When he raps? Oh my lord!!

Whats even crazier is this kid HAS A RECORD DEAL! According to his website (YES he has a website too!!) he is signed to some label called Urban Smoke Records and supposedly his debut album "CA$H FLO" is going to hitting the streets soon! 
What is this world coming to? He singlehandedly has to be the WORST rapper to ever exist.

Well until this next guy...who can definately give Boostalk a run for his money here.

Enter: Bangs.
Bangs is the newest Hip-Hop superstar from Sudan.
Trying to get on the map Bangs spits hot fire on his debut effort by talking about those important trying issues like...taking a girl to the movies.
At first listen you think the joke is on Bangs due to his thick accent and lack of rhythm (think William Hung if he was a rapper)
But then as you get into the song, you start paying attention to the lyrics which sound so boring you would think a 4th grader could probably do a better job writing a rap song.
Check it out for yourself...



First thing i really wanna point WHY there an Eiffel Tower thrown in the New York City skyline in the backdrop??
Its so ridiculous it doesnt even make sense...which is why i love this video so much!
Some of the other backdrops i love (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the premise of the video...taking someone to the movies) is the Roulette Wheel, The Lamborghini, the various shots of American Currency and Sudanese Currency, and so on.
It isnt until the 3:30 mark that they finally show and actual Movie Theatre backdrop!

I would love to see a nationwide tour someday of Boostalk, Bangs & maybe even Kevin Federline and call it the "Ground Zero of SUCK" tour.
I mean it definately would be amusing right?
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Incredible Halloween Costume


So Halloween was over the weekend and it was a grand ol time.
In between all the Lady Gagas, Jokers, Wolverines, Sexy Devils, etc. there lied a few more original and creative costumes that people seemed to take a lot of time to put together.
None of which seemed to top the one in the video i am about to show you...

This video is of a man in a pretty cleverly-made Bumblebee costume (from 'The Transformers') and appears to have been taken at some sort of Car Dealership event in Mexico.
Cause nothing sells those Aveos like a transforming Camaro.
Apparantly, the story goes like this...the man (who im told is from Capeche, Mexico) made this costume after the 1st Transformers movie came out 2 years ago and makes a living doing appearances w/ his costume on from everything from Birthday parties you see here...Car Dealerships.

With the Halloween season at full tilt this past weekend this particular video (which was posted 2 months ago) jumped from a few thousand views to 1 million views!
And there's good reasons why...this costume is fantastic.
What you will see in the first :30 seconds is the man kinda hanging out shaking hands with customers etc.
But its what happens at the :33 mark that really takes the costume to another maybe one of the best EVER.


So this guy, who again, has probably one of the best costumes i have ever seen...also has way too much time on his hands in order to put something of this magnitude together.
Im just gonna go out on a limb and guess he probably doesnt have a GF. But hey if he can make a costume next year which transforms into Megan Fox...well hell then he may be on to something.
No word yet on how many cars this dealership sold by hiring this guy to come on out in his costume and meet the patrons...but im sure he's a hit at Lemonade stands and Flea markets!
Until then..."Autobots Roll Out!" (Tranformers Jargon for the geeks in the house!)
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Worst Music Video Ever


Folks, i have found it!
This is what could pretty much be...the absolute WORST music video ever created!
And lets be frank, since the dawn of music videos in the 80's there's been some really really bad ones weve had to subject ourselves to.
This one...smashes them all to pieces. And its most likely one you have never seen before!

Enter : Jan Terri.
Who the hell is she? Well she's a former musician from Chicago who released two albums back in the late 80's/early 90's. One was called 'High Risk' and the other was called 'Baby Blues'.
One of the innovative things Jan tried to accomplish back when she was a musician was accompaning VHS videocassettes of her music videos w/ the album purchased.
I'll tell ya there's been times ive heard a song and KINDA liked it but then i saw the music video and strangely enuff liked the song now even more.
This probably does the exact opposite. She woulda been better off it NOBODY saw these god awful music videos (even better if we never even got to see what she looked like)
There's a few Jan Terri videos going around on Youtube. I guess by posting them and making fun of them is peoples' way at getting revenge for wasting their 10 bucks back in the 80's for this piece of garbage.
The most popular of the few (and by 'most popular' i mean the one thats more commonly found as it is the worst of them all) is a little ditty she did called "Losing You".
It was filmed on NO budget w/ a crappy videocamera and the 'story told' in this video doesnt even make any sense.
What makes this even funnier is that this chick is totally serious about this video thing. its not like a 'William Hung' fad here where she KNOWS she's a bad singer etc.

I know how excited you must be to see i will let you go ahead and enjoy it NOW and then we can talk about it after.



Was i right or was i right?
So many cheesy things going on i cannot begin to tell you my favorite although...
- I love how at 1:49 they show some random guy on a bike (her boyfriend? or love interest in this here video?) and the camera makes sure it shows that he has parked in a 'no parking' spot so we can all see how edgy and rebellious he is!
- Also its funny how the video opens with almost a full minute of us watching a limo arrive at some hotel, pick her up and then drive thru traffic. a FULL MINUTE is wasted on this!
- Towards the end of the video we see like 10 seconds wasted on the sign for 'United 7' to let us all know she is apparantly boarding a flight at the airport (even though we already knew that by the limo dropping her off)
Even though i would love to take responsibility for discovering such a hidden gem online, it seems its been going around long before today. The folks over at the Daily Show were apparantly turned on to this much much long ago, and to our pleasure...they actually found Jan Terri and TRACKED HER DOWN for an interview!!! YES!!!!

After watching the Daily Show's special on made me wanna watch more music videos by her (all of which by the way you can see on Youtube just by searching for : Jan Terri)
So as an added bonus here is their footage from a  few years back :


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Jan Terri: Video Vanguard

Daily Show
Full Episodes
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So what do you think? Is it NOT the worst video of all time or what?
I mean i know alot of the video's that came out in the 80's were cheesy anyways due to the strange fashion sense that lingered back then, but i believe this one (or another video by her called 'Get Down Goblin') is probably the title holder for now...until somebody out there finds something from that era which could top that. And if and when that know ill be all over it and sharing it with you on here!
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