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Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

The 'Original' Matrix movie filmed in 1918


Well...who knew?
I remember way back when 'The Matrix' first came out in theatres. It was groundbreaking in everyway from its dazzling visual effects to its futuristic and unique storyline. There's a reason its a popular all-time favorite amongst geeks everywhere with its Sci-fi undertones.
For the millions of us who have seen the movie (and its crappy sequels) and loved it, little did we know that this was actually a REMAKE of a silent movie created way back in 1918.
Yea i dont know how we all missed that one, considering almost all movies that come out nowadays are just remakes of old ones. This is the first movie i know of thats a remake though of a movie THAT old.

Back in the silent films era btw (1910's-1920's) there was NO sound. All of the dialogue that took place in the movie was done thru title cards. The music you would hear was performed live in the theatre by a pianist or such. Some of the silent movies that had 'sound effects' (for example: Galloping Horses or Rolling Thunder) were re-created live as well.
And to think you probably didnt expect to learn anything new today...

So with that said, i present to you "Matrix'. A Silent-Film Gem of the 20's which sparked a Sci-Fi Revolution 8 decades later.
It stars a popular film actor named Charlie Chaplan (he was like the Brad Pitt of the silent films era).
Watching this, who do you think plays the role of 'Neo' better? Charlie Chaplan or Keanu Reeves?


Good film-making done way back then huh?
Ok so you got me, its not REALLY a legit film from the sci-fi era (but a darn good recreation of one right?)

This piece of work is actually done by a Russian Actors' Group that call themselves "Big Difference".
They specialize mostly on Russian TV show parodies but with the internet success of this 'Matrix' remake they may be on to something here (can you imagine MORE fake silent-movies taken from modern day blockbusters like 'Transformers' or 'Twilight' etc?) I hope theres more on the way in the coming months.

So for those Matrix Die-Hards who probably had a mini panic attack when you first heard your beloved movie may not be as original as you previously believed...you can rest easy knowing this is all just a funny joke / recreation.
Good thing they didnt do 'Star Trek' or some of you REALLY woulda lost it!

01/14/2010 8:25AM
The 'Original' Matrix movie filmed in 1918
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