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Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Worst Local Ad Ever

So i think its safe to say that most of the worst tv ads we have seen in our time are usually the locally produced ones.
regardless of where you live, locally-produced ads (most of the time done on a little or no budget) try and get creative without the help of an ad agency or professional consultant.
the results sometimes are just some of the worst garbage you have ever seen.
but yet it some cases they work.
last week i posted a status on my facebook asking people what they thought the worst local ad currently on tv lots of different answers. and if you think for a second im sure you can probably come up with at least 2 or 3 bad ones as well that you may have seen recently.
but none of them i believe are as bad as this one.
sure this isnt a local ad from buffalo or the western new york area...but from orlando.
the ad is for a job fair going down at the fashion square mall on a certain date.
it also seems this 'job fair' is sponsored by a group called the hispanic achievers.
watch and see this train wreck of a commercial for yourself.

girl you aint heard?
not sure what angle exactly the director was trying for here...i mean i get that he wanted to make this commercial specific to those who fit the demographic of said job fair. but his bad use of slang can almost be deemed as racist by some. not to mention the two girls were bad bad BAD actresses. but because its a local commercial you have to almost expect that. not many local business hold casting calls to find the perfect 'actor' or 'actress' to star in their tv ad. no they usually resort to friends or family members and because of that you end up with a commercial like this which could pretty much be deemed one of the WORST local tv ads in history. nobody knows how many people did end up going to that job fair at the fashion square mall that day or whether this commercial did the job of getting the word out or not. and nobody knows what happened to the 2 women in the commercial after this aired and whether they went on to star in other awesome commericals or big time hollywood movies. but what IS known, is after this commercial, i highly doubt the director ever filmed a commercial again. i mean i wouldnt hire him. would you?

12/13/2011 11:03AM
Worst Local Ad Ever
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