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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Surprise Holiday Pageant Ending

Tis the season...for all sorts of fun Xmas themed holiday events.
For those with kids, im sure at some point in time you may have had to attend an event or school play or some sort of holiday function where youre young'n played a role or participated in. And what an amazing thing it must have been to watch.
Even better if you were lucky enuff to have it recorded on film or on your computer somewhere so you can re-watch your pride and joy for years and years to come.
Unless i guess...you are the parents of this next girl...
Such a cute little girl playing the role of what seems to be a witch in her schools holiday play.
she delivers her lines very well and even with good emotion.
then...as soon as it seems her last line is said...an unexpected 'surprise' happens...
as to not ruin the moment...i will let you all see for yourselves...

For the record, the language they are speaking is Greek. Aside from that little is known about the girl or the play she was in. Maybe she had bad nerves, as is common for kids her age, but one thing is for sure...her performance will be watched over and over and over again. More than any other performance that school has probably ever had. And i feel bad for the girl who has to play that role next year. i mean she's got big shoes to fill lol.

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12/20/2011 11:29AM
Surprise Holiday Pageant Ending
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