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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Worst Frisbee Player


This past friday night was our last 'Friday Night Lights' game of this season. Congratulations to Sweet Home, Alden, Fredonia & Clarence High Schools for winning this past weekend at the Section VI Finals at Ralph Wislon Stadium where we there to cheer them on!
If you had the opportunity to see us (along with our friends from Intense Milk) at one of the various High School Football Games we were at on Friday Nights all season then you may have participated in our fun game of 'Kan Jam' to win a prize.
Unlike the actual 'Kan Jam' game which consists of two players on a team, this one is more simple where you need to simply throw the frisbee and hit the Kan to win you prize, without the aid of another player.
Im usually that person on the other side of the Kan, waiting to retreive your frisbee after youve thrown it so i can throw it back to whatever employee from our promotions dept. that happens to be working with me that night. They then will hand off the frisbee to the next player and so on...you get the idea.
Well i noticed something funny this past Friday Night when i got to work with Marybeth, one of the girls who works in our promotions dept and who has been here for a few years now. And that is...the girl DOES NOT know how to catch a frisbee!!!
After a few throws to her (perfect throws might i add lol) i was dumbfounded at her inablility to catch a simple frisbee!! Immediately i thought 'i gotta roll tape on this, this is great'.
Kind of ironic i know to share a video like THIS as my Video of the Week when just last week i shared with you a video of people doing the most extraordinary things....this is clearly the opposite!
So ladies & gentlemen i would like to introduce you all to Marybeth! She's a sweet girl who just turned 21 this past week. She's been with us for almost 3 years now and has worked alot of events! She also has NO CLUE how to catch a frisbee!!!! Enjoy!


Pretty bizarre stuff huh?
I know, some of those throws were right on the money huh?
I will say this, she was a great sport through the filming of all this (which i told her i was gonna do) and even though she cant catch a frisbee for the life of her...she is very sweet so lets all give her that!
Just dont ask her to be your Kan Jam partner anytime soon!

11/08/2010 4:27PM
Worst Frisbee Player
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