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Video: Buffalo Bills Kids Day Anthem Winner Sydney

08/13/2012 4:59PM
Video: Buffalo Bills Kids Day Anthem Winner
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08/13/2012 8:44PM
Buffalo bills kids day anthem winner
Congratulations Sydney your awesome!!!!! Love you, Uncle Mark, Aunt Dor, Mark and Mitch
08/14/2012 7:11PM
Kids Day Anthem Winner Sydney...
Super Performance! You sounded great and will do awesome singing at the game. Break a leg!!! Love, Uncle Eddie, Cheryl & Meghan.
08/15/2012 5:49AM
We Love You
We are so proud of your courage and talent. Always continue to reach for your dreams. You are a great person. Enjoy every butterfly in your stomach! Love Dad,Mom,David,Olivia,and Licorice
08/15/2012 7:20AM
Congratulations Sydney!!
Incredible! Everyone is sooooo proud of you!! Keep reaching for the stars Syd because you are one of the brightest shining stars we have!!! We love you very much! Love Aunt Suz, Uncle Mike, Robby, Timmy and Tony
08/15/2012 7:27AM
Congrats Sydney.
Way to go. So proud of you. Love, uncle Ron and aunt chris
08/15/2012 9:38AM
Thats right this is my cousin! ;)
Yay syd! Very proud to say your my cousin! :) You're amazing!We all love you, Amanda, Jim, & Bennett already does too!
08/15/2012 2:36PM
Whoo Hoooooo
We are all so proud of you!!!! You did an amazing job! Love, Mama Lisa, Chuck, Abby, Haley, Bailie and Maggie
08/15/2012 2:39PM
Syd you were amazing!! Congrats on such an awesome accomplishment we wouldn't expect anything less! Dream big girl you have a talent that you should be proud of! We love you! Uncle Ron, Aunt Chris, Matt, John, Teressa and Lucas
08/15/2012 6:37PM
good job.
08/15/2012 6:40PM
congrats syd! Thais is awesome! I am so proud of you. You are lucky that i left the house for you! Well, good luck to you, and have fun! Love, Paco :)
08/16/2012 8:26PM
Sid Viscious!!!
Great job Syd! We all look forward to hearing that beautiful voice echoing throughout the Ralph on kids day. See ya there. Love, Pat, Cher, Jamie and Meadow.
08/17/2012 3:44PM
Way to go!
We;re really proud of you. Your going to do great at the game. Teri,Ed, Josh and Rachel
08/17/2012 10:01PM
shes my cousin too
great job syd ur amazing love samantha
08/24/2012 4:59PM
Syd - tell Fitz I said what up!
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