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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

World's Scariest Job


If you woulda asked me on the fly what i thought may be the 'world's scariest job' i probably woulda went with stuff like: window washers for high-rise buildings, or powerline installers, those people who dive with sharks and stuff (if theres a job in there somewhere) know...things like that.
After watching this video, i would do all of those i just mentioned FOR FREE before i even ATTEMPTED to do what i saw in this video for MONEY!
What you are about to see is a short documentary of what its like being a Transmission Tower Climber (aka Someone who has to climb to the TOP of radio/TV towers etc. to FIX them).
What makes this video uber-scary as you are about to see is the fact its shot in the POV of the climber himself. This might make you VERY queezy if you have acrophobia. Even i get those unpleasant butterflies watching certain parts of this video.
By the way this tower theyre climbing is 1768 feet! Thats TALLER than the Eiffel Tower (1063 ft.), The Empire State Building (1250 ft.) & The Sears Tower (1482 ft.)
Think you could do this job? Watch and decide for yourself...


What i find crazy about this video (other than just the whole climbing part) is how you need to bring EVERY tool you might possibly need with you while youre up there. I mean, theres no 'oh shucks i forgot a wrench' on a job like this' because to climb back down and then back up would not only waste almost half a day but probably all your energy on top of it.
I do get a kick out of the fact theyre wearing hard-hats though, THANK GOD, cause if they fell we wouldnt want them to get hurt now lol.
Again these are things we dont necessarily think about when we see them. Radio & TV towers, just like every other form of electronic equipment, need repair. And there has to be SOME WAY to repair them (you cant just grab a helicopter and disassemble the tower in mid-air and bring the parts to the ground and re-assemle them).
Knowing theres people out there that are required to do a job of this extremity makes me realize just how wimpy it is doing what i do for a living lol.

09/27/2010 7:03AM
World's Scariest Job
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09/28/2010 1:48AM
Wow! The view is probably amazing though. Well, I might try it, if it pays well enough. I have been up 10 stories, laying out the deck boards for scaffolding and 32 stories walking steel, when we built the Barnett Bank building down in Tampa, FL, but that didn't compare to this, lol. We got to use safety harness' where I was working though.
10/03/2010 1:18PM
you would look GREAT with a mohawk! get one. :)
10/03/2010 1:20PM
you should get a mohawk. purple/pink :)
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