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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Worst Music Video Ever


Folks, i have found it!
This is what could pretty much be...the absolute WORST music video ever created!
And lets be frank, since the dawn of music videos in the 80's there's been some really really bad ones weve had to subject ourselves to.
This one...smashes them all to pieces. And its most likely one you have never seen before!

Enter : Jan Terri.
Who the hell is she? Well she's a former musician from Chicago who released two albums back in the late 80's/early 90's. One was called 'High Risk' and the other was called 'Baby Blues'.
One of the innovative things Jan tried to accomplish back when she was a musician was accompaning VHS videocassettes of her music videos w/ the album purchased.
I'll tell ya there's been times ive heard a song and KINDA liked it but then i saw the music video and strangely enuff liked the song now even more.
This probably does the exact opposite. She woulda been better off it NOBODY saw these god awful music videos (even better if we never even got to see what she looked like)
There's a few Jan Terri videos going around on Youtube. I guess by posting them and making fun of them is peoples' way at getting revenge for wasting their 10 bucks back in the 80's for this piece of garbage.
The most popular of the few (and by 'most popular' i mean the one thats more commonly found as it is the worst of them all) is a little ditty she did called "Losing You".
It was filmed on NO budget w/ a crappy videocamera and the 'story told' in this video doesnt even make any sense.
What makes this even funnier is that this chick is totally serious about this video thing. its not like a 'William Hung' fad here where she KNOWS she's a bad singer etc.

I know how excited you must be to see this...so i will let you go ahead and enjoy it NOW and then we can talk about it after.



Was i right or was i right?
So many cheesy things going on i cannot begin to tell you my favorite although...
- I love how at 1:49 they show some random guy on a bike (her boyfriend? or love interest in this here video?) and the camera makes sure it shows that he has parked in a 'no parking' spot so we can all see how edgy and rebellious he is!
- Also its funny how the video opens with almost a full minute of us watching a limo arrive at some hotel, pick her up and then drive thru traffic. a FULL MINUTE is wasted on this!
- Towards the end of the video we see like 10 seconds wasted on the sign for 'United 7' to let us all know she is apparantly boarding a flight at the airport (even though we already knew that by the limo dropping her off)
Even though i would love to take responsibility for discovering such a hidden gem online, it seems its been going around long before today. The folks over at the Daily Show were apparantly turned on to this much much long ago, and to our pleasure...they actually found Jan Terri and TRACKED HER DOWN for an interview!!! YES!!!!

After watching the Daily Show's special on her...it made me wanna watch more music videos by her (all of which by the way you can see on Youtube just by searching for : Jan Terri)
So as an added bonus here is their footage from a  few years back :


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So what do you think? Is it NOT the worst video of all time or what?
I mean i know alot of the video's that came out in the 80's were cheesy anyways due to the strange fashion sense that lingered back then, but i believe this one (or another video by her called 'Get Down Goblin') is probably the title holder for now...until somebody out there finds something from that era which could top that. And if and when that happens...you know ill be all over it and sharing it with you on here!

01/13/2010 8:21AM
Worst Music Video Ever
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