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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

This drummer is at the wrong gig


Anybody planning on getting married this summer?
Are you gonna go with the traditional Wedding DJ or a band?
Well if youre looking into getting a band, maybe these guys will spark your interest.

Rich K & The Allnighters are 4 guys out of Morgantown, W.Virginia who are alot more interesting than the boringness of their band name.
Well at least one guy is more interesting, but we'll get to that shortly.
Like most bands you would see at weddings or casino bars, these guys base their careers on performing cover songs of popular 70's & 80's rock songs.
Wedding bands always had a sort of, oh i dont know, 'Cheesy' factor to them. Rick K & the Allnighters fit right in with their matching glittery mustard colored suits and 'backstreet boys style' headset-microphones. But its not until about a minute into the video where you learn that Rick K (normally the bands main singer and the one providing the monologue in the beginning) isnt actually the star of the band like its name entails.
Its the guy on the drums...he is PHENOMENAL!


Who is this guy?? And what the hell is he doing wasting his craft with these guys?
He could take his own show to the road and make tons of cash! Instead its being wasted on lame ZZ top renditions in what looks to be a church (it was actually at a place called Knoebels Grove in Elysburg, PA).
You can find out more about these guys (and maybe even book them for your wedding or bah mitzvah) via theyre official website: www.rickkandtheallnighters.com/
These guys are no joke as somehow theyve been booked for almost 200 gigs this year so far (and this was before that video went viral last week)

The drummer, however, goes by the name Steve Moore (the mad drummer). The San Antonio Current recently seeked this guy out and caught up with him and he said this even though his style of drumming is flashy and in some peoples opinions 'upstaging' the boringness of the other guys in band...he claims the band respects what he does and his uniqueness in drum playing and he wouldnt be with the band if he didnt enjoy what they did as well.
Something tells me were gonna see alot more of this guy in the coming months. I can see it now, guest drumming gigs w/ National rock bands on Leno, Ellen, and awards shows maybe.
The name Steve Moore (or Rick K and the Allnighters) might mean diddly-squat to you now. But in a years time...most everyone will know OF them. Or at least of that awesome drummer they have!

06/07/2010 6:46AM
This drummer is at the wrong gig
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06/07/2010 9:48AM
John Anthony
That little Knoebels Grove place is only one of the greatest amusement parks on the planet! They get some really cool offbeat performers there. Never anything big, always little crazy stuff like this.
06/07/2010 9:33PM
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