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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Where The Hell is Shy Guy Shawn


This next video i am about to share with you is probably going to end up my favorite video of all time!
Mostly being because its starring ME...and its been a project that i have been working on for the past TWO YEARS!
A few years ago i was turned on to the uber-famous 'Where The Hell is Matt' video by Matt Harding. If you havent seen it its a clever video where this guy Matt travels to all these different and beautiful places in the world and does this corny little 'dance' in each spot. All put together to music! You can watch the original video here:

So after watching this i came up with the wonderful idea of 'Hey how about i re-create this video but do it in every city and town of Western New York?'
Figured this would be a simple and cute little project where i can just take the weekend off and travel to all these different towns and places i know of and have the video done by Monday.
Well i learned it wasnt as easy to get to all these places i wanted to go to in such little time. So the weeks went on, and every little free time i would get i would jet off to a few destinations w/ my GF at the time and we would get as many shots in as we could. This went on for awhile and when i started to piece all the shots together i realized most of my videos were done in the Summer & Fall...NO winter shots were accomplished at all (as Winter hadnt arrived yet) and if i REALLY want to caputre the beauty that IS Western New York, im gonna HAVE to get some shots in the damn snow! I mean after all thats what were known for!!
So the months went on...and more and more videos were done slowly but surely. At this time i became alot more serious about the way this project was going to look. What began as just a silly little idea that would be funny to look at with friends turned into something i really wanted to showcase as the ultimate homage to this area. With fitting as many towns/cities/etc. in this video as i can.
There were many times i would go to these places...get the shot...only to change my mind weeks or months later that i didnt like the way it looked and would have to go back to that same spot AGAIN and re-do it. As much as i loved doing it, the pressure i put on myself to make this video as 'perfect' in my eyes as i would like was very stressful. Traveling the great distances for just a 4 to 5 second shot also put alot of miles on my car, strain on my relationship, and convinced me to eventually by a damn GPS!

So here it homage to Western New York. Set to the SAME music as the original 'Where The Hell is Matt' video.
For 90% of the people who found their way to this page im sure your city or town is in here. I did learn, however, that there are ALOT more areas of Western New York out there that i just couldnt fit in. I think currently the running total of different towns/cities you will see in here is 63.
I also did only ONE shot in each town etc. Even though theres certain towns that are bigger than others that have alot more than just ONE thing to shoot on video that wouldve worked...i still sticked with ONE shot each town. That way i could represent every one as an individual the best i could. The only exception was the city of Buffalo which i divided into 5 sections (West Side, East Side, North Buffalo, South Buffalo & Downtown)
I really hope you enjoy this as i had the time of my life making this...i am so proud to be born & raised here and this is my gift back to the city that has been so good to me my whole life.


So thats that. It feels good to be able to close the book on 2 years work. It was shot from Summer of 2008 to Summer of 2010.
I hope i did an O.K. job in representing as many and each towns to the best of my ability. I really wanted each area to stand out on its own (if you notice in every video im even wearing something different).
Hopefully this video will eventually find its way to Matt Harding, the originator of this idea (and that silly dance). Would be curious as to what his thoughts are on it as ive pretty much has to study his video numerous amounts of times for inspiration and ideas.
If you are from the area or if you like what you just love it if you shared this video with as many people as you can. Whether you have friends or family who have since moved away, this could be a nice video to remind them where theyre from. Or if you know of someone who plans on moving to the area and doesnt know a whole lot about Buffalo and what we have to offer, maybe this video could be a guide. Whatever the situation is, i hope when you watch this video you feel that love for one of the greatest places on earth: BUFFALO!

07/01/2010 11:32AM
Where The Hell is Shy Guy Shawn
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07/14/2010 9:58AM
cna training
found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later
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